How does Sugar affect your fertility?

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Sugar doesn’t offer our bodies with nutrients; instead, excess sugar intake has been related to increasing weight gain, high blood pressure and also it affects fertility related issue. You all must have enough knowledge that Sugar puts you at the risk of diabetes, obesity and other health issue, but have you ever thought that sugar directly has an adverse affect on female’s fertility? If you are unaware about this thing, then let’s discuss some factors regarding sugar and fertility.

You must have gone through with the old saying- ‘You are what you eat’ and this fact goes true with fertility as well. Even if we visualize those females who are not pregnant and eating unnecessary food items, then she should cut out these products as soon as possible, because these things might not affect on you at some stage but later on, it does.

Eating organic foods or plant based food; you are intaking nutrients that is fruitful for you and your reproductive system.  Organic food and healthy carbohydrates (that includes- vegetables, fruits and beans and plant based foods) balances our hormones, healthy and regular menstrual cycle, ovulation cycle, female’s egg growth, successful implantation and development of the baby in the womb. In addition with it, these foods are rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins and thus this gives immunity as an added advantage.

Relation between Sugar and Fertility

When it comes to female’s fertility- say no to excess sugar, cupcakes, candies or chocolates. By the studies, it has been proved that taking excess sugar suppresses female’s immunity system and at the end it also affects fertility related matter (that may include- PCOS, vitamin and mineral deficiency, insulin resistance, hormone disruption etc.) So, yes! Sugar and fertility has an important correlation.

Is it true that sugar seizes hormones?

Even if you are taking sugar in the form of coffee, tea or you are spreading honey on the toast as the morning breakfast or so, it all has a side effect on the body’s insulin level.

Sugar is that substance, which easily shoots up to gain weight and if you have not cut off the sugar from your diet then your body will start releasing more insulin. If you body releases more than extra insulin then more of your food is going to be converted into fat- these all will create hormonal imbalance in the body.

This is the reason, why experts advices to bring down the level of sugar as it directly has an unfavourable result in the body weight. It is said that if the female is trying to get conceived then she needs to close off those foods, which may have a negative effect on her body and pregnancy.

Is sugar associated with PCOS too?

During PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), there is the misbalancing of hormones that causes the follicles undeveloped on the female’s ovaries, or we can simply say this thing as numerous cysts that develops on the ovaries. There are other symptoms of PCOS as well like gaining the weight, excess level of male hormone- androgen that results unwanted hair growth on the face of the female or other region of the body as well, acne issue etc.

Do you know the best medication of PCOS issue? It is Diet, which can break down the possibility of PCOS in female. Regular exercise, walking, proper diet plan- these all are the keys to unlock the issue of being overweight.

Those women, who have the issue of PCOS, also have upsurge insulin resistance. Yes! It is true; PCOS women have their increased insulin resistance. And guess what! Insulin resistance is directly having the linkage with female’s ovulation cycle, egg development process and embryo implantation with the uterine wall. So, if women have the issue of high insulin resistance then the concern woman is in the danger of getting miscarriage.

Why this all the issue let happen with your pregnancy when you can handle this situation by yourself as well. There is one key point of this solution and that is- cutting back the level of sugar from your day to day diet plan.

What do you say about Endometriosis?

Sugar, as mentioned above, it is directly linked with fat levels. Endometriosis is a situation, where a female inside lining of the uterus (womb) migrates to different parts of the body and this is one of the cause why female is unable to conceive or difficult in attaining natural pregnancy. Sugar also contributes to endometriosis fact.

What to eat, which sweetens your taste?

So, yes! If you are craving for sweets or chocolates, then it is the time to say Goodbye to all these sweeteners in order to get your baby healthy and fit once you get conceived. I know it is not that easy but trust me; it’s not that difficult too; only you need to make your will power strong to do this act.

Try to get your sugar fix from some naturally sweet products like:

  • Honey (as it is rich in vitamin B, a female can take a teaspoon each day over granola)
  • Dried fruits (that may include- dates, apricot or figs)
  • Natural peanut butter, oat and walnut energy bites
  • Baked apples or pears
  • Say no to alcohol as sugar is present in all alcohol
  • Avoid drinking tea or coffee ( if you are addicted with it then reduce it)
adminHow does Sugar affect your fertility?

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