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Egg Freezing in india

 The word – Fertility, we call it most reliable drive from the medical science

Needless to add more words for the medical industry as a warm gratitude stands significant for the continual derivation of the medical science.Yes, this arena of modern living has its position particular worldwide as it brings out various but beneficial preferences to live healthier till you live. So it answers all when to think living with latest medical solutions.

In India, we bank best for fertility treatments and surgeries accountable to having huge amount of intended couples to have been treated well at us. Offering wide range of fertility treatments: IUI treatments, IVF treatments, ICSI, Surrogacy options, Egg and sperm donation, Laser Hatching, Freezing, Blastocyst Transfer and gynecological services, we leave no questions to get asked after.

Now let us make our view clear to you over egg freezing. Known as oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing is a new innovation in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. For the past 20 years, it has been possible to freeze embryos, and thousands of babies have been born around the world.

Since our inception, we are really proud to having our attendance reliable at deliverance world-class fertility treatments as egg freezing is still a very new and experimental technique.

Know Egg Freezing in India at us?

  • Know it egg freezing a new innovation in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • As an option for women wanting to preserve their eggs before having some forms of cancer treatment
  • As an important option for individuals undergoing IVF who object to the practice of freezing embryos
  • Known as a beneficial for women who desire to postpone childbearing.

Is Egg Freezing for me?

By storing eggs, you may be able to use them for treatment in the future. Also you may want to talk about freezing eggs with our clinic if:

  • You are facing medical treatment that may have an effect on your fertility, such as some forms of cancer treatment;
  • You are concerned about your fertility rejecting as you grow old, and are not presently in a position to have a child.
Get us to Conserve Fertility by Egg Freezing

Procedure to Egg Freezing

Step 1. Before you have the same opinion to the freezing of your eggs, your clinician is likely to give details the process involved, with the risks. Also your clinic should put forward you an opportunity to talk about your feelings and any concerns with a specialist counselor.

Step 2. You will get yourself screened for contagious diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

Step 3. You will require giving to the written consent for your eggs to be stored.

Step 4. Eggs get collected by using the same course of action as for conventional IVF.

Step 5. Freezing solution is added to protect the eggs when they get frozen.

Step 6. The eggs get frozen either by cooling them by vitrification.

Time to store Eggs

When you store eggs, ensure that you know the limits on the storage time and keep in contact with the clinic:

  • The usual storage period for eggs seems usually 10 years. This period can be gone above only in firm circumstances. Yes, your clinician will be able to give details whether you could do this, and for how long you may be able to store your eggs.
  • You must allow the clinic know if you vary address. This is why they will be able to contact you when the storage period is coming to an end. If they cannot contact you when the storage period finishes, they may receive your eggs out of storage and let them to expire.

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Process to Egg Freezing

an egg freezing liaison will talk with you concerning the program and will then get you planned for two appointments:

  • An ultrasound and blood work will be done to evaluate your ovarian function.
  • A meeting with one of our physicians where the results of your ultrasound and blood work will get assessed and your options talked about.
Based on your ovarian function, your physician is likely to offer guidance about which program you make the grade for and would assemble your needs best. Recommendations offered are formed around getting the apt number of eggs to make better your chances of a future successful pregnancy.
You are likely to make use of your physician and nurse to depict round a schedule for your egg freezing cycle. Preparation is to involve a few additional blood tests, with an injection class where you will discover to manage medication. So scheduling your egg freezing cycle could be matched with your needs depending on when you would like to cycle. Once started, the process should take no more than six weeks. On the day of the egg retrieval, you will recognize how many total eggs were got back, and you are to get a call the following day regarding the number of mature eggs frozen.
Once eggs are frozen, you now have a back-up plan. Use of these eggs in the future involves thawing, inseminating the egg with sperm, and move of healthy embryo(s) into the uterus. As confirmed before, the age of eggs at the time of freezing is the most significant factor impacting success. Though pregnancy has to be followed before the age of 51 for medical reasons, the woman’s age when the eggs are thawed does not impact success rates.

How Many Eggs Do I desire to freeze?

Yes, it is suggested to freeze 15 – 20 mature eggs. Parallel to the fact that an average couple gets 5 to 6 months to attain a pregnancy, not every egg will result in a pregnancy. By a group of 15 – 20 eggs, numerous attempts at conception will go possible. Women aging of 37 years or younger, with normal ovarian reserve, recovered an average of 13 eggs per cycle. Thus, it will take most women as a minimum 2 cycles to make the optimum number of 15 – 20 eggs.

One-third of women are to need 3 or more cycles. An imperative point to think is that not all eggs collected at retrieval have an ability to develop into a normal pregnancy. Pregnancy is just possible from mature eggs, so while the total number of eggs collected at the retrieval is pertinent, even more significant is the number of mature eggs that are eventually frozen. The day after your egg retrieval, you will get yourself contacted about the total number of mature eggs that went frozen.

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