Are you searching for IVF, we have the most affordable IVF cost in DUBAI

We have the best IVF treatment in Dubai to treat infertility if you are looking for IVF but are having trouble finding the best IVF therapy. In order to have IVF therapy, you do not need to travel to numerous locations. The most cutting-edge technology in IVF is used in Dubai. from sperm to embryonic development. We have all the most advanced and well-equipped technologies to provide you the best chance to become a parent.

IVF is the most cutting-edge technique in assisted reproduction technology (In Vitro Fertilization). The couple’s happiness and quality of life are impacted by how it works in a range of infertility situations. Utilizing a range of cutting-edge IVF methods, they can successfully conceive. 

Yes, IVF can perform in Dubai using cutting-edge techniques for better outcomes in cases with severe infertility issues. These are advised by reproductive specialists who have examined the health and sterility of the partners. Additionally, IVF can perform with many advanced technologies. 

First and foremost, for IVF to be effective, healthy eggs and sperm are required. Any defect with a gamete will affect the outcome, and the couple may not become pregnant. Therefore, healthy gametes are essential and contribute to improved outcomes.


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Why consider IVF cost in Dubai?

However, what would happen if you lacked health and have severe disorders? Or your health issues prevent you from producing healthy gametes and affecting fertility. You might wonder how IVF in Dubai will help you conceive or whether it can be helpful. And without a doubt, the answer is yes for affordable In Vitro Fertilization cost in Dubai. Many couples are choosing the best process for their healthy and genetic-related child. 

IVF can help you conceive even if you have different infertility issues. Many best strategies are available to help your every problem. When partners cannot provide healthy eggs and sperm, they can use donor assistance. Your specialist can complete IVF using advanced technologies and procedures in Dubai.

We are taking care of all the essential procedure which requires getting perfect IVF treatment. And the cost of IVF in Dubai is 25,000 to 40,000 AED. We all have a fixed desire that whatever you pay for any treatment you get the best from it. IVF in Dubai, paying $6,800 is worth paying. You do not have the slightest regret that whatever you have paid into the IVF treatment in Dubai. However, our success story from the former couple gave us great confidence that encourages us to build more suitable treatments for infertility.

The treatment may involve the following prices related to the IVF Cost in Dubai

ivf treatment in dubai

ivf in dubai

IVF Treatments Cost in USD ($) Estimated Cost

  • Fertility Consultation $180
  • Pre-IVF Tests $1,300
  • Self Egg IVF Cycle Cost $6,800
  • IVF Cycle With Donor Egg 
  • Egg Donor Cost $2,300
  • Sperm Donor Cost $1,700
  • Medication Total Cost $2,600
IVF Treatments Cost in USD ($) Estimated Cost
Fertility Consultation $180
Pre IVF Tests $1,300
Self Egg IVF Cycle Cost $4,700
Medication Total Cost $2,600
Procedures Charges (in USD)
IVF procedure USD 4,900 to USD 5,900
ICSI process USD 5,900 to USD 6,600
IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) USD 2,000 to USD 2,500
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) USD 3,300 to USD 3,500
Ovulation Induction USD 600 to USD 700
SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) USD 600 to USD 700
SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval open) USD 800 to USD 900
Embryo freezing (for six months) USD 500 to USD 600
Sperm freezing (for six months) USD 400 to USD 500


WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is present to help every couple. You can have the best infertility treatment with top guidance. Moreover, the best IVF centre in Dubai has advanced technologies and techniques for various treatments. Many patients choose us for their successful procedures and outcome. With it, you can have detailed IVF cost in Dubai. It’s available with packages and other assistance that help. 

Furthermore, your treatment will perform by the top experienced fertility experts. They use their top education and information in performing successful treatments. With it, you will get many benefits and facilities for the best process.

What do you need to know about IVF and its fees for complete IVF treatment in 2023?

IVF is an assisted reproductive procedure that aids in conception. The process starts in a specialised laboratory with the mixing of the father’s or the male partner’s sperm in a laboratory dish. After then, the woman’s uterus receives the embryo that was created. As a result, when the resulting child is born, the youngster shares genetic and biological traits with the intended spouse. However, it is beneficial to treat a patient who has a blocked Fallopian tube as a result of an ovum problem, a genetic condition.

There are simply five major steps required to complete IVF these basic steps

  • Fertility Medication
  • Blood test.
  • The egg retrieval within the minor surgical procedure.
  • As per the recommendation by the doctor, the intended male semen sample will collect for healthy sperm.

Now the question is: How can you find affordable IVF treatment costs in Dubai? So don’t worry!

Every step of the IVF process will assist by our highly experienced fertility experts. Right now, you have two possibilities. Find Dubai’s best IVF centre first. Next, select your treatment from the facility’s database. We suggest choosing a centre or representative of your satisfaction and needs. Given that you’ve already endured a vertigo journey and a great deal of discomfort, it will be a great relief and satisfaction for you. We sincerely care about you and your IVF procedure, therefore your happiness and comfort are our top priority.

IVF centre in Dubai

IVF success rate in Dubai:

IVF success rate in Dubai is much higher which helps achieve successful outcomes. You can have the best outcome by managing the conditions. Still, your success rate of IVF and IVF Cost Dubai depends on various factors. 

Your IVF success rates will be as per the age. Such as:

Women at the age of the 30 has
Women at the age of the 30 has
Women at the age of more than 38 has
Women at the age of the 40 has
Women at the age of the 45 has

The couple’s age, infertility conditions, centre you choose health status, and other aspects. These are highly responsible for affecting your IVF treatment. Your IVF success rates in Dubai depend on various factors, such as:

Moreover, you can have advanced procedures and approaches for increasing the conception chances.
Your best fertility centre can help with the best method and approaches. 
These depend on your infertility and health conditions. Your fertility expert will suggest they increase the treatment outcome. 

Stages include in the IVF treatment cost in Dubai:

  • Medical examinations: Your treatment will begin with many fertility and health testing. It will help determine infertility and the physical capacity of the spouses to carry a kid. Based on your issues, your professional can recommend the best course of action. There will be many tests performed, including blood tests, ultrasounds, and other physical checks.
  • Counseling: The top centre offers excellent counselling sessions after selection. These are carried out by highly qualified counsellors. It will take care of your psychological issues and give you a positive, stress-free environment in which to receive treatment.
  • The female partner’s ovaries will encourage the release of healthy eggs at the same time that the uterus begins to become ready for pregnancy. They will perform their duties to prepare it for fertilization. Since the healthy eggs will release from the ovaries for the fertility specialist to harvest. The expert will administer hormonal medications before egg collection to encourage the release of healthy eggs into the uterus.
  • Retrieval: Following healthy egg production, your specialist will keep an eye on them and decide when to pick them up. A catheter will insert within the female uterus to extract the eggs, and it will operate using cutting-edge technology and techniques. To gather healthy sperm, the male partner will also ask to provide a sample of semen that monitors by a professional.
  • Insemination: After the gametes mix on a Petri plate, the eggs and sperm will fertilize in two different ways. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the second method used for fertilization. A healthy sperm sample is directly and fully injected into each egg using cutting-edge technology.
  • Implantation: It will take a few days for the egg and sperm to fertilize. After that, for five to six days, your specialist will keep an eye on them. They can choose healthy fertilized eggs for subsequent processing with its assistance. The female uterine lining and hormonal parameters will next examine for pregnancy. It will assist in determining the ideal moment for the implantation of fertilized eggs. The catheter will use to transfer fertilized eggs into the womb of the intended mother.
  • For confirmation of the process result, you must wait two weeks. A blood test will use to perform it and confirm the pregnancy. The effective outcomes will adhere to customary pregnancy and childbirth procedures.

Most affordable fees with its unique technology to assist you to combat infertility in DUBAI

Before taking up any treatment, what we want is an excellent service with the least fees. The cost varies depending on the treatment, and it may go a little higher if you go for an ICSI treatment. And further, including the FET (frozen embryo transfer) costs apart from the IVF. The cost started from 25,000 to 40,000 AED. IVF treatment involves many stages and advanced approaches to provide the top outcome. Your treatment success rates will depend on your conditions. It can also affect the treatment charges and cause problems in the partners’ budget. 

How does your IVF cost in Dubai increase? 

IVF treatment is the topmost for having pregnancy outcomes in various infertility problems. You can achieve the best result but that will need healthy gametes and top approaches. The treatment involves different stages with advanced technologies. Your IVF price in Dubai can increase because of different factors. 

These are the following that you need to know before starting:

  1. Age of the mother: In IVF, the age of the female partner is important. The likelihood of IVF success decreases with age. Her eggs’ and reproductive system’s poor health make fertilization difficult. Different therapies and procedures suggested by the expert to improve conception and produce better outcomes. It may result in multiple IVF cycle failures, a variety of strategies, and help that raises expenditures.
  2. Techniques The IVF procedure: Will hamper your infertility issues, such as male infertility, genetic illnesses, poor gamete health, and other issues. For effective outcomes, they will need advanced help like ICSI, donor assistance, SSR, and other procedures. As these procedural fees add, the price will rise.
  3. Center: The clinic or location you choose for the procedure can affect the cost of IVF in Dubai. Many facilities don’t offer open pricing or openness to display included treatments and methods. Services and facilities are subject to fees based on infrastructure.
  4. Medical examinations: The IVF procedure necessitates a variety of examinations and diagnoses. Although many are not interested in the method for pregnancy outcomes, some include the expense of IVF. It increases the overall expense and influence. 
  5. Embryonic stage: The health and condition of the fertilized eggs will have a significant impact on your outcome and cost of IVF in Dubai. The embryo’s likelihood of implanting in the uterus will be reduced if it is in poor health. It may lead to miscarriage, early birth, pregnancy failure, or pregnancy with serious consequences. For healthy fertilized eggs, your specialist will recommend a variety of techniques, including IVF.
  6. Medical expenses: Prices for hormonal treatments and ovulation induction vary. Your treatment budget will affect and go highest. The female ovaries may not respond to the treatment in rare cases, necessitating the use of additional drugs. It will impact how much the IVF charges in Dubai. 
  7. Treatment location: The location you choose as IVF treatment in Dubai from another place will affect the overall cost. Because you are from another nation and have opted to have IVF treatment in Dubai, there will be additional fees for travel, lodging, and meals.
  8. Lifestyle aspects: Your fertility and pregnancy chances are influenced by your lifestyle and behaviours. Problems can arise due to age, illness, weight, and addictions. Having overweight or underweight might negatively affect IVF treatment cost in Dubai with results. While undergoing the process, smoking and drinking will affect your fertility and lessen your chances of getting pregnant.

The high success rate of IVF treatment in Dubai

We have indeed a high success rate ranging from 50 to 70% in Dubai. The World Fertility Services has done amazing work to explore treatment for the betterment of infertile couples, thus, the success rate in treatment defines what is good and best in the field of gynecology. Based on the high success rate, you may discover the best and most excellent treatment for IVF not in Dubai’’ but throughout any country in the world.

Why choose us:

You can choose the best IVF center in Dubai for a successful outcome. We understand that couples face problems while deciding upon the treatment and place. But do not worry anymore because we are available with top-notch procedures and methods. Your infertility condition can have the best treatment accordingly. What else you will get through us?

IVF treatment in Dubai

World-class facilities and technologies for treatments

VIP services and proper maintenance 
24*7 guidance and assistance by top counselors
Super active medical team with polite behavior
All fertility treatments and procedures in one place
Highest IVF and other treatments success rates
Well-build infrastructure for top comfort 
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    Why choose the affordable IVF treatment in Dubai?

    The best location in Dubai for a cheap IVF procedure must be chosen. It will assist you in becoming a successful parent. For better treatment and outcomes, the process calls for cutting-edge approaches and practices. Only the premier centre, WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES, can make it happen. Yes, we have helped a lot of couples around the world with their infertility issues. With the aid of cutting-edge technologies and successful approaches, they were able to conceive a healthy child.

    Our top IVF specialist is highly skilled and experienced in administering treatments. From choosing the treatment to bringing the healthy kid home, we have the best guidance. Contact us to begin your IVF treatment and receive a free consultation. If you have any questions regarding IVF, treatment costs, or other issues.

    We will be delighted to discuss and address your concerns about our services.

    So, you can conduct thorough research on your own before selecting any IVF facility in Dubai. You may look into the clinic’s success rates, length of the operation, and the precise cost of IVF treatment in Dubai online. The price of IVF in Dubai will be mentioned, including the price of fertility medications, blood tests, ultrasound scanning, and monitoring, etc. You can prevent hefty medical expenditures after your IVF procedure by addressing these questions in advance.

    The best place to go for treatment options at reasonable prices is WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES. With assistance like packages, loans, and installment plans, you can get the finest IVF treatment cost in Dubai. With different assistance, partners can pay high charges for their treatment. Moreover, the treatment price and success rates are much loftier. Because many couples have successfully become parents.

    Faqs for IVF Cost in dubai:

    Can anyone have IVF treatment again?

    Yes, any person can have the IVF process again. Many conditions can assist with IVF treatment. Various severe infertility problems can cause issues in the IVF process and outcome. Your fertility expert can recommend the best procedure for the second IVF. Having the IVF treatment in a few cycles increases the conception chances. The couple needs to cancel or stop their IVF cycle in between. Or they face failure in the previous IVF cycle. Your expert can suggest other procedures as well within the treatment. It helps in a successful pregnancy with top-notch approaches.

    What is the IVF success rate in Dubai?

    IVF treatment is highly advanced and successful in providing pregnancy outcomes. It helps couples in achieving their conception in various infertility conditions. IVF success rate in Dubai is much higher which provides better results. With IVF, you can have different approaches and procedures that provide the top outcome. Also, the IVF success rate of every couple depends on their health and infertility conditions. Various factors are responsible for affecting the couple IVF success rate. You can also choose the best centre with better success rates and assistance.

    How does advanced IVF function?

    The advanced IVF function with top-notch approaches and procedures. You can have different assistance for successful IVF outcomes. Advanced IVF has the best function to provide top results. It helps in various infertility conditions and the couple can conceive their child. Advanced IVF includes different methods and approaches with IVF. For instance, if you have severe infertility conditions; the expert will recommend other methods. Partners can have IVF again with top techniques, the ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), PICSI, SSR, FET, and other procedures within IVF treatment. These help achieve better pregnancy outcomes.

    What happens in no sperm?

    Some male partners have severe infertility that affects their sperm production. Your expert can recommend SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval). It is the best process to collect healthy sperm in blockage or non-obstructive conditions. The expert performs SSR with a little invasive method. Through different tests, they can check the healthy sperm presence inside the male reproductive system. Also, they can use the surgical method to collect healthy sperm. The healthy sperm will retrieve with insert a hollow needle in the testicles to aspirate the sperm. It can use in the fertilization of the gametes under observation with ICSI.

    Can I save my gametes for another cycle?

    Yes, the couple can save their healthy eggs and sperm in one cycle to use in another process. It performs with cryopreservation or freezing. The process can freeze your healthy gametes in the lab for having a better pregnancy in the future. Some couples need to stop their treatment in between which affects the process. Your expert can suggest the gametes cryopreservation at a younger age to have a successful result in the future. The couple can have the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) because the fertilized eggs can freeze if the process stops in the between. It can implant through transfer inside the female uterus after some days, weeks, months, or years.

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