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Surrogacy India – Know your Intention to fulfill your Family with a Baby

At us, it is completely meant to coming with full range of surrogacy services such as surrogate mothers to avail. A surrogate mother is someone who gets herself pregnant through an artificial insemination of sperm. She then takes the baby to deliver it, at which point the intended parents assume custody and raise the child as their own. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother is basically the birth mother and has no genetic claim on the child. Couples and individuals who cannot conceive often turn to surrogacy to become parents.

  • At WFS, we do recruit surrogate mother for our clients from our huge database of medically, physically and mentally fit females willing to be a surrogate mother.
  • Also, we are deliberate to take care of our surrogate mothers a lot, so appear friendly with them ever.
  • WFS Clinic has a huge database of surrogate mother and egg donors. We regularly screen surrogate mothers from New Delhi and select them as per our stringent medical quality guidelines. Some of the basic needs to become a surrogate mother with our surrogacy clinic are as follows:
  • A lady who wishes to become a surrogate should have already given birth to at least one child of her own, and is dynamically engaged in raising that child. This qualification helps to keep her away from the unexpected physical and emotional reactions.
  • We consider surrogates who are physically healthy. Someone who takes care of her body is liable to eat healthy food and to get good exercise. Also she will need to be comfortable bearing persistent medical tests and procedures.
  • Our team does a medical, physical and mental health evaluation by a qualified therapist to confirm that your surrogate will be able to give the baby to you after birth without any trauma.
  • Family Support – Yes, its necessary that the surrogate enjoys the support of her husband and her joint family [most of surrogate’s live in joint family with their in-laws]. We meet her husband and visit their home also!
  • Sign a contract. Yes, we confirm that your surrogate is willing to endure legal channels and she signs a contract specifying reimbursement, fees, healthcare and level of involvement before, during and after the birth of the baby.

The key feature of World Fertility Services

Surrogacy in Delhi covers under the Indian surrogacy laws (2022). And it only allows altruistic surrogacy. 

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Surrogacy Legalities

Really, India is emerging as a leader in international surrogacy.Indian surrogates have been gradually more popular with fertile couples in developed nations owing to the moderately low cost. Also keep in mind that there is an increasing amount of intended parents who choose India as their surrogacy destination.The main reason for this increase is the less costly surrogacy and the improved flexible laws.

If you are hetrosexual couple married for more than 2 years and your country legally recognises surrogacy [which most country do, ask us then you are eligible for surrogacy in India. You will need to come to India on a medical visa for surrogacy, contact us on how to apply for it.

How to Start the Process?

  • To indulge with surrogacy services in India, person coming outside from the country should be at least 2 years old of marriage heterosexually.
  • The person’s home embassy must provide a letter confirming to recognize surrogacy.
  • To get medical visa for surrogacy, the couple is to provide an undertaking in concern to care for the children born through surrogacy.
  • The treatment should be performed only at one of the registered Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) clinics recognized by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

What do we do?

World Fertility Services is the best surrogacy centre in Delhi. We have top-notch facilities and advanced care for every patient. Moreover, our highly experienced experts perform the procedures. With it, you can have various infertility treatments in one place. Patients can have their process as per conditions. We have the topmost approaches with world-class assistance. It helps patients achieve better outcomes. 

With it, you can have affordable surrogacy cost in Delhi. Because we have various assistances and facilities. These help in saving the couple’s budget and provide suitable charges. Also, our experts provide every process as per the country’s laws. So, your procedure will function with the surrogacy laws in Delhi.

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Surrogate Mother Support

Not only do we believe in taking care well of surrogate mother while bearing surrogacy procedure, but also to keep them in mind after their concerned process.Yes, we do assist them ever by our “Upkaar NGO” caring for their every living issue whether they are upon their employment and their health.
Upkaar NGO is a registered trust for the long term surrogate mother care and support and is known as the first of its kind in the country addressing the issues of Surrogate mothers and fighting for their rights. Also this NGO plays a role important between Surrogate Mothers, Intended Couple and Fertility Clinics. A part of the surrogacy package you pay is directly credited with Upkaar for your surrogate mother’s care and support even after the delivery of your child.

Our Surrogate Home

Though most of our surrogates stay with their joint family and kids [as in Indian homes the family members take care of her], we do have a surrogate home near our clinic managed by our team. If you wish to have your surrogate mother stay at our surrogate home, you can let us know.
At us, it is a great concept to form surrogacy homes that act as a community centre and surrogate mothers can have a quality time there during entire pregnancy. Intended parents feel comfortable having interaction with surrogate mother at surrogate mother homes instead of their own place.
Yes, concept is becoming popular rapidly and surrogacy home is definitely a great idea to bring a feeling of mental and physical security in surrogate mothers.At us, the only thing appears willingness of surrogate mothers to staying at our surrogacy homes and willingness of their families to leave them for entire pregnancy period.

The surrogacy success rate in Delhi:

Surrogacy with self eggs
Surrogacy with egg donor

Surrogacy success rates in WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES are higher. Your successful outcomes have a high chance to provide a healthy child. Well, the process outcome and chances depend on various factors. You can achieve successful outcomes with various advanced methods as well.

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Baby Passport & FRRO

After the issuance of Passport, an application is filled with the to Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in New Delhi for baby exit visa.
All the documents pertaining to surrogacy including original surrogate agreements, payment receipts, letter from surrogate, clinic, IVF specialist etc. will be provided by us. It can take 2 – 7 days for getting an exit visa from India. Yes, the FRRO materializes itself as a good example of the government bureaucracy you will see in any country like in India to help in get Exit Permit for baby. The whole process of baby exit from baby birth till baby exit visa clearance may take 3 weeks or more.

Surrogacy cost in india


Surrogacy cost is the main reason for surrogacy in India. Surrogacy in India has become popular alternative to couples as laws for surrogacy in India favor intended parents and cost is roughly one third of US and other parts of world which vary from US$65,000 and $85,000 in US.

In other parts of world, there are many other costs involved like Lawyers fee, medical fee, agency fee etc. So, treatment afterward can cost you around $90, 000 to $150, 000 or more being ensured on country to country. At us, surrogacy can be executed between $25, 000 to $30, 000. And Yes, we include multiple embryo transfer procedures in our packages to assist you achieve parenthood with least possible emotional run.

Visiting India for Surrogacy

1st Visit to India

Your first Trip to India for Surrogacy has to be planned properly. So, we will assist you to bring you closer to your dream of having a baby of your own. Here, few things to know are:

India advises visiting India on a medical visa. So we can issue you a medical visa invitation letter from the surrogacy clinic. This will be valid for one year for three entries to India during that time.
In case of self IVF Surrogacy or intended mother using her own eggs, it will be about 18 – 21 days for the complete IVF to be done in India. For surrogacy with an egg donor, you will be needed for just one week.
We recommend that you should book your own flights as per your schedule. Also we will help in sending you list of hotels and service apartments near our clinic and will book you in your selected accommodation too.
You will be attended by a chauffeur at the airport when you arrive in India. You meetings with IVF specialist, semen sample collection, contract signatures, egg pick up and embryo transfer will be arranged by us. Also you will be availed an English speaking Relationship Manager (RM)along with a chauffeur driven car during the whole trip. He will arrange all your meetings and take you for a city tour.
After embryo transfer in the gestational surrogate, you may fly back to your country. After 15 days of embryo transfer, the IVF specialist will do a blood test on the surrogate mother to confirm the result.

2nd Visit to India

Your second visit to India will normally to be present in the hospital during her birth and take baby back to your country. Intended Parents might also be required to visit India during pregnancy if there is a guideline from your embassy in. Also you are welcome to visit India on your own if you look on to present during the ultrasound check up of your surrogate mother.

After baby delivery, the stay duration in India relies on various factors. If the baby’s health is fine after birth and she is ready to go back, then there is only paperwork to be completed. our team will assist you to complete the paperwork.
We know that your stay will be longer, so will need more space to live by. Before your visit, we will send you a list of some service apartments near the delivery hospital and on your selection, book you in one.
Post 32 – 34 weeks of pregnancy of your surrogate, you will be counseled regularly on the ongoing health of your surrogate mother and the expected date of delivery of your child. You will be advised to come a few days prior to the delivery.
After delivery of your baby, you will fill the baby birth form with her name. This form will be sent by the hospital to the local municipal corporation liable to issue you a birth certificate of the baby in 4 – 7 days time.

Then you will apply for DNA test of the baby at your Country’s embassy in New Delhi and then her Passport. Once the baby has a passport. An exit visa from Indian office [FRRO] takes just 2 days.

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Our Success Rate at Surrogacy

Having drafted our image into deliverance of modern and reliable surrogacy services in Delhi, we are a leading provider of surrogacy services in the country, so our sole aim seems to create families. With our team of dedicated doctors, medical professionals and support staff that have had our hands experts in IVF with 44%, IUI with 26%, ICSI with 52%, Surrogacy with 69%, Surrogacy to OD with 84% and frozen embryo transfer with 36% to Indian and International parents, we have found ourselves a common name among best fertility treatments providers.

So name to the country generous to outsiders have the best fertility solutions as we are an elite address among the developing countries. From IVF to Surrogacy, there is every sort of fertility treatment.

Surrogacy with self eggs
Surrogacy with egg donor

Types of Surrogacy

In traditional surrogacy, a surrogate mother gets herself unnaturally inseminated, either by the intended father, and takes the baby to term. Thereby, the child is genetically associated to both the surrogate mother, who offers the egg, and the intended father.
In gestational surrogacy, an egg is removed from an intended mother or an egg donor and fertilized with the sperms of the intended father. The fertilized egg seems then transferred to a surrogate who goes successful in carrying the baby to term. Thereby, the child is genetically related to the woman who donated the egg, but not the surrogate. We practice gestational surrogacy at our IVF clinic in India.
This is a situation where the surrogate gets no financial reward for her pregnancy or the relinquishment of the child. This practice is primarily by a lady who is related to you or is emotionally attached to you from long time.
Get it a form of surrogacy in which a gestational carrier gets paid to carry a child to maturity in her womb and comes usually resorted to by well off infertile couples who can pay for the cost involved in order to complete their dream of being parents. Yes, this procedure is legal in numerous countries including in India where owing to excellent medical infrastructure, high international demand and ready availability of willing surrogates it is making industry proportions.
Surrogacy with self eggs

With huge reception for the modern medical science, I have been thoroughly speechless at WFS to have strengthened me have my journey-to-parenthood live. Yes, the company is none other than boon for those looking at fertility treatments.

Surrogacy with Egg Donor

No more words are needed to add on at IC after this name has made possible what an infertile used to live with. Meaning that the company is all-answers for infertile couples, this has accessed me live my parenthood along.

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Why choose World Fertility Services?

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is well-known for successful and suitable surrogacy costs in Delhi. Well, the surrogacy price in Delhi ranges from INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000. So, we have a cost assistant for every patient. It helps them have affordable charges. Moreover, our packages have assured outcomes with top assistance. What else?

  • Many happy and successful parents as the record
  • Various surrogacy guaranteed and assured programs
  • Utmost treatments and procedures in one place
  • Experienced experts with highly polite behavior 
  • The fully legalized process with entire legal support
  • High surrogacy and other procedures success rates
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    Frequently Asked Questions about IVF Surrogacy India

    Why is surrogacy needed?

    Surrogacy is the most successful process for achieving parenthood. You can achieve the best outcome than any other procedure. It involves the topmost approach that helps the surrogate mother. The intended parents’ gametes fertilize by the expert. And your process will have the surrogate mother’s help. Because the surrogate mother becomes pregnant and delivers the intended parents’ child. It can function with various advanced approaches and methods. Also, the legal framework works in the entire procedure. It is the only assistant to have your genetically related child with severe infertility conditions. Other methods help couples in their pregnancy.  

    How to have affordable surrogacy?

    Surrogacy is not a cheap or lower-charged process. Because it involves top assistance and various advanced stages. But by focusing on some points, you can achieve top outcomes and save money also. Surrogacy functions with partners’ eggs and sperm that provide the surrogate conception. And if you have healthy gametes so the pregnancy chances are higher and your process charges will not increase. Also, choosing the best centre can help you in achieving better results. They have different assistances to provide for the intended parents. Moreover, you can have help with top-notch approaches and procedures to increase the chances and save the high charges. 

    Who can have surrogacy in India?

    Couples with severe infertility conditions can choose surrogacy in Mumbai. Firstly, they should have Indian citizenship and marry heterosexual partners. And the intended parents’ age must have as per the regulations. Foreign couples are not permitted to use surrogacy due to Indian surrogacy legislation. However, if you are an Overseas Indian Citizen (OCI) or Person of Indian Origin (POI) (Person of India). As a result, individuals can easily use a surrogate despite having significant infertility issues. It aids them in developing the ideal procedure for dealing with their problems and becoming successful parents.

    How is the surrogate mother of assistance?

    By getting pregnant to carry the couple’s child, the surrogate mother supports the couple. When a couple is unable to conceive naturally, it is necessary. Due to the surrogate mother’s assistance, the couple decides to use surrogacy in cases of severe infertility. It places the couple’s genetically linked child in their hands. Because the partner’s sperm and eggs are used to become pregnant by the surrogate. It uses cutting-edge technology to fertilize while being observed by experts. The highly fertilized egg is inserted into the surrogate womb. Additionally, several excellent techniques can be used during IVF to produce better results. And the surrogate mother chooses the procedure solely for the benefit of the couple, with no other considerations.

    Note: we suggest you confirm with the Indian surrogacy legal panel to select the function. Also, we do not provide surrogacy-related processes without legal consent or beyond Indian laws. 

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