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Though the continual growth of burden into regular lifestyle result in accessing amount of medical disorders, so it is needed to have concerned treatments medically. Today, it does not make any picture which people ought to be seen looking for the instant miracle anyhow in, but to ensure one live healthy through modern medical techniques available now-a-days.

At us, there are various but effective fertility treatment available, meant to eradicate every kind of infertility into men and women. So believe on Azoospermia Treatment that is intentional to help in male infertility. Azoospermia, known as Complete Absence of Sperm to ejaculate, adds itself in list of male infertility, so looks best treatment to Azoospermia.

Causes to Azoospermia

  • Genetic conditions, such as inborn mutual absence of the vas deferens, may have an effect on sperm transport.
  • Infections of the male reproductive system, such as in the testicles or prostate, may involve to male fertility.
  • Trauma may cause to azoospermia. The preceding injury or surgery to the spine, lower abdomen, or male sex organs may cause for damage to the male reproductive system as this may include surgery on an inguinal hernia. So Trauma is likely to affect sperm production or cause an obstruction in the transport of sperm.
  • A varicocele is a condition that causes the veins in the scrotum to become dilated.
  • Medicines, such as steroids, antibiotics, and medicines used to care for inflammation or cancer may affect male fertility.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol may also cause problems with sperm production.
  • Genetic conditions may affect sperm production or growth of reproductive organs. These take in Klinefelter syndrome and Kallmann syndrome.
  • Abnormal hormone levels may be caused by disorders of the testicles. Yes, this may affect the production of sperm.
  • Radiation used to treat cancer may affect sperm production.
  • Retrograde ejaculation is a condition that causes semen to travel into the bladder in preference to outside the body. Usually it is caused by a problem with neck of the bladder and may be due to spinal cord injuries and diabetes.
  • Other causes include pesticides, heat, and undescended testes. Any of these can affect on sperm production.
  • Incapability to get your partner pregnant
  • Enlarged body fat, body hair, and breast tissue
  • Clear, watery, or whitish discharge from the penis
  • Presence of swelling on the scrotum that feels like a bag of worms
  • Stress from not being able to conceive a child
  • Testicles that are small, soft, or cannot be felt
  • Veins that are enlarged, twisted may be seen in the scrotum

Diagnosis to Azoospermia

A physical exam: At this point-to-concern, Your caregiver is likely to look for signs of any inequity in your hormones, such as enlarged body fat, body hair, and breast tissue. Also the size and shape of your testicles will be examined. Your caregiver may also do a Digital Rectal Exam to check your prostate and other parts of your reproductive system.

Biopsy: A biopsy is known as a procedure that is used to get a sample of your testicle. Your caregiver may take the sample with a needle or through a small incision in the scrotum. Then the sample is sent to a lab for tests. Yes, this will help in settling on the ability of the testicles to generate normal sperm.

Blood Tests: These may be performed to obtain information about your overall health.

Genetic Testing: this may be executed to seek abnormal genes. Abnormal genes may cause to problems with sperm production, sperm transport, or formation of the male reproductive organs.

An MRI: This technique gets pictures of your pituitary gland to look for other causes of your infertility.

A spermatic venography: This is a test that is to inspect and show the position of the veins in the scrotum. Also it may be used to check for a varicocele.

A Scrotal ultrasound: This makes use of sound waves to hit upon lumps and other changes in your testicles and scrotum. Also these tests may be used to ensure for a varicocele or any missing parts of the reproductive system.

A Semen analysis: This shows itself as a test to check a man’s fertility. Yes, it is performed by taking a semen sample.

Treatment to Azoospermia

Medicines: These may be given to treat an infection of the reproductive system. Hormones may be used to take care of a hormonal inequity.
Percutaneous embolization: This is called as a procedure that may be used to treat a varicocele. An obstruction is made in the enlarged veins, so this discontinues the flow of blood within the vein.
A sperm extraction: Know it a process to take away sperm from the testicles or epididymis if there is an obstruction. The sperm that is removed may be used to fertilize a woman’s egg.
Surgery: This may required to remove a varicocele or to repair a blocked vas deferens.
A post-ejaculatory urinalysis: This adds itself as a test that is executed on your urine after you have ejaculated. Yes, this test looks for sperm in the urine.

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