surrogacy in argentina

What Is the Cost of Surrogacy in Argentina?

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Surrogacy in Argentina
surrogate mother in argentina
gestational surrogacy
surrogate mother

The surrogacy cost in Argentina is much more affordable than in western industrialized nations. It is reasonable and does not have any law or regulation controlling the form. Any person from another country can choose the process and become a parent successfully in Argentina. WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is here to help with our top-notch services and assistance. We perceive every person’s condition and their desire to have biological children. We welcome and acknowledge a person’s problem and try our best to solve it and provide the best results. You can have the entire viewpoint of the process, a surrogate mother, and the cost of surrogacy in Argentina.


surrogacy cost in Kenya
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Why Argentina for Surrogacy? 

Argentina is the first Latin American country to recognize same-sex couples and gay partners and accept their marriages legally. They have the same rights as heterosexual couples in the country. Argentina has advanced facilities and provides top procedures for medical science and treatments. Many centers and clinics are present in Argentina for the best assisted reproductive techniques. 

The surrogacy process performs between a healthy woman and a couple with severe infertility problems. The woman (surrogate mother) offers the womb for the couple’s child with no capability to conceive. It has two types: gestational and traditional carriers. Donor assistance such as eggs, sperm, and embryos can help in successful fertilization.

Surrogacy in Argentina has no legal resolution that allows or prohibits any technique or process. In Argentina, gay or same-sex couples can choose surrogacy and become parents. The best medical tourism company in the country has top services and approaches for assistance. Both Altruistic and compensated methods of payment for surrogacy are present. We, WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES, are the best medical tourism company for surrogacy and various assisted reproductive techniques. We offer the best centres and clinics for the best processes for partners that help them become parents successfully.

What do we do?
WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is the best surrogacy centre in Kenya. We have top-notch facilities and advanced care for every patient. Moreover, our highly experienced experts perform the procedures. With it, you can have various infertility treatments in one place. Patients can have their process as per conditions. We have the topmost approaches with world-class assistance. It helps patients achieve better outcomes.
With it, you can have affordable surrogacy cost in Kenya. Because we have various assistances and facilities. These help in saving the couple’s budget and provide suitable charges. Also, our experts provide every process as per the country’s laws. So, your procedure will function with the surrogacy laws in Kenya.

The surrogate mother:

Surrogacy involves a couple with severe infertility issues and a woman ready to conceive the child. The surrogate mother is healthy and can carry the pregnancy and bear the couple’s child for nine months. The surrogate mother in Argentina will select by you through a clinic or by yourself. After multiple screenings and medical examinations, clinics and surrogacy services supply a healthy surrogate mother. It is advantageous to have the ideal match from the start of the procedure. Your specialist will fertilize the eggs with sperm and transfer the fertilized eggs to the surrogate womb.

The intended parents can select the altruistic or compensated form to pay the surrogate mother. They will provide for medical, travel, maternity, living, food, and compensation. She will hand over the healthy baby to the couple after giving birth.

What is the gestational surrogacy process?

Surrogacy in Argentina
surrogate mother in argentina
gestational surrogacy
surrogacy cost in argentina
surrogate mother cost in argentina

Gestational surrogacy helps the surrogate mother conceive the prospective parents’ child. It performs with the IVF (In-Vitro fertilization) assisted reproductive technique. The partners’ eggs and sperm collect outside the fertilized lab by the expert to form the embryo. The process can perform with the donor egg or sperm in the country. It has the following stages in Argentina: 

Many agencies provide facilities to select a healthy surrogate mother from their database. They provide surrogate mothers with detailed screening work for health, fertility, previous pregnancy, background, etc. You should choose the perfect match with the same features that affect the resultant child. 
The centre will perform various tests and checkups to determine your gametes’ health and the surrogate mother’s ability to conceive and deliver the child. The blood tests, ultrasound, psychological health, and physical analyses will perform.
The legal formalities will perform between both parties to consider the process. It includes the surrogate mother giving parental rights to the same-sex couple. Both parties cannot deny or cancel the procedure after signing the contract.
The expectant mother will take fertility medicines to enhance egg production by the ovaries. It will produce healthy and mature eggs with a large number and with hormonal injections released into the uterus. The surrogate mother’s uterus lining will prepare with the injections. 
Our experts use advanced technologies to collect the female partner’s eggs from the uterus without uneasiness. A catheter will insert through the vagina that opens with a speculum. The transvaginal ultrasound will assist the process and device inside the uterus. The egg follicles current in the uterus will aspirate and collect the healthy eggs with a sharp needle. The male sperm will separate and prepare in the lab by the expert using the semen sample.
Your eggs and sperm will mix on the culture dish during fertilization. They will fertilize eggs and sperm using modern methods. 
The expert will monitor its growth and development. They will implant one or two embryos inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. 
The fertilized eggs will implant inside the surrogate womb, and after two weeks, a blood test will confirm the pregnancy result. You will provide for the needs of the surrogate for nine months. It will include routine checkups, clinic visits, nutrient needs, healthy food, and diet plans. 
Childbirth can perform in two forms: conventional vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery. After successful childbirth, the child will hand it over to the intended parents.

 How much does surrogacy cost in Argentina?

surrogate mother 
surrogacy cost 
surrogate mother in argentina
gestational surrogacy
surrogacy cost in argentina
surrogate mother cost in argentina
Surrogacy in Argentina

Your surrogacy cost in Argentina will depend on the type you select. You have chosen a compensated or altruistic surrogate mother, which will raise the price. It ranges approximately from USD 66,000 to USD 69,900.

Several factors affect your surrogacy costs in the country. Your gametes and the surrogate mother’s reproductive health are crucial in determining the charge. The following aspects will affect the cost of surrogacy in Argentina:

  • Surrogate: You will select a surrogate mother through any centre or agency that will require a price for medical diagnosis, her compensation, essential needs, travel, food, living, and other nutrients and assistance need during pregnancy. You can provide surrogate mother insurance that may not cover the entire process. The surrogate mother cost in Argentina will affect your entire expenses. 
  • Agency: You will choose the surrogate mother from an agency. They have different prices for providing the most advanced and best services. It can increase your total cost in the country. They offer services according to the patient’s needs. It will affect the entire budget.
  • Legal: The surrogacy process includes a legal framework between both parties for their rights to the child. It involves an experienced family lawyer to form the contract for your process.
  • Donor assistance: You require donor eggs or sperm to attain successful pregnancy results.

Why choose WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES in Argentina? 

Many have successfully taken their happiness and babies home. If you want to become a parent, you should select surrogacy in Argentina. You can have the best and most affordable prices compared to developed countries. We offer top-notch services and cutting-edge methods to assist individuals to overcome severe infertility and conceiving a healthy child. Our main goal is to provide happiness, comfort, and satisfaction. For your convenience and the best procedures, we offer a choice of techniques and guidance in one location.

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is well-known for successful and suitable surrogacy costs in Argentina. Well, the surrogacy price in Argentina ranges from 80,000 to 99,000 USD. So, we have a cost assistant for every patient. It helps them have affordable charges. Moreover, our packages have assured outcomes with top assistance. What else?

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Faqs of Surrogacy Cost in Argentina

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the best process performed for partners with severe infertility conditions. You can have the process to have your child. The intended parents are helped by the healthy surrogate mother through the best process in surrogacy. Your treatment operates inside gestational approaches to deliver a pregnancy to the surrogate mother. It operates using modern techniques and technologies. Through them, the specialist harvests the healthy eggs and sperm of partners. It is expertly fertilized and placed inside the surrogate womb. Depending on the causes of your infertility, you can get top-notch procedures.

How does surrogacy help couples?

The couple has their genetic and healthy baby successfully in their hands. It assists them when the couple has severe conditions. The procedure uses the partners’ sperm and eggs, which are implanted in the surrogate uterus. Many assisted reproductive technologies are available to treat issues that result in pregnancies. It will assist in identifying the exact cause and assist them in getting pregnant. Some couples, however, are unable to conceive utilising these techniques. They go through multiple treatment cycles where they fail after failing. There’s a saying that goes, “You can’t lose.” On the other hand, nothing is insurmountable. Surrogacy is the ideal remedy for any problem that lowers a couple’s likelihood of having children. It effectively gives the intended parents custody of a healthy child with genetic ties.

How to choose a surrogate mother in Argentina?

Your specialist would advise choosing a surrogate mother who has a solid medical and physical background. To have the best results, women should also be young and fertile. You must investigate the family and educational backgrounds before choosing. But where can I locate the perfect surrogate mother match? You will have the option of going directly or via the centre. It is advisable to make your decisions in the centre because it provides greater comfort and satisfaction. Additionally, you won’t need to search far because the center’s database of surrogate mothers might provide a great match.

How to have the best surrogacy?

You should be aware that a couple must select an approved surrogacy facility for the procedure because surrogacy is an expensive therapy that requires a significant financial outlay. After you select a respected reproductive clinic, more than half of your anxiety will disappear.

Surrogacy, which has the highest percentage of successful deliveries and labor, is the best way to address the infertility issue. The finest centre offers the best surrogacy, with success rates ranging from 85 to 95 percent. A surrogacy assured package is available.

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