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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai 2021?

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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai?

Mumbai city of dreams is all set to fulfil your dream of having a biological child at an economical surrogacy cost in Mumbai. The infertility rate is increasing day by day in Mumbai because of the new lifestyle. People are more focused on becoming financially strong and achieving their desired career goals. Having a baby has shifted as a secondary thing for couples. The time they realize to have a family, it gets late. At that point, IVF and surrogacy centre comes to the rescue. But the price or cost of surrogacy can make a hole in the pocket. And if doesn’t give the wanted result it could hurt even more.  But you don’t have to worry about it as we are here to guide you in selecting the right surrogacy clinic that has all the required qualities to be an ideal surrogacy centre. First, let us learn a few things about surrogacy and the surrogacy centre. And then we will move forward to the surrogacy cost in Mumbai.

Who can opt for surrogacy?

It cannot be denied that even if a woman is independent and successful if she doesn’t have kids, society considers her life a failure. But is it? The answer is no, to have kids or not is a choice of people. For some, to have biological kids is important and for some, it’s not.  Some couples or single parents prefer child adoption over a biological child. Some desires to have a biological kid. Surrogacy helps those couples who want to have a biological child but couldn’t have it because of infertility or other health issues.

Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai
Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai

Can you opt for surrogacy?

If you have experienced any of the below-mentioned issues, you can opt for surrogacy.

  • A married couple with proven infertility
  • An infertile couple of age between 23 to 50 for wife and 26 to 55 for husband
  • A couple does not have any surviving kid that also includes an adopted kid. But if the child is mentally or physically challenged, couples can opt for surrogacy. 

The legal method of surrogacy in Mumbai

Out of the traditional and gestational method, the gestational method of surrogacy is legal in India. In the gestational method, the embryo formed with the father’s sperm and mother’s egg implanted in the surrogate uterus through surgery. In this method, the birth mother doesn’t have a genetical connection to the child whereas, in the traditional method, the birth mother has a genetical connection to the child.

In both methods, a legal agreement is signed between intended parents and birth mother. A legal agreement is a contract between the surrogate mother and the couple benefiting from the treatment.

Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai
Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai

How to select a good fertility centre?

Before selecting a fertility centre, a client should keep these points in check

Experience– how long the centre has been in the field of surrogacy?

Success rate– what is the success rate of surrogacy?

Treatments – what are the other treatments available at the centre?

Fertility specialist experience– since when the doctors are in this field?

Surrogates– do they have registered surrogates?

Cost of surrogacy – how much they charge for surrogacy? What are the things included in the package?

These are questions one need to ask the centre. If they succeed in answering the questions, then you should go ahead and if not, then don’t waste your time with the centre.

Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai
Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai

World fertility services- best surrogacy treatment at an affordable surrogacy cost in Mumbai 

We at World fertility services verify all the above-mentioned details. We have been in this field for 6 years. Our specialists are well known in the field of fertility. Once the surrogate conceives through surrogacy, the success rate of the centre is up to 95%. Apart from surrogacy, we offer other fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, IMSI, IUI, Egg Freezing, etc according to the need of the patients. We also provide fit and healthy surrogates to the clients and assist in required legal work. As we believe in transparency, we give depth knowledge about the surrogacy procedure to the clients and surrogates through counselling.    

Surrogacy cost in Mumbai

The cost of surrogacy depends on given factors.

  • With donor’s sperm
  • With the donor’s egg
  • With donor embryo

The cost of surrogacy (with intended parents egg and sperm) in world fertility services is INR 10,00,000 lakhs to INR 12,00,000 lakhs. If the client chooses a different method then extra charges add to the standard cost.  So these are the details of surrogacy cost in Mumbai.

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