IVF Cost in Kenya

How Much Does IVF Cost in Kenya in 2023?

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Get Know IVF Cost in Kenya at Affordable Price in 2023

Kenya is a sub-Saharan country, where infertility considers a curse on the family. More than men, women have to face societal pressure. It is not easy for everyone to afford IVF cost in Kenya, as Kenya holds one of the highest poverty rates in the world. In Kenya, the infertility rate is high, which is around 30% to 40%. Which female gender holds the majority portion of the infertility percentage. There are cases where the health issue can treat but because of insufficient money or the cost of IVF in Kenya, patients could not afford it.

IVF proceduresCharges (in USD)
IVF with self eggsUSD 3,300 to USD 3,500
IVF with donor eggsUSD 5,300 to USD 5,500
IVF with donor spermUSD 3,700 to USD 4,200
IUI USD 500 to USD 1,000
IUI with donor spermUSD 700 to USD 1,500
IVF with ICSIUSD 3,300 to USD 3,500
FETUSD 2,000 to USD 2,300

To have a biological kid is of great importance for Kenya. If a woman cannot give an heir to the family, she is considered an abomination to the family. She has to face a lot of trauma that affects her physically as well. Society does not allow her to be part of a religious event. There are cases where the reason for infertility is the husband but he does not let this secret out and lets the wife suffer. Your cost of IVF in Kenya in 2023 will depend on various factors. 

IVF Cost in Kenya
IVF Treatment Cost in Kenya

Some husbands marry another woman as a cure for infertility. Polygamy is common because of this reason in Kenya. On the other hand, some males/husbands choose the path of treatment to have a child. Usually, those people earn a fair amount of income to afford the cost of IVF treatment in Kenya. But many infertility clinics promise to provide excellent quality treatment at a lower price, people need to be aware of these types of clinic as their main motive is to trick the patients.


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Through this article, we will develop your knowledge about IVF, where and how to find the finest fertility clinic at an affordable cost in Kenya.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization in Kenya

IVF is a type of ART technique to help infertile couples to have a biological child. In this treatment, the egg of the intended mother is combined with the sperm of the intended father to form an embryo that develops pregnancy. Once the embryo is made with an artificial process of fertilization, it is implanted in the mother’s uterus through painless surgery. IVF can be done with a donor egg, donor sperm and donor embryo

When a woman stopped producing healthy eggs, a fertility specialist suggests couples take the help of the donor’s egg in the place of the intended mother’s egg.

If a man has a low sperm count, poor quality sperm, or abnormal sperm, the doctor advises opting for the donor’s sperm instead of the intended father’s sperm. 

IVF Cost in Kenya
IVF Treatment Cost in Kenya

IVF in Kenya is highly successful in providing top results. You can achieve better conception in different infertility conditions. The expert recommends treatment for different problems as the couple cannot become parents. You can manage the problems and achieve successful pregnancy results. Various advanced approaches can perform to increase the outcome. The following conditions can manage with IVF in Kenya:

  • The female partner has poor egg quality that does not provide pregnancy results. So, IVF performs with fertility medications to increase egg production and quality. 
  • You can have an IVF process for successful results in any genetic disorder present. It can function with PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Disorder) to diagnose the inherited disease. 
  • The male partner’s infertility problems can manage within the IVF process. It can function with advanced technologies, and already sperm prepares to inseminate with healthy eggs.
  • You have poor fallopian tube health that will affect the gametes’ movements inside the reproductive system. IVF does not require fallopian fertilization. 
  • The couple has unexplained infertility conditions and cannot become parents without any condition. 
IVF Cost in Kenya
Cost of IVF in Kenya

What steps will include in IVF cost in Kenya?

The IVF cost in Kenya is much more affordable than in developed nations. It includes many stages with advanced technologies and assistance. Various stages will include in the cost of IVF in Kenya. Your process will depend on both partners’ infertility and health conditions. Moreover, the process charges can be much more affordable with fit eggs and sperm. You may not need other approaches for successful pregnancy results. The IVF involves the following stages that charge included in the budget:

  1. Medical checkups: Various diagnoses will perform by your IVF expert. They will determine your health and fertility to start the process. It will include different blood tests and ultrasounds. With it, the partners’ eggs and sperm status will confirm by them.
  2. Ovarian stimulation: The egg production from the female partner ovaries will increase. It will encourage fertility medicines recommended by your fertility expert. The eggs’ quantity and quality will increase and provide healthy eggs for the process. It will monitor by your expert with blood tests and ultrasound to inject hormonal injection.
  3. Eggs collecting: The expert will check your eggs releasing inside the uterus. Then, they will collect the eggs with a catheter and advanced technologies. It inserts into the uterus through the vagina and cervix and locates the healthy eggs. Then, they will retrieve the healthy eggs with a thin needle to collect the eggs. With it, the male partner’s sperm will collect and prepare by the expert.
  4. Mixing: The healthy eggs and sperm will place on a Petri plate for fertilization. Your expert will place them to mix and check for the cells dividing. They can use advanced approaches for gametes fertilization. It can successfully fertilize your healthy eggs and sperm.
  5. Implanting: Before transferring, your expert will monitor the healthy fertilized eggs for five to six. Then, they will select the highly developed embryos for implantation. It will perform with the catheter and advanced technologies. As by placing on the catheter will insert inside the uterus through the vagina.
  6. Results: The pregnancy will confirm after two weeks of the implantation. It will perform with a blood test. And, the positive result will follow the typical pregnancy and childbirth. But the pregnancy test charges will not include in the IVF budget.

What affects your IVF cost in Kenya?

Various factors are present that impact IVF charges in Kenya. Your cost of IVF in Kenya will depend on your health and infertility status. It will depict the treatment process as advanced approaches and assistance. To manage them, your expert can recommend different procedures for successful results. The following aspects will increase your IVF Kenya cost:

  • ICSI: Modern techniques can use to perform egg and sperm fertilization. ICSI is involved (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). For insemination, the healthy sperm will directly penetrate the healthy eggs after filling the injection. It will contribute to producing highly fertilized eggs.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Disorder (PGD): Your expert might advise PGD to screen for inherited diseases in any spouse. To verify its presence and rule out everything that might impact the pregnancy or the child’s health, it includes fertilized eggs.
  • For IVF to be effective, a donation of eggs and sperm may be required. The sperm and eggs from the donor will alter your procedure. The egg donor will be involved in all aspects of the egg retrieval procedure, including fertility drugs, the surgical procedure to extract the eggs, and donor remuneration.
  • SSR: Your specialist may advise surgical sperm retrieval in cases of severe male infertility. In dire circumstances, it will work to gather male sperm. The procedure might entail taking sound sperm from the partner’s reproductive system.
  • Alternative methods: Different processes can work in various circumstances. They will be suggested by your specialist to improve the chances of conception. It will support effective outcomes for serious issues.
  • The centre you will choose can have charges according to the process. You can know about their hidden price for the treatment. As it increases the entire treatment cost in Kenya and affects your budget. You will need to select the best centre that does not have any hidden charges or processes.
Finest fertility centre – WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES

A good fertility clinic will always be true with its clients. It will never deny answering the queries of the clients. There are hospitals in Kenya that mislead people seeking fertility treatment by providing them with a fake success rate. To attract customers they also offer unacceptable low-cost IVF treatment in Kenya. Whereas genuine fertility clinics will never do any of these malpractices to attract clients, they will be more focused on treating the client at a reasonable cost.

Transparency also shows the quality of a fertility centre. Good quality and an authentic clinic will never keep its clients in dark. It will be true to them regarding the procedure, its cost, and its success rate.  

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES one of the leading fertility centres in Kenya possesses all the qualities of an authentic fertility centre. With its experienced team of specialists, skilled staff and advanced technology they make available the finest treatment to clients. We are providing the best treatments and approaches for more than ten years, and within ten years, we have served thousands of clients now.

How much does IVF cost in Kenya in 2023?

At world fertility services, This depends on the method of IVF required by clients or patients. It varies according to the treatment and extra services asked by the intended parents. The cost of IVF in Kenya in 2023 is much more reasonable than in developed countries. You can have highly budget-friendly charges through the best centre. 

The standard cost of IVF in Kenya with self-eggs and sperm is 5,500 USD to 6,000 USD.

The cost of IVF in Kenya with a donor egg or sperm is 8,500 USD to 9,000 USD. Infertile women of Kenya have to go through a lot because of fertility issues. Low source of income and lack of awareness has kept them away from In Vitro Fertilization treatment. Through this article, we have given knowledge on the treatment, our centre (WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES), and the IVF cost in Kenya.

Why choose us:

Best IVF Cost in Kenya

You can choose the best IVF centre in Kenya for a successful outcome. We understand that couples face problems while deciding upon the treatment and place. But do not worry anymore because we are available with top-notch procedures and methods. Your infertility condition can have the best treatment accordingly. What else you will get through us?

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Best IVF Cost in Kenya?

How much does IVF cost in Kenya?
The IVF Cost in Nairobi (Kenya) starts from 4,30,000 KES for Self-cycle IVF and up to 4,80,000 KES for donor egg IVF in the fertility world center, it is the lowest affordable, pocket friendly for any individual.

Is IVF cheaper in India?

With all the infrastructure and technology required for IVF treatments, it is not the cheapest procedure but is one of the most effective methods of assisted reproduction out there.

Does cover IVF in Kenya?
Benefits -paid after subtracting World Fertility Services (WFS) rebates- under this cover include bed entitlement, doctor’s fee, laboratory, radiotherapy, IVF, renal dialysis, and cancer treatment. Diagnosis and drugs linked to the IVF procedure are not covered since the treatment is fertility related.

Is IVF legal in Kenya?
There are no specific laws in Kenya to regulate IVF. Legal and regulatory frameworks have a positive influence on the accessibility of IVF for women. Different women have different experiences with the law depending on social factors such as their class, sexuality, and age.

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