How the World Fertility clinic categorized the IVF Cost in Georgia?

The World Fertility clinic has categorized the IVF Cost in Georgia in two ways which are as follows:

(i) Basic cost: The basic IVF Cost in Georgia is around USD $10,000 for one IVF cycle which includes pre-existing expenses such as the complete procedure of IVF/ICSI, embryo pick-up, egg collection, sperm preparation, airport pick-up, initial consultation, blood investigation etc. This cost may increase according to the IVF cycles you required to achieve your goal of success which is your own baby. IVF is the most reasonable and affordable procedure to conceive a baby.

(ii) Advanced cost: In case, IVF alone is failed to provide you with the desired results than you can undergo the advanced procedures of IVF. The IVF Cost in Georgia for the advanced procedure depends upon the treatment you opt to treat the causes of your infertility issues. For e.g., if you undergo for the IVF with egg donor than your overall IVF Cost in Georgia including all the expenses such as donor compensation, IVF procedure etc. will cost you around USD $15,000. The IVF Cost in Georgia for the advanced IVF ranges from USD $10,000 to USD $35,000.

IVF Cost in Georgia

IVF Cost in Georgia


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What are the reasons that affect the IVF Cost in Georgia?

There are three major reasons due to which the IVF Cost in Georgia will be affected and these are as follows:
a) Age: Your age is one of the major reason which can affect your overall IVF Cost in Georgia because the older you grow you require the high dosage of fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries and these fertility drugs are little expensive which can increase your IVF Cost in Georgia. In such cases, the fertility experts at the World Fertility clinic advise the IVF treatment to those couples who are under the age of 35 years and above 35 they suggest the advanced procedures of IVF so that they will able to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure.

b) Body Weight: This is again the most important reason which will increase the IVF Cost in Georgia because if you are over or underweight in both the cases you need high fertility drugs which help in the stimulation of the ovaries to produce more mature and healthy eggs for fertilization. The fertility experts at World Fertility clinic advise the couples who are undergoing for the IVF treatment to maintain their ideal body weight which should not be more or less than their BMI (Body Mass Index).

c) Change in lifestyle: Your changes in lifestyle will also increase your IVF Cost in Georgia. For e.g., if you are a regular smoker or consume alcohol or other drugs regularly than it will impact your IVF Cost in Georgia because in such cases you will be requiring high fertility dosage to stimulate your ovaries. In such cases, your fertility expert will advise to quit smoking and drinking alcohol at least prior 3 months of your IVF treatment.

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IVF Cost in Georgia

IVF Cost in Georgia

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What are the chances that my IVF will be successful?

The IVF procedure includes top-notch steps and cutting-edge technology. It is run by IVF and fertility doctors with extensive experience. The specialist takes gametes from the spouses’ reproductive system. It offers pregnancy results with the assistance of highly qualified fertility experts. Several things will affect your odds of having a successful IVF procedure. The gametes from the couple should be of excellent and sound quality. It raises the likelihood of conception with genetic baby outcomes. You can become pregnant successfully for improved outcomes as well.

Can I get pregnant through IVF even though my egg production is low?

For the IVF procedure to result in a pregnancy, healthy sperm and eggs are required. It entails fertilizing healthy gametes while keeping track of them. The likelihood of conception can be affected by any gamete issues. You must contact the centre to confirm the odds. The specialist confirms the health of the gametes and performs numerous medical examinations. Knowing you have healthy eggs or sperm is beneficial. The likelihood of producing viable eggs is reduced if the female spouse suffers from a serious infertility disease. Conditions and your low egg production can help with the sophisticated procedure. The ideal approach is to use donor eggs. It takes eggs from the viable egg donor and uses them to conceive the couple. The specialist implants the fertilized egg inside the female uterus after fertilizing it with the male partner’s sperm.

IVF: Does it have any adverse effects?

Yes, there are some adverse effects associated with IVF that can help with more sophisticated methods and guidance. The health and fertility status of your partners affects you adversely. Your health may suffer as a result of IVF treatment. There is a high likelihood of IVF failure and negative effects if you are older, have serious infertility problems, and have inferior gametes. While selecting the process, you must obtain confirmation from the expert. The couple’s chances of becoming pregnant are also increased through IVF. The following are side effects of IVF: ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, multiple births, and birth abnormalities.

Is it correct that I chose to undergo IVF treatment?

Yes, you made the proper choice in choosing IVF. Because IVF can work using cutting-edge methods and techniques. The best way for producing excellent pregnancy results is IVF treatment. It operates with a number of excellent tools and technology. The healthy pregnancy is genetically determined for the pair. Additionally, donor gametes can be used to achieve better results in cases of severe infertility. Your method can assist in achieving the best outcome to get pregnant after experiencing a number of miscarriages. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, the method works. With expert aid, they fertilise the gametes.

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