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World Fertility Services – Best Surrogacy Clinic of Georgia

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As there are many clinics that treated IVF treatments and surrogacy treatments all over the world, but World Fertility Services is the best clinic in Georgia, which provides the best surrogacy and IVF treatments all over the world with minimum costs than all the other clinics and also provides the best services and world-class services for the infertile female patients with all the required facilities which she needs during her treatments.


Surrogacy Law in Georgia

  • Top surrogacy packages for affordable surrogacy cost in Georgia
  • Successful surrogacy outcome 100% 
  • Top consultations from highly experienced 
  • Exclusive surrogate mother screenings 
  • Ultra-modern facilities and technologies
  • Contact us:
  • Call us: +91-9560712022
The main facts why World Fertility Services is- Best Surrogacy clinic in Georgia
  • The success rates are high in comparison to other clinics in Georgia as 8 in every 10 couples who came to the center for IVF experience success.
  • Money-back guarantee is also a facility that is provided to the patients.
  • The cost is highly affordable with no hidden charges provided by the center.
  • Comprehensive fertility treatments are provided at our Georgia center.
  • The Expert team is provided to the patients as embryologists, doctors, and counselors.
  • More than 500 children’s success rate there at our Georgia center.
  • Even 50 years old, the couple felt proud of the test tube baby from our center.
  • Success stories are much more than even 2 babies are born every day.
  • International treatments and protocols are being provided at our center.
  • Evidence-based IVF treatments is being available at our center also Excellence is provided in the case of training and Development programs.
  • Provides best success rates for the patients who failed IVF treatments from some other centers.
  • A world-class infrastructure is provided.
  • State of art, equipment, and technology is the abbreviation used in our center.
  • Care is provided within the parameters of Compassion, Accountability, and Transparency (CAT).
  • Provides high-class treatments in such as minimum fees affordable to all infertile couples.

The surrogacy success rate in Georgia : Surrogacy Cost India.

Surrogacy success rates in WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES are higher. Your successful outcomes have a high chance to provide a healthy child. Well, the process outcome and chances depend on various factors. You can achieve successful outcomes with various advanced methods as well.

Surrogacy with self-eggs and sperm
Surrogacy with donor eggs
Surrogacy with donor sperm
Surrogacy with advanced approaches

The standard Surrogacy Cost in Georgia is $100,000 to $150,000(the expense may vary from one surrogacy fertility clinic to another).

More Reasons Why, We choose the Surrogacy Clinic in Georgia

  • We provide treatment with care, commitment, and sincerity so as to make true and fair promises and don’t make fake promises.
  • Provides a money-back guarantee facility and makes it a commitment instead of a possibility.
  • Desires to provide the best fertility treatments to all childless couples with reasonable costs for their child and see that happiness on their faces.
  • Always worked on the individual couple treatments and provides them the best results.
  • The main aim is to provide a healthy child to all the couples facing infertility since the last so many years of getting married.

Finding the right physician, embryologists and doctors is itself a big task that is done by our

Why choose us?

Surrogacy Law in Georgia

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is well-known for successful and suitable surrogacy costs in Georgia. According to its website, the cost of gestational surrogacy ranges from $100,000 to $150,000 depending on the program chosen. So, we have a cost assistant for every patient. It helps them have affordable charges. Moreover, our packages have assured outcomes with top assistance. What else?

  • Many happy and successful parents as the record
  • Various surrogacy guaranteed and assured programs
  • Utmost treatments and procedures in one place
  • Experienced experts with highly polite behavior 
  • The fully legalized process with entire legal support
  • High surrogacy and other procedures success rates
  • Contact us:
  • Call us: +91-9560712022
Frequently Asked Questions about Surrogacy Clinic in Georgia

What is the success rate for surrogacy?

The success rate of surrogacy is higher than that of any other ART method. It works well in cases of severe infertility that compromises the ability of the spouses. For instance, the pair is quite old and has serious health problems, and the female partner is lacking a healthy uterus. The best method for resolving the many problems between partners is surrogacy. Because a healthy woman who is used as a surrogate becomes pregnant to carry the baby for the intended parents, the success rate is higher. Additionally, conception works as part of the superior IVF procedure. The procedure is carried out by an expert in fertility using cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the intending parents can choose the finest procedure based on their infertility issues.

How much does surrogacy cost outside of medicine?

There are several steps to the medical and non-medical procedures involved in surrogacy. It includes a surrogate mother’s successful delivery of a kid. Depending on the level of care and the steps taken, they charge differently. By controlling the best procedure, you can achieve the best results. Numerous non-medical expenses are included in the cost of surrogacy. It increases the overall budget and aids in top-notch care. Having the ideal surrogate mother match will cost money. The cost of the legal agreement is then considerable because it is handled by an expert lawyer. Following that, non-medical costs include the surrogate mother’s vital care, remuneration, and other needs during the pregnancy.

Why should you consider surrogacy?

The best term and top assisted reproductive method that assists with many challenges are surrogacy. You can hold a live, healthy child in your arms. The surrogate mother is forced to become pregnant by the fertility specialist. The healthy lady who supports the intended parents is a surrogate mother. Because of severe infertility issues, the couple is unable to conceive. As soon even as a surrogate mother becomes pregnant, you can select surrogacy. It includes the best IVF procedure and produces genetic offspring. The technique uses the sperm and eggs from the pair to fertilize while being watched. And the fertilized eggs move into the womb of the surrogate mother. It offers the pregnancy result for the surrogate mother.

What increases the surrogacy cost?

With the aid of modern technology, the surrogate mother can successfully conceive a healthy kid. ICSI, SSR, Donation gametes, and other methods are helpful. The contract is required for your surrogacy procedure for a better approach. It involves the creation of a contract by a lawyer. Georgia’s costs for the surrogate mother will include all fees incurred before the process ever began. A healthy surrogate will be required for your treatment. Your process fees will be impacted by the surrogate mother’s pay. Finally, you have to pick Georgia’s top surrogacy clinic. The finest spot is where you can get help. It lowers the cost of surrogacy in Georgia.

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