Looking For Cost of IVF in Nigeria? Get reasonable costing for eliminating Fertility problems

IVF cost in Nigeria is the most secured investing amount for an effective treatment that must be invested by the childless couples for capping out the issues of sterility with the suitable amount investment for the treatment to be done relative to IVF process.

IVF treatment cost in Nigeria by using donor sperms $3,700 USD + $400 USD = $4,100 USD with additional $400 USD as sperm donor charges.
IVF treatment cost in Nigeria by using donor eggs $3,700 USD + $1,300 USD = $5,000 USD with additional $1,300 USD as an egg donor charges.
IVF treatment cost in Nigeria by using both donors sperms and donor eggs $5,400 USD = $3,700 USD + $1,300 USD + $400 USD with additional charges of $1,700 USD as the donors charges $400 USD for sperm donor and $1,300 USD
IVF treatment cost in Nigeria by using both the components of the intended parents $3700 USD without any additional charges for the treatment.
IVF treatment success rate in Nigeria 78%

IVF treatment should be made so very effective that the treatment should provide the quality to revitalize a ray of hope within the childless couples who are planning to owe the child of their own since a very long time and the moment is being captured in the minds of the couples once they hold the child in the hands and must felt proud in starting the journey towards parenting with their own blessed child.

Factors affecting IVF treatment and variables in making treatment effective for childless couples

The factors which differentiate the treatment of IVF from one couple facing sterility to another one facing the same issues:-

Factors that are affecting the IVF treatment-

  • Age factor

Age of the couple should played a most vital role in making the treatment of IVF to be succeeded as if the age of the female is more, than even the couple should get the treatment from anywhere else but the chances to succeed should become lower in comparing to the chances of success of the female partner of the couple who is within the age limit of reproduction.

  • Affecting factors in daily life style

Smoking: – Smoking should be considered as the hazardous factors with the changing life environmental factors within the daily life routine of the couples and is very dangerous for the couple in which the male and the female partner both are the smokers and due to the reason both the partner are reducing the capacity of intercourse and also the age of the reproduction should be reduced with such factor of smoking.

  • Obesity relative factors

In a research it is concluded that the overweight female is facing some kind of difficulties in conceiving through normal reproduction method and also even through the artificial techniques are facing the difficulties in conceiving with the process of IVF and other relative technique.

The variables that are helpful for the couples to attain successful results:-

  • Previous Pregnancy

If the lady is already having the pregnancy before with the treatment of IVF than the treatment should be accomplished with the successful chances to be exceeding using the artificial technique to be acknowledged so as to get the more and more chance to be abandoned with getting the pregnancy again with the same procedure to be followed that is the process through IVF.

Eggs of the donors should be used in order to attain success

In case the female’s eggs are not up to the mark to attain pregnancy than in such the case the eggs of the donor should be used as the prescription to be given by the experts in order to make the pregnancy to be completed successfully through the used process known as IVF through the grounds of Artificial Insemination.

Success rates should be aviated within the parameters of measuring accrued success

Pregnancy achieved with the number of embryos to be transferred in the female’s uterus that is able to conceive and also becomes the intended mother of the concerned child.
Pregnancy to be attained within the reproductive age limit.
Number of live births in the cycle of IVF treatment to be made effective.

IVF Nigeria Has highest success rate in Nigeria

IVF has done a great job in term of achieving high success rate in Nigeria. We have the highest success rate for the VF treatment in Nigeria. Our success rate is 5o to 70% and working constantly to achieve a higher number to serve the best in the field of gynecology. We take pride in healing the most terrible anxiety, by giving them the perfect remedy for it.

IVF treatment costing to be announced in a better way out

IVF cost in Nigeria is the least one as in comparing the cost with the other country for the treatment of IVF that the Nigeria is offering the costs that is very much less and friendly cost variables that accrue the most prominent costing for processing the dramatic announcements for attempting the quite expensive procedure in enumerating the probability for announcing the cost effective procedure in proclaiming the accused prospective to be indemnified and is made with creating a possibility within an assistive scrambling issues to be announced safe and effective in a better understandable way.

IVF costs should be aviated in different cases with different processes to be followed up in order to perform the process of IVF treatment within much accused manner.

IVF costs in different states of Nigeria with both the elements of the intended parents IVF costs in different states of Nigeria with self eggs and donor sperms IVF cost in different states of Nigeria with donor’s eggs and own sperms IVF Cost in different states of Nigeria with own sperms IVF cost in different states of Nigeria with self eggs
Kano – $3,700 USD $3,700 USD + $300 USU = $4,000 USD $3,700 USD + $1,300 USD = $5,000 USD $3,700 USD $3,700 USD
Delta – $3,400 USD $3,400 USD + $400 USD = $3,800 USD $3,400 USD + $1,500 USD = $4,900 USD $3,400 USD $3,400 USD
Sokoto – $3,500 USD $3,500 USD + $300 USD = $3,800 USD $3,500 USD + $1,500 USD = $5,000 USD $3,500 USD $3,500 USD
Akwa – $3,600 USD $3,600 USD + $300 USD = $3,900 USD $3,500 USD + $1,700 USD = $5,300 USD $3,500 USD $3,600 USD
Abia – $3,300 USD $3,300 USD + $400 USD = $3,700 USD $3,300 USD + $1,300 USD = $4,600 USD $3,300 USD $3,300 USD
Oyo – $3,700 USD $3,700 USD + $300 USD = $4,000 USD $3,700 USD + $1,400 USD = $5,100 USD $3,700 USD $3,700 USD

Nigerian treatment ascertains a guaranteed package to establish a fertile life

The facilitation’s the clinic is providing:-

  • Guaranteed packages to be abandoned with the fertility treatment to be made effective.
  • Cost friendly treatment provided at the clinic.
  • Well qualified and experienced expertise treatment availability.
  • Success rate should be high in comparing to other relative clinics and that too in nominal costing.
  • Having the successful IVF treatment cases in very first attempt.
  • No additional costs should be charged within the clinic.
  • Provides facilitation to make the payment in easy installments.
  • By making the first installment of 50% amount the couple should avail the facilitation’s for treatment
  • to be started and make the rest payment further in easy installations.

World class infrastructure is being provided to the couples and all the above mentioned facilitations in most friendly costing.

The assimilations to be done in an efficient way should done the best way in processing the couples to be acquiring the better way towards inseminations that are helping in announcing programmed

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