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World Fertility Services Guides each Parent to the Legal Process of the Baby’s Passport and Exit Visa with its Surrogacy Baby Exit from India Assistance Team.

How trouble-free it lands to leave India depends on which type of visa a foreigner possesses. You should come to India on a medical visa for Surrogacy Baby Exit from India and should have registered at a Foreigners Regional Registration Office within 14 days of arrival. We would normally invite you on medical visa for surrogacy [one year multiple entry visa] itself and register you on your 1st visit to commence Surrogacy Baby Exit in India so that you are registered with the FRRO office from the start itself.
By Indian law, your baby under Indian fertility treatment requires an exit permit to leave the country. The exit permit is obtained from the Foreign Residents Registration Office (FRRO) or at the local Police Commissioner’s office.
Yes, the embassy is likely to provide a letter of introduction and ask for assistance that you could take to the FRRO when you pick up your passport. Exit permit applications at the state’s office are accepted between certain frames of time. For this appointment you will need:

    • Letter from consulate (they keep the original since it is addressed to them)
    • Surrogacy Agreement (Original Copy provided by the clinic)
    • Ticket showing your departure date
    • Passport for both parents and Visa for both parents
    • Copy of baby’s passport
    • Letter from Clinic
    • Letter from Baby delivery hospital
    • Letter from the surrogate mother relinquishing all rights and confirming she has received all payments.
    • Two 2×2 photos of the baby
    • US$80 worth of Rupees at prevailing exchange rates

Though appointments are made on a first come first serve basis, so get there early to be first in line. You will need to take an online appointment a day or two prior. Yes, the FRRO is a place where you may want to have someone help you steer through the language differences and cultural differences. Our Baby Exit Assistance Team will guide you through the process and have all the documents in place for you to visit the FRRO office for exit clearance with ease.

Birth Certificate

Once the baby gets born, the records of the birth is sent by the hospital to the Municipal Corporation of the state like MCD for babies born in Delhi or the Municipal Corporation of the city of baby’s birth which is the Authority that issues the Birth Certificate and thereafter the Birth Certificate is sent for getting Apostille Sticker to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Yes, this process will take 4 – 7 days from the date of birth of the baby.

You will need to be prepared with the name of the baby on baby’s birth and fill-up the birth form at the delivery hospital with correct spellings. The information on this form will be recorded in the municipality office and will reflect on the certificate.

Yes, the birth certificate will carry the genetic father and/or mother of the baby’s name [intended father and/or mother] and not the name of the surrogate mother or the egg / sperm donor.

DNA Testing

DNA testing may be suggested to support an application for an immigrant visa. This means DNA testing is not always required.  It stands as a wise to make clear your situation with embassy before visiting. Once the DNA results get on their way back to the Embassy you may call them to let them know. As a result, they will notify the mailroom to expect your results.

For some countries like the US and Australia, you will need to purchase a DNA kit online a few weeks before the birth of your baby and send the kit to your country’s embassy in New Delhi. So, the kit will already be available with the embassy when your baby is born and you seek an appointment with the embassy for a DNA test.

The DNA test is normally done by your country’s embassy with their pre-selected lab either in India or their home country. Detailed information about the DNA kit and DNA lab is posted on your Country’s embassy in India website.

Citizenship & Passport

After the Birth Certificate is received, an Application is filed for the issue of a Passport at the respective Embassy along with the required documents. All the documents required from the clinic as regards the surrogate agreement are issued to you. Also, the embassy may require DNA testing of the baby with the genetic parent(s) that will be performed either at a DNA lab in India or in your country as per the directive of your embassy in India.

The whole process will take 1 – 3 weeks as per the expedition of the embassy. Please be in contact with your embassy in India for the process to procure the passport for your baby as every country may seek one or more documents from the Parents as per their laws.

Also, some countries like the UK may take more time to process the Passport of the baby.

FRRO & Exit Visa

After issuance of Passport, an online application is filled with the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) for exit clearance. All the documents pertaining to Surrogacy Baby Exit from India including original surrogate agreements, payment receipts, letter from surrogate, clinic, IVF specialist etc. will be provided by us. Yes, it may take 1 – 3 days to get an exit visa from India.

All the documents required for the exit visa from the FRRO office would be filed by our Exit Visa Assistance team and one of our team member will accompany you to the office to make it smooth and trouble free affair.

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