How does surrogacy in Georgia fulfil the emptiness of infertile couples?

Surrogacy in Georgia is a beneficial procedure for couples cannot conceive a baby naturally. All other reproductive methods also failed to provide the desired results. It performs as partners’ gametes retrieved from their reproductive system and fertilized by the expert. Then, they will implant the fertilized egg into the surrogate mother’s uterus for pregnancy results. The surrogate mother will conceive and, after nine months, hand over the child to the couple. 

Surrogacy in Georgia is the best legal approach that allows couples a chance. It provides the top results when partners have no hope. You can select the best Georgia surrogacy agency for leading procedures and outcomes. Surrogacy performs between the intended parents and surrogate mother.

The WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is present for many assistance in the conception and surrogacy strategy. We have advanced methods and services that help in uttermost approaches.

In which conditions does it require in Georgia?

Surrogacy is the topmost process that provides the healthy and biological baby in the intended parents’ hands. It is the only option left for couples facing infertility conditions. When other assisted reproductive procedures fail, they can provide results. The surrogate mother will carry the baby to deliver to partners. Your experts recommend many health and sterility problems, such as:

  • The female partner has severe uterus problems that cannot conceive the baby.
  • Partners have advanced age and cross the childbearing age.
  • The intended mother has no uterus due to surgical treatment or congenital anomaly.
  • Partners have faced multiple miscarriages as not conceive for years.
  • Your previous procedures and assisted reproductive techniques were a failure.
  • You have no option left than adopting the child to become a parent.

Is it legal in Georgia?

Yes, Surrogacy in Georgia is a legal procedure as the government of Georgia understands it is a simple fertility procedure that completes the family for couples cannot conceive a baby naturally after having unprotected regular intercourse. Adopting a child was the only variable to become parents successfully. It was a very lengthy procedure. With medical science advances, partners can have their babies and enjoy their parenthood happily.

To ensure a smooth Surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi process, World Fertility Services requests that both parties sign a mutual concern that specifies that the surrogate mother will carry the baby in her womb and hand-over the infant to the intended parents. Apart from, the intended parents compensate the surrogate mother. They will take her proper care till delivery of a healthy baby that includes healthy food and living.

Surrogacy laws in Georgia country allow married or cohabiting heterosexual couples. It performs only for couples as surrogacy for a single person, and homosexual partners are illegal. You can check the Georgia surrogacy laws before selecting the country for the process. Our helping team will guide you with current rules and regulations by the government. 

How does the surrogate mother carry your child?

Surrogacy functions as the surrogate mother (another healthy woman) conceive the child. In Georgia, the process of gestation recognizes as legal. Better and biological children are the results. The IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) cycle is where conception takes place. Partners’ eggs and sperm will collect by a fertility expert. The best centre accomplishes the procedure with advanced methods.

  1. Surrogate mother: The intended parents will select a healthy woman for surrogacy. She will take on the role of a surrogate mother and carry your child to term. Either choose through an agency or make your selection. She should be in good physical and reproductive health to conceive the child. You need to look at her background as educational, family, and pregnancy history.
  2. Medical examination: The expert in the top centre conducts different tests and checkups of the surrogate mother and the couple. They will examine the surrogate fertility and health to carry the baby. Her disorders and diseases will confirm in this stage. Partners’ eggs and sperm health will check by the expert.
  3. Session: The top counsellors in the best centre provide counselling sessions to the intended parents and surrogate mothers. They manage their psychological health as stress and anxiety during the process.
  4. Eggs production: The expert will suggest some medications to the female partner. It increases ovarian functions and egg production. The female ovaries produce healthy eggs with more maturity. With the hormonal injection, the eggs will release into the female uterus.
  5. Retrieval: The female partner’s eggs will retrieve by the expert. They will use a catheter and transvaginal ultrasound to insert inside the uterus. It will locate the eggs, and a sharp needle will aspirate to collect from the follicles. The male partner will provide a semen sample to the expert. They will prepare and separate the healthy sperm.
  6. Insemination: The collected sperm and eggs will inseminate by the expert. They will mix gametes on a Petri plate for fertilization. For better outcomes, your specialist can do ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). For insemination, ICSI entails putting healthy sperm into each egg. It will take a few days for them to transform into fertile eggs.
  7. Implantation: Your fertilized eggs will grow under experts’ observations. They will monitor them for five to six days and select highly developed embryos. Before it, the surrogate mother’s uterus lining will prepare with the hormonal medications. Your expert will place the fertilized egg on the catheter and insert it into the surrogate womb.
  8. Results: The pregnancy outcome will confirm after two weeks of implantation. It will perform with a surrogate mother’s blood test. After the successful pregnancy, the intended parents will pay more attention to the surrogate mother. It will include her routine checkups and tests. You will provide her essential accommodations for nine months.

Birth: The surrogate mother will give birth to the healthy baby after nine months of a successful pregnancy. It will depend on the surrogate and the baby’s health conditions. In better status, the delivery will expect as vaginal. But in any complication, your expert can perform C-type cesarean delivery.

Why opt for surrogacy in Georgia only?

Globally, infertile couples prefer to have Surrogacy in Georgia because of various reasons, such as:

  1. Cost: The most important reason is the surrogacy cost in Georgia. It is very reasonable compared to other developing countries. The cost of gestational is around USD 42,000 to USD 45,000, including expenses such as food, clothing, accommodation, legal outlay, etc. You can have assistance with affordable charges through the best centre.
  2. Success rates: The surrogacy success rate in Georgia for gestational is around 70 to 80%. It is much high than the success rates of other developing countries. The donor gametes or embryos can help in your surrogacy process, and the surrogate mother will conceive the child successfully. We have advanced procedures to accomplish the IVF process and provide better pregnancy.
  3. Trained professionals: Georgia is the best place for skilled and trained professionals. They will find the cause of infertility that is stopping you to pregnant. Moreover, they will provide you with the best solution to achieve your goal of success which is your baby.
  4. Care: People across the globe prefer surrogacy in Georgia. They get the best personal and medical care that helps them concentrate on their treatment. You can have VVIP care and services. Patients’ comfort and fulfillment are our central motto. 

Where to have the best surrogacy in Georgia?

Many agencies and centres are available in Georgia for surrogacy, but how can you say they are the best? For the best outcomes and excellent support, you require the best location. Every relationship has previously experienced an emotional rollercoaster. The place will be best for you if you care about yourself. Their services and facilities only comfort and satisfy your demands and needs.

Today, many clinics do not care for patients’ comfort since they can provide a successful process. But what is the purpose if they cannot satisfy their patients’ needs? So, here we are for you, the WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES. We are the top-ruling surrogacy clinic in Georgia with VVIP services. Yes, our services and facilities have specialist designs for every patient fulfilment. You can have guidance and treatments from highly experienced fertility experts and doctors. They are the best in their services and have assisted many couples facing infertility problems.

You can have a 24*7 helping hand through the best clinic for every treatment issue. Our experienced and well-educated team will help you on each step. You will have a procedure through the centre with high success rates in every treatment. We have tall transparency and authenticity in each treatment and technique. Our experts and the complete medical team understand every couple of conditions and try their best to assist.  

You can have guaranteed surrogacy in Georgia at highly logical charges. We know surrogacy is not an affordable process. Therefore, for your comfort, we provide cost-assisting facilities that help pay higher bills. You can have packages according to procedure needs, loan, and instalment services.


Does baby share all relations with parents?

Yes, surrogacy in Georgia is the best process that allows infertile couples to have their biological and healthy baby. You can become parents successfully through the process. It functions within the gestational surrogacy procedure, including partners’ eggs and sperm retrieved outside their bodies. It fertilizes with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) ART technique under technology and experts’ observations. The fertilized eggs successfully implant into the surrogate mother’s womb. She will offer her womb to carry and deliver the baby for nine months.

The couple gametes have used in the procedure, and the surrogate mother does not share any single DNA. So, the resulting child will have no relation with the surrogate mother and share the entire biological bond with the intended parents. If you do not have healthy gametes, donor assistance is another option. In it, the resulting child corporal relations affect with parents. But legally, the child will be yours and have no connection with the donor or surrogate mother.

Can anyone opt for surrogacy in Georgia?

Yes, couples facing severe infertility or health conditions can select surrogacy in Georgia. It is the best process that helps partners to become parents successfully. You can check the legal criteria of the country before starting. In Georgia, married or cohabiting couples can select the procedure to have their baby. Surrogacy is a lawful procedure in Georgia that allows foreign partners to become parents. Many countries have legalized or banned the process that affects partners’ happiness.

If you are married and cohabiting partners facing infertility conditions can select surrogacy in Georgia. The best centre is present to assist you with every advanced procedure.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Georgia?

Surrogacy is the best and most demanding procedure. It is a legally and psychologically complex method for the intended parents and surrogate mothers. Another healthy woman (surrogate mother) conceives the couple’s child to give birth. Hiring a woman’s womb cannot be affordable. The intended parents will have to pay for her help.

Although, surrogacy cost in Georgia is much more affordable than in developed countries. It is a legal procedure, so many couples select the process from different nations. You require wholesome gametes and the ideal facility for reasonable costs. It falls between 42,000 and 45,000 USD. For reasonable charges, you can get packages and other expense aid. The cost of guaranteed surrogacy Georgia is $65,000.

How do you select the surrogate mother?

There are criteria for choosing the perfect surrogate mother match. You can take help from the Georgia surrogacy agency to find the surrogate. Finding your own is much more challenging and can affect the results. These agencies have an extensive database of healthy, educated, and experienced women willing to become surrogate mothers.

Inspecting the woman’s health and reproductive status with a medical examination helper is necessary. The surrogate mother’s age must be between 20 and 35 to be considered healthy for conception. She was supposed to have a baby before (through conventional pregnancy and delivery).

Which is the best method, surrogacy or adoption?

Surrogacy and adoption are the options for becoming parents after conception failures and severe infertility. Both are the best process to have a child successfully. Many countries have banned surrogacy and lawful adoption. Well, it is better than adoption because every family needs a biological child to carry the generation and heredity. Through adoption, the couple cannot do so. Surrogacy provides a chance to see and experience pregnancy and baby birth. Moreover, intended parents can enjoy parenthood from childbirth.

In adoption, the baby has already been born and has no biological connection with the parents. You cannot experience pregnancy or childbirth.

Does surrogacy in Georgia involve legal formalities?

Yes, surrogacy in Georgia is legal and involves contract formation between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. It will form by an experienced surrogacy lawyer that will indicate your and the surrogate mother’s rights and regulations on the resulting child. Also, it will add your parental custody over the child. The surrogacy lawyer and contract formation charges are higher.

Can you have a donor assistant in the process?

Yes, your surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi performs within the gestational process. The couple’s eggs and sperm will gather outside their reproductive system and fertilize under expert eyes. You have poor eggs or sperm health that cannot use in the IVF process or cause failure. For better results, the expert will recommend donor aid. It can function using donated sperm, eggs, or embryos. It will undergo the identical process of fertilization and implantation into the surrogate mother’s womb to produce a pregnancy.


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