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What is The Surrogacy Cost in Ghana?

What Is The Cost of Surrogacy in Ghana?

Surrogacy has been seen as a controversial topic in many countries but recently it became popular in many developing countries including Ghana. It became necessary to discuss the ideal cost of surrogacy in Ghana. In this article, we are going to address needful elements related to surrogacy and surrogacy cost in Ghana.

Ghana is a sub-Saharan country, where infertility still needs recognition as a health issue. People often ignore the discussion on issues like infertility or difficulties in conceiving. Some men prefer hiding it from their family or wife rather than accepting the fact and treating the health issue. The reason behind this behavior is the way society sees it. In many developing countries including Ghana infertility is seen as a curse and also society links it with the reputation of a couple or a man or a woman.

If a couple doesn’t have a biological child after a year of marriage, people start gossiping about them. If they find out about the infertility of the couple, that couple has to face discrimination. In some cases of woman infertility, instead of going to a fertility specialist, the husband marries another woman to produce biological kids. As a result, the first wife with infertility feels abandoned.

But some couples stick together in this tough situation and choose fertility treatment as a solution. For these types of couples, we are going to give a deep knowledge of an infertility solution called surrogacy in Ghana and its cost.

Surrogacy Cost in Ghana
Surrogacy Cost in Ghana

What is the procedure of surrogacy in Ghana?

Surrogacy is the technique of ART (assisted reproductive technique) where a surrogate carries the child of the intended parent(s) until birth. In other words, it is also called renting a womb.

Intended parents are the couple suffering from infertility for years, willing to have a biological child through fertility treatment.

A Surrogate is a woman who agrees to carry the child of intended parents in her womb until birth in exchange for an amount.  When a surrogate gets paid for carrying the child is called the commercial method. In this method, a legal agreement is signed between intended parents and surrogate, where intended parents agree to afford all the expenses of the surrogacy procedure and ready to pay the amount as a fee to carry the child in her womb. In this method surrogate is not a known person to the infertile couple.

There is another method of payment in surrogacy that is called the altruistic method.  In the altruistic method, the surrogate doesn’t receive a fee from intended parents as a surrogate is a relative or friend of intended parents. In many countries only altruistic method is legal.

Surrogacy in Ghana is a little complicated procedure as the birth mother is considered the legal mother of the child born through surrogacy.  In Ghana, the surrogate has legal rights over the child, after the birth of the child she with her will hand over the child to his/her biological parents by signing the agreement.  That makes it a little lengthy process as compared to other countries.

Surrogacy Cost in Ghana
Surrogacy Cost in Ghana

How surrogacy is done in Ghana?

There are two methods of surrogacy in Ghana, one is traditional and the second is gestational. In Ghana, both methods are legal as there is no law for surrogacy.

In the traditional method, the surrogate is the biological mother of the child. The technique used in this method is IUI, in this method, the sperm of the intended father or donor is transferred into the surrogate uterus to develop pregnancy. This results in the biological connection between the surrogate and the child.

In the gestational method, the surrogate is not the biological mother of the child. Either the egg or sperm is of intended parents or donor.

Surrogacy Cost in Ghana
Surrogacy Cost in Ghana

Where you can find the best surrogacy treatment in Ghana?

Over years, the quantity of surrogacy clinics is increasing. No strict law and an affordable cost of surrogacy in Ghana are the reasons for the popularity of surrogacy in Ghana.  With benefits, there are some disadvantages of not having rules and regulation for surrogacy in Ghana.

There are many clinics which promise to offer low cost of surrogacy in Ghana for excellent quality treatment. But the question is how to identify a genuine surrogacy centre in Ghana? – There are some considerations that you need to keep in mind while selecting a surrogacy centre in Ghana such as:

Success rate: the success rate should be not extremely high, it should be genuine. If a centre claims to have a success rate of 100%, you need to rethink because the highest success rate of surrogacy is up to 95% once a surrogate conceives.

Experience: the experience of the clinic is also an important factor while deciding the centre for surrogacy. Verify the years of experience and the results of the treatment before starting the treatment.

Fertility specialists: check out the success rate of fertility specialists of the clinic as they will be the ones who are going to do the treatment.  

No criminal records; a good fertility clinic will not have any type of criminal record on its name if it has then selected another clinic without wasting your precious time.

Cost: the cost of surrogacy in Ghana at a good surrogacy centre will be appropriate without any hidden charges. 

World fertility services is one of the surrogacy centres in Ghana that holds all the qualities to be the perfect surrogacy clinic. Surrogacy in Ghana can be frustrating because of rules and regulation reason; in that case, the world fertility services provides its assistance to the clients at every step of the procedure.

Our fertility experts customize the treatment according to the requirement of the client’s health condition. We believe in clearness, we at the world fertility services don’t have any hidden charges.  Before starting the process we give detailed information about surrogacy through counseling.

We are in this field for years and within that period we have treated thousands of patients. Our success rate of surrogacy is up to 75% and it increases once the surrogate conceives successfully.

The surrogacy cost in Ghana at world fertility services is economical. The cost of surrogacy in Ghana at world fertility services is USD 38,000.

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