cost of surrogate mother in Ghana

What is the cost of a surrogate mother in Ghana?

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What is the cost of a surrogate mother in Ghana?

Cost of a surrogate mother in Ghana – People often imagine Ghana full of huts and elephants, but they don’t know that Ghana is about more than that. Ghana is a growing country with international airports, high-class hotels, hospitals and everything available in any other well-developed country. Ghana is also popular for its affordable cost of a surrogate mother. The country provides you with accessible surrogacy treatment. Hiring a surrogate in Ghana is simple and smoother than in many countries that offer surrogacy. 

Who is a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to lend her womb for a couple or an individual who is willing to have a child but couldn’t carry the pregnancy because of some medical reasons. 

Usually, a surrogate mother is

  • Young or in her late 20s 
  • Healthy and fit
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Non-smoker
  • Doesn’t consume drugs
  • Have experience of being a surrogate before or being pregnant 
  • Doesn’t have any severe disease 

A surrogate mother in Ghana is easy to find as many women are ready to lend their womb to help intended parents. Though there are no strict rules and regulations for surrogacy, fertility centres make sure that the intended parent(s) doesn’t have to face any problems during and after the procedure, and their clients can get an affordable cost of a surrogate mother in Ghana

What is in an agreement between the surrogate and intended parent(s)?

To make the procedure smooth and non-problematic legally, the intended or commissioning parent(s) and surrogate sign an agreement before starting the surrogacy procedure. The contract or agreement includes points that interest both parties. Usually, the intended parent(s) agree with the help of an attorney then it is sent to the surrogate mother to review the agreement. First, she will check the draft whether it represents her interests or not. If not, then she will make necessary changes with the help of her attorney is send it back to the intended parent(s). 

Then the attorneys of both the parties will negotiate if necessary and agree, and then the surrogate and intended parent(s) will sign the agreement, and the procedure will go accordingly. 

Which method of surrogacy is legal in Ghana?

There are two methods of surrogacy Traditional and gestational.

  1. Traditional method – In this surrogacy method, the egg or ovum is a surrogate combined with the intended father’s sperm through artificial insemination. Due to the use of her gamete or ovum, the surrogate shares the DNA with the child. As a result, the baby will have characteristics or some similar habits to the surrogate. 
  2. Gestational method – In this surrogacy method, the gametes are of the intended parent(s) or donor if required. The gestational carrier doesn’t share her DNA with the baby as the ovum is not hers. 

Out of both methods, an expert usually suggests the gestational method as it is safer than the traditional method, and the birth mother will not share any DNA with the baby. In the traditional method, the parents need to choose more consciously than the gestational method as the child will have some of the habits and characteristics of the birth mother.

Though there is no strict law of surrogacy in Ghana, we suggest a gestational method of surrogacy to our clients at world fertility services. Our centre has worked with many individuals who wanted to have a baby to achieve positive results without complications. We at world fertility services have tie-ups with surrogacy agencies that offer our clients an affordable cost of a surrogate mother in Ghana. 

What does the whole surrogacy cost include?

The whole surrogacy cost includes at world fertility services:

  • Screening of Surrogate
  • Compensation of Surrogate
  • Sperm collection
  • Embryo transfer 
  • Medications
  • Implanting Embryos
  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Medical expenses throughout the pregnancy
  • Delivery (natural)

How much does a surrogate mother cost in Ghana?

The surrogacy cost in Ghana is GHC 15000. That includes a screening of surrogate, sperm collection, egg retrieval, medications, embryo implantation, pregnancy tests and monitoring, medical expenses of surrogate, accommodations, and surrogate compensation. 

 The surrogate mother cost in Ghana or the compensation paid to a surrogate in Ghana is GHC ……….


Who is the legal mother of the child born through surrogacy in Ghana?

In Ghana, the surrogate mother is the legal mother of the baby. Therefore, her name and the intended father’s name are mentioned on the child’s birth certificate as the baby’s parents. After that, the parents may have to apply for a parentage declaration. Then they can take the child to their country or home. 

Is the traditional method of surrogacy is legal in Ghana?

There is no strict law governing surrogacy in Ghana, which makes both methods legal Ghana. But an expert usually suggests the gestational method of surrogacy to his or her clients.

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