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How Much Does IVF Cost in India?

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Are you also suffering from infertility issues and losing the joy of a happy life? 

So we are here to guide you with our best facilities across the world. The main motto of our team is to provide people love, joy, and surprise in their life through the child. Infertility challenges anyone physically and also mentally and socially. We understand the social pressure on the couple and our team empathizes with them. The technologies advance day by day and develop new concepts every single hour. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is one of the boons that assist infertile couples to have their children. IVF Cost in India is available at a reasonable cost than in the other counties. 

Why choose IVF in India?

The first question that strikes the mind of a person choosing any treatment is the destination. According to their requirements, they select the place that fits into their budget. In India, IVF considers various fertility issues. It provides higher chances to take your joy and surprise of life at the home. Many reasons make India the best place for IVF treatment. The reasons are: 

  • Lower IVF cost in India
  • End numbers of fertility centres
  • Various fertility treatments
  • High success rates in many treatments
  • Highly experienced medical teams 
  • English speaking doctors
  • Best IVF doctor in India
  • Staff that supports and guides

The best IVF centre in India understands the problem and solves it with the top treatment for it. It cares for the pocket of every single patient and provides packages also so that every patient can afford the treatment.   

What is IVF and, how does it perform in India? 

In Vitro Fertilization is an ART technique that assists a person with in infertility becoming parents to their child. The eggs and sperm of the couple are extracted outside the body in a laboratory. The procedure performs by fertility experts and doctors. The eggs and sperm combine on the plate known as Petri Plate to inseminate. Insemination of eggs and sperm performs the fertilization process, as sperm enters the egg cytoplasm to fertilize it in the lab under the guidance of high-resolution technologies. The insemination of eggs and sperm forms an embryo and transfers into the female uterus for growth inside the womb. IVF is the best option for infertility issues as follows:

  • Poor egg quality in women
  • Male factor infertility in Men like low sperm count, morphology, motility 
  • Irregular ovulation in women
  • Unexplained infertility 
  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • Abnormalities of Ovaries
  • Failed in IUI treatment cycles
  • Endometriosis condition
  • Patients at the advanced age
  • Premature ovarian failure 
  • Risk of any genetic disorder
  • Several miscarriages
  • Fibroid in uterus 

  IVF assists in these various conditions related to infertility in both men and women both. 

What are the types of IVF?

The types of IVF in India are Natural IVF and advanced IVF. 

1.  Natural IVF: In natural IVF, the eggs and sperm of the couple retrieve and inseminate in the lab. The inseminated and fertilized egg implants in the woman’s uterus. 

2.  Advance IVF: In advance of IVF, the egg retrieves from the uterus. SSR uses to retrieve sperm from the man testis. The eggs and sperm mix using ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection), in which every single egg is inserted by the prepared sperm. The ICSI process helps in the insemination and forms the embryo. It punctures by a fine needle to remove the protective layer and increase the chances of adhesion into the uterus wall, known as assisted hatching.   

The cost of advanced IVF in India is relatively higher than the natural IVF as it requires different advanced approaches to proceed. The success rates of advanced IVF in India are higher as it increases the chances of conception of the woman.  

IVF cost in India 2021

IVF is an expensive, high in demand and effective method. In India, the IVF Cost in India 2021 depends on many factors. IVF treatment cost in India is highly in the budget compared to the other countries. IVF procedure cost in India is also sensible. 

The IVF cost in India ranges from INR. 2,15,000 to INR. 4,00,000. The cost of IVF treatment in India is more affordable than in other countries. 

IVF cost in India affects by different factors: 

·  Patient age: high age patients require several cycles of IVF treatment for successful conception. The cost of several treatment cycles will affect the total cost of IVF treatment. 

· Approaches: the type of approaches used during the IVF treatment will raise the costs. It is like ICSI, assisted hatching, SSR, FET etc. 

· Egg and sperm donor: the cost of an egg or sperm donor will include if it requires the IVF and raises the total of IVF in India. 

·  IVF Injection Cost in India affects the total cost of IVF. 

IVF has a higher success rate in India because of advanced techniques and modern approaches. In India, we have 53% of the IVF treatment using self eggs and sperm. The success rate of IVF using donor eggs is 65%. The success rate of IVF first time depends on various factors. The factors that affect the IVF cost and success rate are the couple’s age, infertility reason, quality of eggs and sperm, type of treatment, a health condition in terms of capability etc.   


With the top-notch facilities and services, it is on the top of the best fertility centres in India. It is the leading destination for various fertility treatments in India. It has tied up the best fertility centres and hospitals in the world. It has centres all over the world in different countries. The IVF treatment by them is highly successful. In India, they start the procedure with counselling of patients. 

WFS understand and gently cope with the patient and their problems. The specialists in it are highly experienced and never compromise with the satisfaction of the person.    

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