What is the IVF cost in Kolkata? – We are providing the World class treatment in minimum cost

IVF cost in Kolkata must provides a world class treatment with the minimum cost to be obtained in respect of the costing in this respect because the cost is very minimum which must be obtained in the requirements of the state as well as to serve the country as a whole which can be treated in this respect.

The cost will be treated in the treatment of IVF with very less costing for the same which will be conducted in the treatment of IVF in the state of Kolkata where to serve many more in the country who wants to treat in this kind of treatment where the treatment is up to the mark and must be obtained with these kinds of activities and treat the clinic to be the best with less cost which must be INR 250000 as best price in the state as well as country wise.

IVF cost in Kolkata by using Self eggs

IVF cost in Kolkata by using the intended mother’s eggs have different costing as of the other relative costing by donor’s eggs.

IVF cost in Kolkata by using own eggs by the mother is merely around INR 250000 with no other charges at all in comparison to the other one related to the donor charges and extra medications provided to the donor.

IVF cost in Kolkata by using Donor’s eggs

IVF cost in Kolkata by using Donor’s eggs is somehow aviates from the costing by self eggs. The costing includes INR 130000 extra as donor charges irrespective of the IVF treatment charges of INR 250000 which means the total costing for IVF treatment using donor’s eggs is around INR 380000 as minimum charges for the IVF cost in Kolkata with donor’s eggs.

IVF cost in Kolkata by using own sperms of the father

IVF cost in Kolkata by using father’s sperms is only INR 250000 with all the costing included in the same and there is not any cost included in the same except the treatment of IVF which is the minimum and affordable costs of INR 250000 only not more or less than that.

IVF cost in Kolkata by using donor’s sperms

IVF cost in Kolkata by using Donor’s sperms is basically different which is INR 250000 but excludes INR 33000 as the charges to be paid to the donor for the sperms donated by him with the minimum cost for the qualitative sperms. So the total costs for the IVF treatment in Kolkata is INR 283000 to the couples who are facing infertility and wants the child of their own by investing some amount on the treatment of infertility called as IVF.

Best clinic for IVF in Kolkata- the facts relative to Kolkata Clinic

• Advanced level of technology is being used for the treatments of the patients supposed to do IVF.
• The doctors should treat the patients with personal and professional manner.
• The doctors should be well trained in their own field.
• There should be a team of experts in the clinic which supports the patient in all the kinds.
• The doctors should have the experience of more than about 30 years.
• The doctors and other experts like physicians, doctors, embryologists should be present in this clinic of Kolkata with better infertility treatments called we care IVF and Surrogacy.
• Efforts should be made by the doctors to do the entire organized possible outcome to be recommended to the patients facing infertility.

Success rates of the Clinic in Kolkata

Success rates of the clinic in Kolkata is basically aviates between 85%-90% for the IVF treatment so that the IVF treatment must be done with the better operative results with best chances of treating the infertility treatments in the clinic of Kolkata.

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