How much does infertility treatment cost in mumbai?

To know whether a person is infertile, he or she has to undergo the fertility evaluation test, but before that, the concern person needs to fix an appointment with the fertility specialist so as to clarify few things such as health history, sexual history and if the person has ever undergone any medication. There would be some questions that in general asked by the fertility doctor to the couple (or partner).

Men, for the fertility evaluation, have to undergo with the physical test and semen analysis test. During the physical test, the doctor will likely quiz the male about the lifestyle factor such as excessive alcohol, smoking, sexual health and diet etc. BP, Heart-Rate, temperature – are some vital things that usually checked by the specialist to know the health of the male. Semen Analysis test evaluates the health of the sperm.

In women, the test starts with a basic medical history, and physical evaluation. Whether the woman ovulates regularly and timely – is one of the significant aspects that need to know by the doctor to know the woman’s fertility level. The woman is required to provide her blood sample so as to know the hormonal level. There would be a proper evaluation of the ovaries and uterus by the ultrasound and X-ray test let the specialist know about the health of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

In women, the very common issue behind the infertility is – the ovulation and blockage of the fallopian tube. In men, the common issue is the sperm motility and less count of the sperm during the ejaculation for the fertilization procedure. There are some couples, who even after undergoing all the tests and assessment steps, the cause gets not known – this type of fertility issue is known as unexplained infertility.

When to Choose Infertility Treatment Procedure in Mumbai?

What would be the very next step when any of the partners get evaluated by the fertility issue? Yes, there the word turns up for the infertility treatment in Mumbai.

Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai is reasonable and pocket-friendly by each of the couple, who is facing the fertility issues. There are some fertility centres in Mumbai that offer special discount to those couples who are under the below poverty line (BPL) so as to make sure they also avail the infertility treatment to have their dream fulfil.

Under the fertility clinics of World Fertility Services, one can find the best and most reasonable fertility treatment cost thereby area.

When the partner gets evaluated by the fertility assessment test and reason gets known, the specialist plans the appropriate treatment based on his/her fertility hiccup. Several treatments are meant to solve infertility issues in both – men and women. What the exact thing matter is the exact issue behind the infertility cause in the partner. The home-work must be done by the couple itself – how? Once the couple gets known by the fertility issue, it’s their duty to research well for the issue and treatment that would be suitable for the case. By doing so, one can get the approximate idea of one’s problem before they pay for their Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai.

Now this is the right time for the couple to go for the genuine fertility clinic for their treatment to have a child.

Different Types of Infertility Treatments– Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai 

If you are struggling to have a baby of your own and have been told by the fertility doctor to choose the fertility treatment then No Worries, even if this is the first time you are undergoing for the fertility treatment. Just be calm and choose a relevant fertility clinic to experience the best treatment journey during the procedure.

Is IVF only a solution to treat infertility hiccups in the couples? A Big No-No, there are several treatments to eradicate the infertility treatment in men and woman – some of the treatments are performed when the individual is facing with the minor fertility issues, while some treatments are suggested to the couple when they have advanced issues of infertility.

Infertility Treatment cost in Mumbai thus varies on the basis of the couple’s infertility issue and the procedure recommended to them.

One cannot say the exact Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai as there are various treatments that are planned for the couples’ infertility issues.

Let’s begin with the basic medication or treatment procedure of the Infertility treatment in Mumbai.

  1. IUI Treatment –

IUI is also known as AI – Artificial Insemination, is one of the very beneficial procedures to treat infertility issues in men and women. However, this treatment is referred for the basic fertility issue in men and women. Male, who has ejaculatory dysfunction, has unexplained infertility or women who have cervical mucus problem and thus unable to get pregnant, can go for IUI treatment.

How IUI is performed?

IUI or Intra-Uterine Insemination places the washed sperm into the uterus of the woman in order to facilitate the fertilization procedure.

The very first step of IUI is asking the semen sample from the male and then the semen gets washed in the lab, where separation of the semen from the seminal fluid takes place, also unwanted particles get eliminated during this procedure. Once the doctor gets washed sperm, the next step is to place this washed sperm directly into the woman’s uterus by using a catheter. The sperm is placed near the date of ovulation phase of the woman. IUI technique maximizes the number of sperm cells, which when placed in the partner’s uterus increases the possibility of the fertilization.

This Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai costs very affordable and easy to get to this treatment. IUI treatment costs INR 17,000 to INR 20,000 incorporating ovulation induction, sperm washing and placing of the sperm into the uterus of the woman.

IUI technique is also performed with the donor sperm. This technique is used when the male is unable to impregnate his partner, and couldn’t bear the expense of the advanced ART treatment procedure to have a child. The Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai of IUI with the donor sperm is INR 33,000 to INR 35,000.

Artificial Technique Cost in INR

IUI Treatment


INR 17,000 – 20,000


IUI with donor sperm


INR 33,000 – 35,000


  1. IVF Treatment –

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization or Test-tube Baby treatment, is one of the advanced techniques of an ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology. Since this treatment comes under the advanced technique of infertility treatment, this Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai is quite expensive compared to the above treatment.

How IVF treatment is performed?

IVF, as mentioned earlier, is one of the advanced technique of an ART, thus it involves multiple steps for the accomplishment of a single cycle. If a couple has been recommended for IVF in Mumbai, the couple is required to have enough time in their hands for the procedure, this treatment takes at least four to six months for the completion.

During the first week, there would be consultations, visits to the clinic to know all about the treatment procedure, descriptive details about the IVF Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai, and etc. Whatever the doubts and queries of the couple gets solved during the very initial days of their IVF treatment.

Once the couple gets familiarize about the IVF technique, there is the beginning of the fertility medication and hormonal injections in order to animate or stimulate the ovaries for the production of the eggs of the woman. A woman takes this medication for ten to twelve days (sometimes fourteen days). Throughout this step of IVF, there would be regular (or two days of interval) ultrasounds and blood hormonal test so as to know the development of the follicles. Once the follicles (containing eggs) get matured and ready to retrieve, the senior fertility doctor retrieves the eggs carefully with the help of a hollow needle. This step is known as follicular aspiration or egg-retrieval procedure.

Eggs are then kept with the partner’s sperm on the Petri dish for the natural fertilization. Natural fertilization here means the most active sperm gets penetrated into the egg’s wall for the fertilization and cell-division. For this procedure, sperm must be of active nature so as to fuse with the egg. Within two to three days of fertilization, the fertilized egg or embryo is transferred into the uterus of the woman for the implantation. The woman is required to go for the pregnancy test within a week or fourteen days of the implantation.

IVF Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai ranges INR 1, 85,000 to INR 2, 00,000 incorporating all the medications and steps involved in the IVF (till the embryo transfer).

Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai

Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai


  1. ICSI Technique –

ICSI is the form of fertilization procedure or one can say, is one of the types of advanced IVF fertilization method. ICSI has several forms too such as – IMSI, PICSI and ICSI itself. These two kinds of fertilization technique boost the fertilization procedure especially when the sperm lacks the motility nature of self-penetration. ICSI, IMSI and PICSI differ in the way how fertilization is achieved.

This treatment is performed when the partner’s sperm is unable to self-penetrate into the egg’s wall for fertilization during the fertilization step of IVF. ICSI, at the fertility centres of World Fertility Services is incorporated in the cost of IVF treatment. A couple is not required to pay additional charge for their ICSI technique at our clinics.

On the other hand, if we talk about the advanced form of ICSI such as IMSI and PICSI Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai is additional; however, one must know these are the fertilization technique, and always followed by the IVF steps, so IVF treatment cost is always incorporated in the package of this treatment.

These treatments are recommended when –

  • A male has low-sperm count
  • An abnormal shape of the sperm, or morphologically unfit sperm
  • When the male has been undergone surgical sperm retrieval for his infertility treatment (such as TESA, MESA or PESA), ICSI is used to pick the best sperm for fertilization.

During the ICSI technique, a single sperm is picked by the specialist and injected directly into the egg (that has been retrieved during the IVF egg-retrieval procedure).

The Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai ranges from INR 1, 85,000 to INR 2, 00,000 incorporating the procedure of IVF treatment and ICSI fertilization too.

IMSI Costs INR 1, 95,000 to INR 2, 10,000 and PICSI has somewhere the cost about INR 2 lakh.

  1. GIFT Procedure –

GIFT stands for the Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer, and is the straightforward procedure of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). During this procedure, the woman’s egg and partner’s sperm are placed via a catheter directly into the fallopian tube of the woman. GIFT follows different procedures compared to IVF. During this procedure, the fertilization takes inside the woman’s body, whereas, above all the treatment (except IUI), fertilization was occurring outside of the mother’s body, i.e. in the fertility lab on the culture dish. Once the egg gets fertilized with the sperm, the fertilized egg would start its journey for the implantation and comes into the uterus for the successful implantation.

GIFT is recommended to those couples, wherein the woman has healthy fallopian tube and the men must have adequate sperm. If the woman has been found with tubal issue, then GIFT would not at all be the fine option to go with, rather IVF would be the suitable option when the woman has fallopian tubal issues.

Table showing the different Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai

Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai Price List 2020

Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai Price List 2020


Apart from the above infertility treatments, there are some other methodologies that work well or facilitate the fertilization/ implantation technique such as Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH), blastocyst transfer, and so on.

If you are facing fertility issues and unable to get pregnant, the first step is to undergo with the fertility assessment test so as to know the exact reason behind your infertility.

Choosing the right clinic is one of the significant aspects, one should plan for one’s fertility treatment. We – World Fertility Services is one of the leading fertility agency providing the top-notch services in the area of the infertility domain. We have the skilled and proficient fertility team including – the embryologist, the lab technicians, junior fertility doctor, senior fertility specialist, nurse and the fertility coordinator. Providing the decent success rate, we have come up with the best fertility platform for the couples seeking the infertility solution.

We serve the authentic and reasonable Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai and make sure each couple receives the best infertility treatment during their procedure.

If you have further any query associated with the fertility treatment or the cost break-down of IVF, ICSI, IMSI or so, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you!

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