Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya – A center which is best known as the “Center of happiness” for all childless couples

World Fertility Services is the top and leading Surrogacy clinic / center in Kenya which is also known as the “Center of happiness” for all those couples who were struggling from a long period of time to have an own baby but due to some medical difficulties the women are not able to carry the pregnancies in their own womb and they need someone who will carry their baby for them and hand-over them after the successful delivery. The fertility experts at Surrogacy Centre in Kenya provide the best surrogate mothers to these couples so that they can also enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby and that too at very reasonable cost. This makes Kenya is the best place for the surrogacy treatment because here the people achieve the high success rate of taking the baby home and at very affordable cost and these are the features which attract many international patients from other well-developed countries like the US, the UK, and Australia because in these countries the fertility experts will charge very high for the same quality of the treatment which the fertility experts at Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya offer.

How are the surrogates screened at Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya?

The fertility experts at Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya will hire the surrogate mother on the following basis:
• They hire the surrogate mothers who are not more than the age of 30 years.
• They screened and checked all the surrogates properly for their infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis before the surrogates deliver their services to other couples
• All the surrogates are also checked for any previous history of their repeated miscarriages.
• The women who wish to become surrogate mothers need to sign the contract agreeing to their role and responsibilities in the pregnancy, such as taking proper care of herself and baby, following proper diet chart, taking the medications timely etc.
• Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya generally, preferred married surrogates with kids as they have their ability to establish the children, however, the unmarried women who wish to become surrogate for other couples are also welcomed but they need to follow the instruction associated with surrogacy procedure.

Success Rate of Surrogacy Hospital in Kenya

The success rate of Surrogacy Hospital in Kenya till date, for taking the baby home is around 70 to 80% which is significantly higher than international benchmarks and that too at very reasonable cost with the same international quality standard of the treatment. Every year thousands of international patients travel to Kenya for their surrogacy treatment at Kenya Surrogacy hospital because here they just not save their lot of money but also enjoyed their stay which is arranged by the medical tourism company in Kenya for them and happily they take their baby home from Surrogacy Hospital in Kenya.

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