IVF Cost in Mumbai

How Much Does IVF Cost in Mumbai 2021?

IVF Cost in Mumbai – How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai? Is it Reasonable or Not?

Mumbai has always been the centre of attraction for several things, and one amongst many, we are talking about the In Vitro Fertilization and IVF treatment cost in Mumbai. IVF is the fertility treatment and comes in an advanced technique in an ART methodology. Now the question comes – what is ART? Okay, some of you might have the information about this term but some couples might be planning for their IVF and coming across many hurdles due to their first fertility treatment. So, we will begin with some basic concepts about fertility treatment, and later we will dive into the information about the IVF Cost in Mumbai.

IVF cost in Mumbai
IVF cost in Mumbai

How IVF is the best solution for treating infertility?

ART – a three alphabetical word, containing many procedures eradicating the fertility hiccups – Yes, it has been a miracle for so many couples who experience the infertility problem in their life. ART methodology – Assisted Reproductive Technology, has so many – from basic to advanced treatment that clears out the couples’ fertility problem and helps them to conceive with the help of suitable treatment. IVF is one of the advanced treatments of an ART and is recommended when a couple has been facing issues in the accomplishment of their family for twelve months.

Of course, the basic treatment also works for couples who have been attempting for a child, but there comes the fertility level of the concerned individual. Since, each individual has a different fertility issue hence the planning goes based on the partner’s fertility level, for instance, if the male is having painful intercourse, and is thus unable to impregnate the partner, the fertility expert might suggest for the couple go for an IUI procedure – a basic one.

But if the female is experiencing an endometriosis (moderate to severe) issue, PCOS, ovulation issue, premature ovarian failure, or the male has been found with poor motility of the sperm, or less count of the sperm, then there comes the advanced method of an ART – IVF treatment.

Why IVF is said as the best solution for the advanced level of infertility? This is because IVF can be modified into two parts – the standard method and the additional method – or can say advanced. These two procedures have different IVF Cost in Mumbai. A reader can guess that the additional cost of IVF treatment would be undeniably more than the basic treatment charge.

IVF cost in Mumbai
IVF cost in Mumbai

What is the Standard IVF Cost in Mumbai?

The very first statement that needs to clarify here is that IVF doesn’t cost much. IVF Cost in Mumbai is completely pocket-friendly. However, IVF needs financial planning because it’s not of thousands as well.

To be straight and put a clear picture of the treatment cost of IVF in Mumbai, here we are –

The standard procedure of IVF Cost in Mumbai ranges from INR 1, 75,000 to INR 250,000 including all the medication costs and ultrasounds that take place throughout the procedure. A couple needs not to pay any additional charge for their IVF treatment when they are undergoing standard IVF treatment.

Key points to remember before paying the cost of IVF treatment

IVF treatment at the best IVF clinics in Mumbai is sensible simultaneously, it equips the best IVF treatment giving the couple advanced treatment involvement at the most affordable and moderate cost. If the couple has been suggested by their expert for an IVF, it is proposed to do a good home-work which means search before you pay for the treatment at the centre; search recommends doing appropriate examination while going for the treatment, for instance, the couple needs to gather all the relevant information about the clinic’s success rate and the delivery/live birth rate, the exact IVF Cost in Mumbai.

On the off chance that the fertility doctor prescribes the couple to go for an additional IVF method, at that point the couple must get all the detail about the breakdown of the cost bundle of the treatment – these are some fundamental factors that need to take care by each couple, who are planning for their treatment.

IVF cost in Mumbai
IVF cost in Mumbai

How Advanced IVF Treatment differs from Standard IVF Cost in Mumbai?

The standard IVF approach follows five phases and the standard IVF framework is picked or endorsed to the people who have undergone the basic medication but nothing come up with a positive result, or to the one, who has been found advanced infertility issues in the fertility assessment test.

IVF Cost in Mumbai can go up to INR 3, 50,000 as well – why this variation? This is a result of various facts. As mentioned above advanced or additional IVF is combined when the couple faces a more advanced problem and standard IVF treatment couldn’t come up with a sound result. By that time, the method which could be prescribed to the couple would be an additional IVF method, and that influences the overall cost of IVF in Mumbai.

Let’s get the basic idea of the standard and advanced IVF in Mumbai and how the cost gets influenced by the advanced IVF? The standard or basic IVF costs INR 1,75,000 to INR 2,00,000, begins with the lady’s IVF prescription (ovary incitement) and ends up with the movement of moving the sound and quality embryo into the lady’s uterus. On the other hand, when the couple has been prescribed to go for an additional ART method with IVF, the cost gets influenced. When another treatment is used with IVF, for instance, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, donors, etc. then the IVF Cost in Mumbai would go high too based IVF plan and their fertility level.

In this way, to put it plainly, we can say the expense of the treatment is founded on the couple’s infertility cause. IVF Cost in Mumbai is based on the couple’s fertility level and the woman’s age. Age plays the utmost role during conception or pregnancy.

Where you can find the affordable IVF cost in Mumbai?

 IVF follows the technique of the development of the sound embryo by recovering the eggs from the woman’s ovary and taking the semen sample from the male and later blending the eggs and sperm into the culture dish also known as the petri dish.

During the IVF treatment, eggs must be of satisfactory quality to get easily fertilized with the sperm, and sperm must be of dynamic nature to self-swim and penetrate the egg to create a quality embryo for the embryo transfer step.

In case of unsatisfactory quality eggs or unhealthy/abnormal sperm, the donor’s egg or donor sperm can be used respectively in the fertilization process with the consent of the couple. These factors also influence the standard cost of IVF in Mumbai.

The IVF cost in Mumbai at WFS is sensible. At World Fertility Services, couples get the best treatment simultaneously at a reasonable range; we serve all the propelled strategies and front-line innovations over the globe focusing the quality treatment. World fertility services (WFS) have been in this field for years. Our expert team of doctors and skilled staff has turned dreams into reality through our IVF treatment.

The IVF success rate of our clinic varies from 53 %( with self eggs) to 65% (with donor’s egg).

At the World Fertility Services, the couples find the best IVF treatment giving the entire fundamental to cutting edge treatment to the couples at a moderate expense. We are one of the best fertility organizations, serving matchless treatment over the world.

IVF cost in Mumbai
IVF cost in Mumbai

IVF Cost in Mumbai at WFS ranges from INR 175,000- to 250,000 – this charge of IVF at world fertility services includes all the components that take place throughout the IVF –

  • Initial meeting – consultation with the specialist
  • Fertility Medication
  • Hormonal Injection
  • Ultrasounds and blood test
  • Retrieval of the eggs
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer
  • Fertility Lab costs

If the reader has uncertainty or any question about fertility treatment or the cost of IVF in Mumbai, he/she can contact our facilitator. We would be glad to help you!


Is IVF successful the first time?

The success of the first cycle of IVF depends upon many factors and age is one of them. Notably, the chance of success in the first cycle is higher in women of age under 35. 

How long IVF treatment takes?

In Vitro Fertilization is not a short process, it takes around 6 to 7 weeks to complete a single cycle of IVF.

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