Be acquainted with the cost details of IVF treatment in Mumbai

The IVF treatment in Mumbai is a specially research and formulated treatment in the well known IVF clinics to help you to conceive the child naturally. Most of couple are unknown with the fact that IVF procedure is a naturally procedure to conceive the child, as compared to the normal pregnancy in which the fertilization take place in the uterus f the woman but in the IVF procedure the fertilization take place outside of the body than transfer to the uterus of the woman where the embryo implanted and developed naturally. The doctors and the surgeon of the Mumbai clinic will explain you the whole procedure more carefully. Even we are only one those providing the freedom and the space to interact with the doctor and explain them your whole situation. The fertility expert will discuss with you the condition and the treatment that they will provide you after knowing all the facts about your health.

Fertility investigation: First they will investigate or study your whole case and after it analysis that how old infertility is? Either it is genetic or the medical problem? What kind of infertility it is primary or secondary? Basically after analyzing all these facts they will designed a treatment for the patient. The fertility expert will look after the patient’s condition and the need individually.

IVF cost in Mumbai: Many people think that as being the pat of the metropolitan city so according to the IVF clinic has modern facility and the latest equipment by which they can easily give the excellent treatment. Even the cost of the treatment in Mumbai is very reasonable is about the US$3000 to US$4000. The patient is free to select either IVF with the sperm donor or with the egg donor.

The other facility with the low cost: The patient will get the Low cost of the IVF treatment cost in Mumbai but there are other facilities that the patient will get on the same price like the pick and drop services, interaction with the previous patient, staying near the IVF clinic in Mumbai.

The good success rate of IVF treatment: In the short time of span India is emerging as one of the best countries for IVF because the treatment is delivered by the experts and the good IVF success rate with including ethical practice made it more adorable. Even they are expert in all kind of IVF procedure with including the other IVF treatment as well. To have treatment of IVF cost Mumbai, is the great initiative for the medical tourism.

Easily available IVF center in Mumbai: Yes! it is very hard to find out IVF clinic because in that case the patient completely needs the security that the Doctor and the staff of the clinic are trustworthy because in any case it is the matter of the health and it is very important to have complete surety. IVF clinic should be registered and approval from the Indian council medical research. Either you are national or you are aboriginal we are ensuring that the patient will get the treatment from the best IVF center in Mumbai.

The Package Selection: it is very important as we all know that the IVF is legal in India and approval by the less country but if it is legal in any country so do you’re ever notice that why the patient is coming to India for the treatment why they are selecting us? So the reason behind it is the reasonable price packages that we are providing nobody else is providing them no any other medical clinics with the complete health services and it doesn’t mean that the patient should compromise with the medical services. As less countries are approving surrogacy so most of the patient is coming here because IVF treatment cost in Mumbai is very reasonable.

More Facts & Figures about Costing of IVF in Mumbai


Mumbai, being one of the heart chambers of India, is famous for its low cost and affordable IVF treatment all over the world. IVF Cost in Mumbai is far reasonable and easy to pay by each infertile couple. IVF Mumbai puts forward the best package of infertility treatment.
IVF cost varies if combined with other ART technique; generally, these fertility treatments are referred as Advance IVF treatment such as IVF with donor egg, donor sperm, IVF with IMSI, IVF with PGD etc.

IVF Cost in Mumbai is RS. 1,75,000, where these facilities are included –
1) Consultation charge – Rs.500-1000k
2) Oral Medication – Rs. 6,000
3) Fertility drugs or hormonal injections – Rs. 60,000
4) IVF Cycle – Rs. 90,000
5) Post ET (embryo transfer) cost – Rs. 15,000 (for 15 days)
@ Rs. 1,50,000 (excluding ET and oral medication) the couple gets –
1) Physical Assessment
2) Follicular Monitoring
3) Fertility mediations & hormonal injections
4) Ultrasounds
5) IVF Lab Charges
6) Egg Retrieval step
7) IVF cycle
8) Embryo transfer

Note – It’s the couple’s choice whether they want to go for Post embryo transfer steps or not, if they choose for it, then they have to pay additional Rs. 15,000 for 15 days.

These are all the amenities and steps included @ Rs. 1,50,000 only. The package of IVF cost Mumbai ranges from Rs. 1,50,000-1,75,000.

IVF Cost in Mumbai with advance treatment is quite expensive if comparing with traditional IVF. If discussing about the factors that affects IVF cost Mumbai, then we will get to know, there are some major aspects that decide the cost of IVF Mumbai.

IVF Treatments Cost in Indian Rupees
IVF using own eggs and sperms Rs. 1,50,000
IVF using donor eggs Rs. 2,75,000
IVF using donor sperms Rs. 1,80,000
Egg donor cost in IVF Rs. 1,25,000
Donor sperm cost in IVF Rs. 30-35,000

Factors affecting IVF Cost in Mumbai

1) When using sperm donor with IVF

If a couple wants to go with donor sperm with their IVF medication then IVF cost in Mumbai is Rs. 1,80,000. In this package of IVF with donor sperm, donor’s compensation is included and rest of all the steps of IVF treatment. Donor sperm is chosen when, the male partner is unfit to produce motile and active sperm for IVF fertilization. Donor sperm charges are additional in it (Rs. 30,000).

2) IVF with donor egg

When the female is unable to unleash healthy eggs at her ovulation, donor egg is required to achieve IVF fertilization. With the help of donor’s eggs, fertilization happens. Cost of donor egg with IVF is quite expensive than donor sperm because here the donor also has to undergo with each and every procedure till her egg retrieval such as – fertility medications, hormonal injections, ultrasounds, blood hormonal tests and then egg collection. In addition, the female patient needs to take the medication for the preparation of her endometrial lining so that the embryo can easily implant at right place. IVF cost in Mumbai using egg donor is Rs. 2,75,000 (where the donor egg costs Rs. 1,25,000).

3) Couples going for PGD with IVF

Screening the embryos for any chromosomal defects or genetic abnormalities before transferring the embryo into the female’s uterus is referred as PGD procedure. When the patients are at risk for specific hereditary disorder or any genetic disorder then PGD is recommended with IVF process. PGD process has separate fee structure.

4) Success Rate of Fertility Clinic

5) IVF with Sperm Surgical Aspiration

This is the surgical procedure and is always performed in the fertility clinic by the experienced fertility surgeons. When there is absence of sperms in the male ejaculation then this surgical techniques are carried out. SSA / SSR cost is additional.
These factors influence IVF cost Mumbai.

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