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Do You Know That Surrogacy Is Available in Kenya, Georgia, Ghana, and Argentina?

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What is surrogacy?

Foreign Citizens Surrogacy is a top-notch process performed between a surrogate mother and a couple facing infertility issues. It provides a healthy and prosperous child in the hands of the parents. The surrogate mother is a healthy woman who bears your baby and hands it over to you after delivering it. It helps in the female partner cannot conceive or bear the pregnancy. It performs with the eggs and sperm of the couple to fertilize outside the female body and implant inside another woman’s uterus.

In nearly every country, the WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is a well-known technique. We are the premier medical tourism firm for surrogacy and other infertility treatments. We can supply you with top-notch services and strategies to help you achieve your goals. We provide surrogacy according to every country’s laws, and we provide Foreign Citizens surrogacy to people and couples who cannot have it in their nations.

Many countries have legalised surrogacy processes and eligibilities for the betterment of people and to control the illegal forms. Some people try to have the process illegally, and the exploitation of surrogate mothers results in children increasing. Certain nations have allowed Foreign Citizens Surrogacy for married couples with severe infertility issues. The centre and countries’ laws for surrogacy play vital roles in the process and eligibility. Due to moral and ethical concerns, many nations provide surrogacy legally only for married and heterosexual couples. They do not allow unmarried, homosexual, or single parents to have a surrogate. They can select another destination for surrogacy has no laws or offer the process to every person.

What are the surrogacy types?

Foreign Citizens Surrogacy has two types: gestational and traditional. You should check the type in the specific country for the legality or whether they provide it. The gestational period is the best time to have a healthy, biological baby in your arms. Traditional advice to same-sex male couples is that a female partner cannot produce healthy eggs; thus, you seek donor eggs through surrogacy. Today, only a few countries have traditional surrogacy because of morality and the child’s future. Traditional surrogacy has to remove primarily due to moral concerns. In some countries, it is present, and many of them have banned and allowed only gestational surrogacy with donor assistance.

The following are the stages of the gestational process through our top experts and specialists:

  1. Choosing a surrogate: The couple can contact any agency or centre to select the surrogate mother. They can provide you with a healthy surrogate mother with better reproductive health. They perform various tests and medical checkups before recommending It includes her physical, reproductive, and psychological health.
  2. After selecting the perfect match, you will undergo sessions with our experienced and top-notch counsellors. They will manage your stress level and provide proper guidance about the process and your expenses.
  3. Legal formalities: you will hire an experienced lawyer to form the legal framework regarding your surrogacy process. They will make a contract between the surrogate mother and the couple. It will include the
  4. Retrieval of eggs: The intended mother’s ovaries will stimulate higher egg production. It will work with the fertility and hormonal medications that cause artificial ovulation. The ovaries will produce mature eggs in high quantities. It will release into the uterus with the medicines, and an expert will monitor the production. They will use a catheter to insert it into the female vagina and uterus. It will collect the eggs from the uterus with a sharp needle. The transvaginal ultrasound assists in the process.
  5. Fertilization and transfer: The sperm will collect from the male partner and prepares by the expert. It will mix with the mature eggs on a cultural plate. The eggs and sperm mixing will help in insemination and fertilization. After some days, it will divide into the cells and form fertilized eggs. They will monitor the fertilized egg formation and development in the lab. After five to six days, it will implant into the surrogate mother’s uterus. Before transferring the fertilized eggs, the expert will provide a hormonal injection to prepare the surrogate mother’s uterine lining.
  6. Pregnancy and delivery: Your expert will advise you to wait and continue the prescribed supplements for two weeks. A blood test will perform by them to check the pregnancy results. The affirmative result will continue the conventional pregnancy. The surrogate mother will require visiting the centre or doctor every one-two months for routine checkups. You will provide medical, essential, and special care to the surrogate mother. It will continue till the nine months after your child’s birth, handed over to you.

What locations are available for surrogacy?

Many countries are present worldwide to provide surrogacy and related procedures. Some of them provide the process to couples from other countries. You can contact us to find out about the perfect location for your surrogacy. We will provide you with the nearest, affordable, and top-rated place for your Foreign Citizens Surrogacy. The following are the top countries for international surrogacy options:


Kenya is the best destination for surrogacy as any person from any country can select it. Surrogacy in Kenya is much more affordable than in developed countries. In Kenya, surrogacy prices range from USD 45,000 to USD 52,000. The following are the benefits and aspects of selecting a surrogate pregnancy in Kenya:

  • Kenya has no law or regulation over the surrogacy process. It does not make the procedure illegal but allows every person to have it. You have to make a legal contract before starting the process between the surrogate and yourself.
  • Surrogacy can perform for infertile married, same-sex, single parents, international, or foreign citizen couples.
  • The compensated and altruistic surrogacy types do not have any regulations.
  • The surrogacy cost is much lower in Kenya, but the success rate and possibility of becoming parents are higher.


Surrogacy in Ghana is the most popular in South Africa, offering the process to every person. Surrogacy is available to people outside the country. They can become pregnant successfully through the procedure. Third-party involvement is high in Ghana because women who belong to middle-class families want to earn some wages. Its cost in Ghana starts from USD 33,000 to USD 38,000.

  • You can have an affordable surrogate mother cost in Ghana. Surrogacy expenses are much lower than in developed countries.
  • Pre-parental rights are available, and courts support the process.
  • Experts recommend the gestational method with advanced technologies and guidance in the best centre.


Surrogacy in Georgia has laws that only allow married and heterosexual couples. You can select a country for your process through any country. The cost of the process is much more affordable in Georgia than in other countries. The co-habiting heterosexual (minimum for one year) can have surrogacy for their successful childbirth.

  • Many centres and agencies are available for surrogacy in the country with advanced approaches.
  • The cost of gestational surrogacy in Georgia ranges from USD 40,000 to USD 44,000.
  • Through our centre, you can have VVIP care and high satisfaction during your process in the country.


Homosexual and gay couples are accepted as legally married in Argentina. They have all the rights and regulations in the country as heterosexual couples. Surrogacy in Argentina does not have laws or regulations. Surrogacy is legal in the country for single parents, same-sex partners, and international partners. You can have a much more reasonable surrogate mother cost Argentina.

  • The surrogacy cost in Argentina starts at USD 66,000 to USD 69,900.
  • It is legal to perform for any person to become a parent successfully.
  • The best location for many people for the best price and the best process.

Surrogacy costs in the following countries:

Countries Estimated cost (USD)
Georgia$ 40,000- 44,000
Kenya$ 45,000- 52,000 
Ghana$ 33,000- 38,000
Argentina$ 66,000- 69,900

NOTE: It is the approximate cost that can change according to the couple’s health and infertility conditions. Other approaches and services in any person’s process will affect the charges. Before selecting the process in any country, you can contact us for more current information. We will be glad to assist you in becoming parents successfully.

The WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is the top place in many countries globally. As a medical tourism company, we are well-known. We have the best and most advanced centres and clinics around the globe. We offer the best Foreign Citizens surrogacy. 

It helps them to become parents of a healthy, biological child. We provide affordable costs with packages and financial assistance.        

adminDo You Know That Surrogacy Is Available in Kenya, Georgia, Ghana, and Argentina?

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