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How to Be a Single Parent ?

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Due to the some personal or medical even career security many from us don’t want to get married but it doesn’t mean that they can’t become a responsible parent. We know that many from us don’t know the way so they can easily enjoy the life of a parent life through ART surrogacy and can easily maintain their single parent status.

Now the next thing that will hit in your mind which is the country where single parent surrogacy is legal without any trouble because in most of the countries of surrogacy is allowed only for the married couple, not for the single parents. So in the list of it Mexico and Russia are the countries where a single parent of surrogacy is allowed for a national and overseas patient.

Now look at the whole procedure very carefully. Firstly the single parent is free to have any kind of surrogacy like gestational surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and egg donor, gestational surrogacy and donor sperm and the traditional surrogacy with donor sperm. Even the single parent should not hire two surrogate mothers at one time.

In Mexico and Russia, both commercial, as well as altruistic surrogacy, is legal basically it depends on the parent which kind of surrogate mother they prefer. If surrogacy is not native basically any international patient is interested to have surrogacy so after the birth of the child the parent can easily travel in their country within 10 to 15 days even if the parent is worried about the name on birth certificate so in that case the on the space of the parent name the name will mention of the intended father or mother. A part from it the surrogate mother is not genetically connected to the surrogate child anymore.

To whom contact for the right guidance; so in that situation may be patient can easily get many name but in the list of the trusted source there is only one name is enough and it is the ‘’World Fertility Services’’ because we are only one, is associated with the best surrogacy provider with the less price and the high success rate. So the patient can easily contact us through web-mails and calls we always stand with the patient requirement. For the patient surety, most of the successful program is running beyond Mexico and Russia and getting the name and fame over there so don’t think too much just contact us.

adminHow to Be a Single Parent ?

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