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Yes, the world of medicine shows its presence Remedial over every kind of medical disorder as this leaves nothing to treat by other one. Only utterance of the word-medicine becomes ointment to the twinge of physical condition. So it is meant to rely on art of medicine to have been wiping out every medical disorder effectively.

Here, fertility treatments are thoroughly boon for those who are found fighting with their diseases of HIV. Yes, we are to talk about patients of HIV looking for IVF treatments in concern to have their parenthood live.

IVF for HIV Patients
Really, thanks to the medicine available for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). These days, seropositive people have a better quality of life, and therefore it is common for many couples in this situation to consider the possibility of having a family.

A couple in which a man has HIV antibodies has the possibility of performing an artificial insemination if he wishes to have a child. This diminishes the woman’s chances of getting the infection. Yes, this technique consists of separating the motile spermatozoa from the rest of ejaculation as the possible HIV virus is contained in the seminal liquid.

Over the last few years, this technique has been done productively by using washed sperm for HIV cases. Although there is a theoretical risk of infection, thus far there has been no case of seroconversion of the woman or of the foetus. In order to make the most of the efficiency of the procedure and reduce the number of insemination attempts, the cycle of the woman gets controlled pharmacologically.
So, the chances of a resulting pregnancy after two or three attempts range between 50% and 60%.
If a couple is infected with HIV, they need specialized help and attention in order not to risk their health and that of the newborn. Yes, this help involves four aspects:
• Bottom sickness firmness and control by a specialist;
• Reproductive advice in order to program the pregnancy under the best possible conditions or to rule it out in some cases;
• Artificial Insemination with washed sperm for HIV cases;
• Assisted Reproduction Techniques in cases where a sterility problem may exist.

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Pregnancy rate per intrauterine insemination cycle differs between 10.8% and 18.6%. Yes, this gets itself similar to the results attained in HIV-negative patients. As for IVF treatment, it has been stated that HIV-positive women have the lower pregnancy rates than HIV-negative women 11-21% evaluated to 26% in matched control. The reduced pregnancy rates after IVF has been viewed in HIV infected women when they brought into apply their own eggs. On the other hand, no major decrease in the pregnancy rates was found when donated eggs went used.
  • Multiple studies evaluated HIV-positive men with a control group of HIV-negative men
  • Semen quality usually poorer than in uninfected men
    • Low proportion of progressively motile sperm
    • High leukocyte concentration in semen
  • In the most studies
    • Asymptomatic men had more normal semen than men with more important disease
    • Men with higher CD4 counts had the improved semen quality
  • Sperm motility often certainly associated with peripheral CD4 count
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