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Egg Donor in India- A Glance on the Procedure

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Advancement in medical technique is not less than a boon for patients having infertility issues. With the help of advanced technology coming to our way, it is now possible for infertile couples to have their babies with the help of a medical technique called freezing egg that requires contribution of egg donor in India. Egg freezing technique is medically termed as vitrification. The introduction of this amazing technique has now made egg storage a much more realistic option.

Vitrification, which is an important part in egg donation in India now employed for the storage of eggs and embryos, is a technique which helps cooling eggs at a very fast rate. In this technique, the tissues are preserved in a glass-like state (hence ‘vitrified’) without damaging ice crystals. Vitrification is associated with better survival rates for eggs than previous slow-cooling techniques. The technique starts with stimulating ovaries with drugs to produce more eggs, which are then collected with a needle inserted through the vagina.

After this stage, the eggs donated in egg donor in India procedure are prepared for flash-freezing by being dehydrated and treated with anti-freezing. These eggs are then vitrified to -196 degrees Celsius in liquid nitrogen. After this, eggs are then stored in freezing state making sure crystals do not form, which reduces the chance of damage to the egg. These eggs as per the demand are implanted into a woman’s womb after fertilization by IVF technique.

Egg freezing during egg donation in India procedure has got popular in recent times, as infertility issues are raising increasingly among women. Improper diet and other health and environmental issues are the main reasons for this. Increased age of a woman can also compel her to opt for egg freezing technique for fertility if she is not capable of having baby the natural way. Moreover, egg collection is a process that requires precise handling.

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adminEgg Donor in India- A Glance on the Procedure

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