IVF Cost in Kenya

How Much Does IVF Cost in Kenya 2021?

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How Much Does IVF Cost in Kenya?

Kenya is a sub-Saharan country, there infertility considered a curse on the family. More than man, women have to face societal pressure. It is not easy for everyone to afford IVF cost in Kenya, as Kenya holds one of the highest poverty rates in the world. In Kenya, the infertility rate is high, which is around 30% to 40%. Out of which female gender holds the majority portion of infertility percentage. There are cases where the health issue can be treated but because of insufficient money or the high cost of IVF in Kenya, patients couldn’t afford it.

To have a biological kid is of great importance for Kenya. If a woman isn’t able to give an heir to the family, she is considered an abomination to the family. She has to face a lot of trauma that affects her physically as well. Society doesn’t allow her to be part of a religious event. There are cases where the reason for infertility is the husband but he doesn’t let this secret out and let the wife suffer.

IVF Cost in Kenya
IVF Treatment Cost in Kenya

Some husbands marry another woman as a cure for infertility. Polygamy is common because of this reason in Kenya. On the other hand, some males/husbands choose the path of treatment to have a child. Usually, those people earn a fair amount of income to afford the cost of IVF treatment in Kenya.  But many infertility clinics promise to provide excellent quality of treatment at a lower price, people need to be aware of these type of clinic as their main motive is to trick the patients.

Through this article, we will develop your knowledge about IVF, IVF cost in Kenya, where and how to find the finest fertility clinic at an affordable cost in Kenya.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization

IVF is a type of ART technique to help infertile couples to have a biological child. In this treatment, the egg of the intended mother is combined with the sperm of the intended father to form an embryo that develops pregnancy. Once the embryo is made with an artificial process of fertilization, it is implanted in the mother’s uterus through painless surgery. IVF can be done with donor egg, donor sperm and donor embryo

When a woman stopped producing healthy eggs, a fertility specialist suggests couples take the help of the donor’s egg in the place of the intended mother’s egg.

If a man has a low sperm count, poor quality of sperm, abnormal sperm, the doctor advises opting for the donor’s sperm instead of the intended father’s sperm. 

IVF Cost in Kenya
IVF Treatment Cost in Kenya

Finest fertility centre – World Fertility Services

A good fertility clinic will always be true with its clients. It will never deny answering the queries of the clients. There are hospitals in Kenya that mislead people seeking fertility treatment by providing them with a fake success rate. To attract costumers they also offer unacceptable low cost of IVF treatment in Kenya. Whereas genuine fertility clinics will never do any of these malpractices to attract clients, they will be more focus on treating the client at a reasonable cost.

Transparency also shows the quality of a fertility centre. Good quality and an authentic clinic will never keep its clients in dark. It will be true to them regarding the procedure, its cost, and its success rate.  

World fertility services one of the leading fertility centres in Kenya posses all the qualities of an authentic fertility centre. With its experienced team of specialist, skilled staff and advanced technology they make available the finest treatment to clients. World fertility services is in this field for 6 years and within 6 years, it has served thousands of clients till now.

IVF Cost in Kenya
Cost of IVF in Kenya

IVF cost in Kenya

At world fertility services, IVF cost in Kenya depends on the method of IVF required by clients or patients.  It varies according to the treatment and extra services asked by intended parents.

  • The standard cost of IVF in Kenya with self eggs and sperm is 5,500 USD to 6,000 USD.
  • The cost of IVF in Kenya with donor egg or sperm is 8,500 USD to 9,000 USD.

Infertile women of Kenya have to go through a lot because of fertility issues. Low source of income and lack of awareness has kept them away from the In Vitro Fertilization treatment. Through this article, we have given knowledge on the treatment, our centre (world fertility services) and the IVF cost in Kenya.

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