Is Surrogacy Cost In India Reasonable?

Surrogacy Cost In India

Surrogacy Cost in India has been the most ideal alternative for couples to have their very own child with the assistance of a substitute in India; substitute here refers to the surrogate mother. Surrogacy may not be the first option for the couples who are seeking for fertility options rather it’s the endmost fertility solution, who already have tried advanced options for conception. Hence there are many couples who do not think for surrogacy since they get a positive or successful result by other ART methods (IVF, IVF with ICSI, IVF with the egg/sperm donors, thus).

So, when exactly the surrogacy is considered? Imagine a scenario in which, the lady has missing of the uterus either her uterus is unfit to hold the developing embryo for the pregnancy or has a serious uterine issue which cause miscarriage. There comes the response to the Surrogacy in India.

There are two sorts of surrogacy – Gestational surrogacy is performed over the earlier one as a result of a few legitimate causes. We will get the relevant information about the cost structure of the gestational surrogacy procedure in India. Be that as it may, in gestational surrogacy, there isn’t any such obstacle looked by the expected couple on the grounds that here the eggs either are given by the real mother. If the mother has not quality eggs to give, then donor eggs are used for fertilization. The Surrogate Mother Cost in India is affordable and the overall cost of surrogacy is thus payable to the intended couples.

How Altruistic Form Helps in the Surrogacy Cost in India?

The altruistic observes as help without any profit. And altruistic surrogacy is the legal one. So, the surrogate mother will not get any compensation. It means the monetary benefit to the surrogate is illegal. The surrogate is altruistic. As, a healthy woman willing to help you. She will become pregnant to deliver your child. It helps with the surrogacy cost in India

Because in past years, it has no bounds. And the surrogate mother’s compensation is a big task. Since many surrogacy agencies in India earn their money. Also, they pay a little amount to the surrogate. It has become a business pool. Now, the scenario has changed. And compensating the surrogate is illegal. Your surrogacy charges can save. 

Still, the intended parents will provide different help. As the surrogate pregnancy will be for nine months. Till it, she needs advanced care, proper diet, checkups, and other accommodations. You will fulfil them. Thus, your surrogacy price in India will increase. With it, your surrogate mother cost in India can impact. As you can provide the medical insurance. It is for a maximum of three years after the child’s birth. And the expenses can include in your budget.

Surrogacy Cost in India


Surrogacy locations in India:

Charges (INR) estimated 

Surrogacy price in Delhi

INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000

Surrogacy cost in Bangalore 

INR 16,00,000 to INR 26,00,000

Surrogacy cost in Pune

INR 16,50,000 to INR 26,60,000

Surrogacy cost in Chennai

INR 17,00,000 to INR 26,00,000

Surrogacy cost in Gujarat

INR 14,00,000 to INR 25,00,000

Surrogacy cost in Gurgaon

INR 16,00,000 to INR 27,00,000

Surrogacy cost in Punjab

INR 14,50,000 to INR 26,00,000

Surrogacy treatment cost in Kolkata

INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000

Cost of surrogacy in Kerala

INR 17,00,000 to INR 26,00,000

Surrogacy cost in Mumbai 

INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000

Price of surrogacy in Hyderabad

INR 16,50,000 to INR 26,60,000

How Much Does Surrogate Mother Cost In India?

Surrogacy Cost In IndiaSurrogacy in India is best considered for those ladies who experience repeated miscarriage due to the severe uterine issue. Uterus- is the most significant factors for the conception and carrying the embryo. Uterus is where the embryo gets developed and nurtures; if the uterus of a woman is not working right, by then the fertilized egg couldn’t have the ability to implant into the endometrial covering and there the couple needs to tune in to the reports on the miscarriage or unsuccessful birth.

Gestational Surrogacy in India is, the place the gestational surrogate mother passes on the baby of the actual mother up to a healthy pregnancy. At the point when the nine-month pregnancy duration is completes, the surrogate mother hands over the baby to the real parent. This page would help on the off chance that you were holding on to the principal subject of this page – Surrogacy Price in India. Here we are giving a satisfactory detail of the packs of gestational surrogacy cost in India.

The Key Feature of World Fertility Services

Surrogacy in India covers under the Indian surrogacy laws (2022). And it only allows altruistic surrogacy.

surrogacy cost in India

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Is the Surrogacy Cost in India Affordable for an Intended Couple?

Surrogacy system is one of the most delayed techniques of an ART method that takes ten to eleven months (incorporating the IVF treatment of the couple and the pregnancy term of the surrogate mother).

The Surrogacy affordable cost in India is INR 15 lakhs to 25 lakhs (counting all the processes and techniques of surrogacy and the Surrogate Mother Cost in India). So in short, the intended couple gets each and every step of the surrogacy at this cost.

This is the approximate cost of Gestational surrogacy in India. This surrogacy, if we look deeper into it, then this the most expensive in terms of other ART treatments and also gives the highest chances for the couple to become the parent. Gestational surrogacy is worked on using the couple’s eggs and sperms (a portion of the time with the donors too when it is required) by IVF structure that deduces recouping the female’s egg and mixing it in with the associate’s sperms on the dish in the IVF lab. At that point, after treatment, the embryo (prepared egg) is set in the uterus of the Surrogate mother India who needs to pass on the pregnancy up to healthy delivery.

What Are the Non-Medical Stages of Surrogacy Cost in India?

You can have fair surrogacy cost in India. As India has already a suitable price. With it, you can focus on some points. It helps in having the best process. It has many charges. And all contribute to better methods with the outcome. You check all the non-medical charges in the process. These are the following:

  • Screening: The process involves various checkups. It helps in knowing the surrogate mother’s health. And various tests have different costs. 
  • Surrogate: During pregnancy, the surrogate needs much help. As the care, proper diet, and checkups. 
  • Agreement: Your process needs the contract by the lawyer. It is for the surrogate right over the baby. Also, it mentions the procedure. 
  • Visiting: You can choose surrogacy in India from another state or country (as Indian origin people can have). The surrogacy cost in India has traveling, lodging, and food charges. 
  • Counseling: The top counselor provides the session. As they manage the surrogate and intended parents’ stress conditions. With it, they provide high comfort in the process.

What do we do?

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is the best surrogacy centre in India. We have top-notch facilities and advanced care for every patient. Moreover, our highly experienced experts perform the procedures. With it, you can have various infertility treatments in one place. Patients can have their process as per conditions. We have the topmost approaches with world-class assistance. It helps patients achieve better outcomes. 

With it, you can have affordable surrogacy cost in India. Because we have various assistances and facilities. These help in saving the couple’s budget and provide suitable charges. Also, our experts provide every process as per the country’s laws. So, your procedure will function with the surrogacy laws in India.

The surrogacy success rate in India:

Surrogacy Cost in India

  • Surrogacy with self-eggs and sperm 65%
  • Surrogacy with donor eggs 80%
  • Surrogacy with donor sperm 75%
  • Surrogacy with advanced approaches 80%

Surrogacy success rates in WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES are higher. Your successful outcomes have a high chance to provide a healthy child. Well, the process outcome and chances depend on various factors. You can achieve successful outcomes with various advanced methods as well.

Surrogacy with self-eggs and sperm
Surrogacy with donor eggs
Surrogacy with donor sperm
Surrogacy with advanced approaches

The standard Surrogacy Cost in India is INR 15 to 25 lakhs (the expense may vary from one surrogacy fertility clinic to another).

We see that Surrogacy in India at an Affordable Cost is a luxurious strategy; at any rate, the best surrogacy clinic in India is focused on promising the intended couples the surrogacy method and is satisfied to offer a foundation of straightforwardness and a way for the entire system of gestational surrogacy in India to the couple. A couple must plan for the best surrogacy centre in India to ensure they receive the best treatment with the screened and fit surrogate.

Discussing the best surrogacy places given by the best surrogacy clinic in India, the expense of surrogacy in India ranges from INR 15 to 25 lakhs. Do you want to know the steps and the procedures that are involved in this cost package of the surrogacy treatment – here you are –

  • Surrogate Mother Cost in Indiasurrogacy cost in india
  • The surrogacy organization charge
  • IVF technique during the surrogacy (self-eggs)
  • Fertility prescription and hormonal infusion
  • Patient’s each ultrasound and surrogate’s
  • Surrogate’s test at the clinic
  • Surrogate’s costs and necessary costs
Standard Surrogacy Cost in India using self-eggs of the intended mother –

The best Cost of Surrogacy in India program consolidates the steps of IVF and the surrogacy steps also The Surrogate Mother Cost in India. The beginning of surrogacy is the IVF procedure of the intended couple – that is mixing the eggs with the sperm on the culture dish. The specialist looks after the fertilized egg in the lab and on the third or fourth day of fertilization, the embryo is put into the uterus of the surrogate mother for the pregnancy. Until the successful delivery, the surrogate is under the guidance of the surrogacy centre in India for the tests and ultrasounds. After the surrogacy, the baby is handed over to the actual couple and the surrogate is given the necessary medication (post-care after the delivery) to have ease time after the delivery.

Surrogacy process has the highest success rate of the live-delivery rate. If we compare various countries then India is the one of the very few nations that offers the lowest surrogacy cost to the Indian couples. The Surrogacy India is far more affordable if we analyze other centre’s data and the cost structure of the other countries.

What Affects the Surrogacy Cost in India?

The surrogacy cost in India is suitable. As many couples can afford it. Besides, it fits into their budget more often. Since, the surrogacy charges in developed nations are much higher. These cause problems in the couple’s budget. As they cannot afford to have the process. So, surrogacy in India is the best option. Because you will get the best process and charges. 

Moreover, the basic surrogacy cost in India has all stages. It ranges between INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000. Your surrogacy charges are manageable with the best centre help. Also, if you compare the cost, India has much more affordable. Still, your charges may not be the same. Because the process involves various stages. And it can affect by different factors. 

The following are the factors causing problems in the surrogacy cost in India: 

  1. Procedures: Your surrogacy charges in India depend on the method. As the ART process helps in a surrogate pregnancy. So, any issue can manage with advanced approaches. Various procedures are available. This helps in having the best process as per issues. As your eggs and sperm have poor health or any issue. So, your expert can suggest the donor’s help. The donor eggs and sperm have high charges. 
  2. Contract: Your process also has a legal agreement. The lawyer makes it the top legal method. They have high experience and fees. And their charges include the surrogacy cost in India. Because it will have the couple and surrogate sign. As it mentions the surrogate rights over the baby. 
  3. Clinic: The low-cost surrogacy clinic in India is the best. Because they have suitable packages and budgets. So, the couple can have the best method. But, many centres have hidden charges. It causes problems for the couple. As their process charges can impact them. Because any process or expense can disclose in the end. So, you can look for a clinic with high transparency. 
  4. Surrogate mother: Surrogacy involves various expenses. It has for the surrogate mother as well. The couple can provide advanced care. Also, it includes the different charges. Besides, the surrogate mother’s insurance can include. As the surrogate mother needs medical insurance. It is a maximum of three years. And the surrogacy cost in India will increase. 
  5. Place: You have to choose the best location. Surrogacy in India is available in many states. You can look for the best state. As, surrogacy is in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, etc. Every city has different charges. You can check the before starting. As the surrogacy cost in Delhi can be lower. Then, the surrogacy cost in Mumbai.

Gestational Surrogacy Cost in India

Surrogacy procedures

Charges in INR


INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000

Surrogacy with Donor eggs

INR 16,50,000 to INR 26,00,000

Surrogacy with Donor sperm

INR 15,50,000 to INR 25,70,000

Surrogacy in three attempts

INR 18,00,000 to INR 25,00,000

Donor eggs

INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000

Donor sperm

INR 50,000 to INR 70,000

We, the WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES are one of the top Medical Tourism facilitators that put forth best fertility treatment in India. We also provide advanced fertility treatment across the globe, the treatment includes – IVF, ICSI, IMSI, donors and etc. We follow each and every rule and regulation of the ART ensuring trust. We have built a famous name providing the best surrogacy in India, the best treatment at entirely sensible this in India.

Given the most ultramodern frameworks all throughout the treatment, we have come up with number one of the top five surrogacy centres. We do have other plans as well, such as a super economy surrogacy package, standard package, luxury, or total care package.

We do have other plans for the surrogacy procedure as well, such as the super economy package, standard package, luxury, or total care package. For more details about the package, a couple can directly reach out to our support team. We would be happy to assist you!

Why choose us?

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is well-known for successful and suitable surrogacy costs in India. Well, the surrogacy price in India ranges from INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000. So, we have a cost assistant for every patient. It helps them have affordable charges. Moreover, our packages have assured outcomes with top assistance. What else?

surrogacy cost in india

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    FAQs About Surrogacy Cost in India

    Why is surrogacy needed?

    Surrogacy is the most successful process for achieving parenthood. You can achieve the best outcome than any other procedure. It involves the topmost approach that helps the surrogate mother. The intended parents’ gametes fertilize by the expert. And your process will have the surrogate mother’s help. Because the surrogate mother becomes pregnant and delivers the intended parents’ child. It can function with various advanced approaches and methods. Also, the legal framework works in the entire procedure. It is the only assistant to have your genetically related child with severe infertility conditions. Other methods help couples in their pregnancy.  

    How to have affordable surrogacy?

    Surrogacy is not a cheap or lower-charged process. Because it involves top assistance and various advanced stages. But by focusing on some points, you can achieve top outcomes and save money also. Surrogacy functions with partners’ eggs and sperm that provide the surrogate conception. And if you have healthy gametes so the pregnancy chances are higher and your process charges will not increase. Also, choosing the best centre can help you in achieving better results. They have different assistances to provide for the intended parents. Moreover, you can have help with top-notch approaches and procedures to increase the chances and save the high charges.

    Why do you need a legal framework?

    Surrogacy involves the surrogate mother which means third-party reproduction. And, she conceives the intended parents’ child to deliver. Surrogacy has many rules and regulations that need to form by a highly experienced attorney. The contract created by your surrogacy lawyer includes different rights and restrictions. It has the surrogate mother and intended parents’ signs that confirm their rights and regulations over the child. You need to form a contract to have a better process.

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