Exclusive clinic to treat the fibroids

Fibroids are the non-cancerous growth of muscle tissue on the wall of the women uterus and their size can vary from small size of a coin to large size as an orange. Fibroid Surgery in Hyderabad is required as 20% of all women at some point in their life will be affected by fibroids. Women in the age of 30 to 50 years are most likely to develop them. Also, the women with overweight have a higher risk of developing the fibroids as compared to the women with normal weight.

Causes of Fibroids

According to Fibroid Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad, the experts are also cannot find the exact reason that why fibroids occur. When the woman is in her reproductive years, the Estrogen and progesterone levels are high. During the time of pregnancy when the Estrogen levels are high the fibroids tend to swell and when the Estrogen levels are low fibroids may shrink. According to Fibroid Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad, the heredity could also be a factor in developing the risk of fibroids. If woman’s any close relatives have had fibroids then there are possibilities of fibroids occurring in her as well. Your food habit can also increase the risk of fibroids such as people who take a lot of red meat, alcohol; caffeine etc. could have the possibility of high risk of fibroids. People who consume a lot of fruits and vegetable have fewer chances of developing fibroids in them.

Exclusive clinic to treat the fibroids

Most of the women have experienced no symptoms, but 2 out 5 will experience some symptoms which include:
Heavy or painful periods of more than 7 days
• Pain in the legs
• Pain while doing intercourse
• Constipation
• Lower back pain
• Frequent urination
• Swelling in the lower abdomen

Treatment option available for Fibroid Surgery in Hyderabad

When medical therapy has failed to relieve the symptoms, then the patient need to undergo for the Fibroid Surgery in Hyderabad and following are the procedures which may consider being the best to treat the condition of fibroids:

Hysterectomy: This is a surgical procedure which is used by Fibroid Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad to remove the uterus and this procedure will be done only when the fibroids are very large in size or patient is bleeding too much. A hysterectomy is the best option to prevent fibroids which are coming back.

• Myomectomy: This procedure is used by Fibroid Surgery Clinic in Hyderabadwhich helps in removing the fibroids surgically from the wall of the women uterus. This is the most popular procedure for the women who want to be getting pregnant after fibroids removed. Women who are dealing with the large fibroids, or fibroids are located in the particular part of the uterus cannot be benefited by this procedure.

• Endometrial ablation: This procedure is used by the Fibroid Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad to remove the lining of the uterus. This procedure is useful when the patient’s fibroids are near the inner surface of the uterus, at that time this is the most effective alternative procedure to hysterectomy.

• Uterine artery embolization (UAE): This procedure help in cutting down the fibroids blood supply and help the fibroids to shrink.

• Magnetic-resonance-guided percutaneous laser ablation: This is an MRI scan which helps to locate the location of fibroids and the doctor will insert a very fine needle through your skin and push that until they reach to the targeted fibroids. Your doctor will insert a fiber-optic cable through needle then a laser light will pass through the fiber- optic cable and shrink the fibroids.

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