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What is The Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai 2021?

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What is The Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai?

Whether it is IVF or surrogacy, along with the sperm, the quality of female gamete is of the greatest significance to develop pregnancy. In some cases, the egg donor is required, and the egg donor cost in Mumbai can be burdening.

In this article, we are going to pour light on egg donation and its related treatment, the egg donor cost in Mumbai and the qualities of an adequate egg donor in Mumbai. 

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is where a healthy and fit woman donates her mature eggs for helping an infertile woman to develop pregnancy. The woman who donates eggs is called an egg donor.  Usually, it is required by a woman whose eggs are not in a suitable state of fertilization to create an embryo.  The children born with the donor’s egg have a biological connection with her but she doesn’t claim to be or regard herself as the mother of the children conceived through her donated gametes.  

Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai 2021
Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai

What is the success rate of IVF and surrogacy with a donor egg?

In vitro fertilization is a process where an egg (intended mother) is combined with sperm (intended father) to form an embryo in a cultured dish or petri dish in a lab and then it is implanted in the intended mother’s uterus.

The only difference between IVF and surrogacy is, in surrogacy the formed embryo is implanted in the surrogate mother’s uterus whereas in IVF it is implanted in the intended mother’s uterus. IVF and surrogacy can be done with donor embryo, donor sperm and donor egg.

According to a proven fact of medical science, with age, both the quantity and quality of female gamete or eggs decreased that are presented in a woman’s ovaries. Unlike men, women are born with a limited amount of eggs. Once she reached the age of puberty, every month she shed one unfertilized ovum, that procedure is called menstruation. For developing pregnancy, the mature ovum or egg is fertilized by the sperm of the partner and after nine months a child is born.

When a woman is unable to produce eggs or if the eggs are of poor quality due to age and health factor is called female infertility.  Female infertility causes difficulties in conceiving. In that case, the doctor advises the couple(s) to take the help of a donor’s egg. The egg donated by her is used in the place of the intended mother’s egg in IVF and Surrogacy.

Success rate with donor’s egg at world fertility services, Mumbai:

  • The success rate of IVF with a donor egg is 65%
  • The success rate of surrogacy with donor egg is 75%

What are the qualities of a good egg donor in Mumbai?

Selecting an egg donor is a job with responsibility. It is natural to have queries in mind while the selection process of an egg donor.  Few qualities intended mother should keep in mind while selecting a donor as it is related to your future child’s health.

Health: she should not have any severe disease.

Lifestyle: she should not be an alcoholic or smoker as these habits affect the quality of eggs.

Mental and physical health: she should be mentally and physically fit.

Age: she should be the age at least 22 to a maximum of 29.

Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai
Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai

How to select an egg donor in Mumbai?

As egg donor is biologically linked to the future child, the baby will have some qualities of hers. The intended parent(s) mind should be clear about the qualities they want in the donor.

Physical appearance:  parents should make sure that the donor’s appearance matches their preference. For example, if parents want the child to be black-haired, brown eyes, they should ask for similar features in the donor.

Ethnicity: if the parents have some ethnicity preferences, don’t forget to mention them to the agency or clinic.  

Educational background: some couples want to have some specific qualities in their child. For example, if they want to have creative or artistic qualities in the child, they can ask for an egg donor in Mumbai with an artistic background.

Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai
Egg Donor Cost in Mumbai

What is the Egg donor cost in Mumbai?

The total cost of egg donor in Mumbai depends on factors like Agency cost, travelling expenses of the donor, required tests, clinic fee, and legal fee. The egg donor cost in Mumbai can also vary based on the qualities of hers we at world fertility services make certain that you get the best quality egg donor. And she holds all the attributes you are looking for.  The average egg donor cost in Mumbai provided by word fertility services is one lakh (1,00,000).

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