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What Are the Rights and Guidelines for Surrogacy in Georgia?

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Surrogate Mother in Georgia has several laws and regulations that allow infertile married and heterosexual couples. People from different countries can choose Georgia for their surrogacy. The rules and legalization form the basis for a better process, preventing surrogate mothers from being exploited and children from being abused. In Georgia, the surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child. The fundamental parental rights and kid custody belong to the intended parents. The legal formalities will be between the surrogate mother and the infertile couple. Many countries have laws and regulations that do not allow international surrogacy, homosexual couples, commercial surrogacy, etc. The following are the rights and guidelines for surrogacy in Georgia:

  • It is available for heterosexual couples facing infertility issues who cannot conceive their children.
  • For the surrogacy process, egg, sperm, and embryo donation are present in Georgia.
  • The intended parents will register as legal parents and provide parental rights.
  • Homosexual couples cannot select Georgia for surrogacy as it is illegal.
  • Co-habiting heterosexual couples (not married but living together for more than one year) can start the process.
  • It helps many couples from different countries to become parents in severe infertility cases.

What is surrogacy in Georgia?

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Surrogacy is a prominent process for achieving a successful baby result. It is the most advanced procedure that helps couples who cannot conceive or become parents because of severe infertility. A healthy woman becomes a surrogate for partners and has no chance to carry the baby. The woman (surrogate) brings the pregnancy and gives birth to the couple’s child. Providing a biological and healthy child is the superior option. Many people choose this method to have a successful pregnancy. The couple gets a birth baby as their eggs and sperm fertilize in artificial fertilization and transfer into the surrogate womb.

Many countries have different rules and regulations for surrogacy. They have laws for surrogacy to control the function and provide the best process. Some nations have surrogacy only for their citizens who have infertility conditions. According to their rules, a person or couple can select the place for their surrogacy process. Georgia is the best country for surrogacy and has several laws and rights. Couples and partners from different places and destinations can select Georgia for their surrogacy process, and you can become parents successfully. Surrogacy in Georgia helps many infertility conditions of partners and assists them in having a healthy child.

Who is the surrogate mother in Georgia?

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The Surrogate Mother in Georgia – is a healthy woman who opts to become a carrier for the child of a couple. She becomes a surrogate mother to help the intended parents facing infertility problems. You can select the woman (surrogate) through the clinic or find yourself. You can look into the surrogate health, physical characteristics, fertility issues, education, and family history. She conceives the intended parents’ kid with the fertilization (in IVF) of the couple’s eggs and sperm. 

It recommends by the professional for severe infertility in the female companion. It is beneficial when the pair has no uterus, medical issues, or several miscarriages.

The woman will conceive and deliver your child and hand it over to you. For your surrogacy, you will select the surrogate through an agency. After careful observation and medical testing, they will find you the perfect match. Choosing a surrogate mother agency will assist you in achieving the best results while maintaining your comfort zone and with high satisfaction. Surrogate mothers in Georgia do not have rights over the child as the intended parents have every parental right and custody of the child. The WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is the best place in Georgia for surrogacy. We can help to have the best surrogate match in the country.

What is the surrogacy process in Georgia?

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The surrogacy process accomplishes under the observation of top experts and advanced technologies. It has more highly successful treatments than various assisted reproductive treatments. The couple receives pregnancy or conception results from artificial pregnancy procedures. Surrogacy provides conception, pregnancy, and delivery of the child successfully. It performs with a legal contract through an experienced lawyer for the child custody, with no immoral process, and according to rules and regulations. The best place in Georgia provides top-notch assistance such as top counseling sessions, several advanced medical tests, etc. It involves the following steps for successful results (your child in arms):

  1. Surrogate mother: You will choose an agency for a healthy surrogate mother. After extensive examinations, they will deliver a healthy and perfect match for the surrogate mother. Agencies have vast databases of top women with experience conceiving and delivering babies. They belong to middle-class families and looking for some livelihood and want to help a couple.
  2. Medical checkups: Your fertility expert in the centre will perform several tests and screenings of the surrogate mother and intended parents. They will check the surrogate mother’s capability, fertility, and physical and mental health to conceive the child. They will determine the health of the partners’ gametes and whether they can use them in fertilization or not. Different blood tests, ultrasounds, and gamete analyzes will perform by the expert.
  3. Agreement process: You have to form a legal contract between you and the surrogate mother. It will make by an experienced lawyer for surrogacy processes. The formalities will demonstrate your parental rights and the surrogate mother’s rights over the pregnancy and child. In the country, the surrogate mother has no right over the child.
  4. Eggs and sperm retrieval: Partners’ gametes will collect outside their reproductive system for artificial fertilization. The egg production will encourage fertility medicine to have healthy and several mature eggs. It will retrieve from the female uterus with a catheter inserted into the vagina. It requires healthy male sperm will collect from the male partner’s semen sample.
  5. Fertilization and implantation: The eggs and sperm of the couple will inseminate in the lab by the expert. They will place on a cultural plate and mix that will help sperm and eggs fertilize. It will divide and develop into fertilized eggs in some days. The expert will monitor the fertilized egg formation into embryos for five to six days. It will transfer into the surrogate womb as the hormone injection has prepared the uterine lining.
  6. Pregnancy results: The outcomes will take more than 10 to 12 days after embryo implantation into the surrogate mother’s uterus. It will confirm the surrogate mother’s blood test, and positive results will follow the pregnancy. You have to provide for the essential needs and demands of the surrogate.
  7. Delivery: You may furnish a caretaker, a regular visit to the doctor, and certain nutrients during pregnancy. After nine months of a successful pregnancy, the surrogate will deliver your child and hand it to you. It can perform in two ways: as a conventional vaginal or C-type (Cesarean) delivery.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Georgia?

Surrogacy in Georgia

The best surrogacy clinic in Georgia can help you complete the process at an affordable cost. In Georgia, we have the best surrogacy approaches and treatments. The cost does not include lower prices or charges because you will hire another woman’s womb. Because of the pregnancy, she will experience pain, problems, and bodily changes. Surrogate cost Georgia comprises her basic requirements, compensation, doctor’s visitation, and medical expenses in the overall charges. 

 Georgia’s surrogacy cost differs from many countries as it depends from place to place. It may be appropriate for one individual but prohibitively expensive for another, depending on their financial situation and fertility health. You can select donor assistance as eggs, sperm, or embryos will affect the cost. Surrogacy in Georgia cost typically starts from USD 40,000 to USD 44,000. It includes various charges but can influence by different factors. We, WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES, have packages and affordable cost assistance in Georgia. Our experts and medical team have a dream of providing happiness without affecting our partners’ budgets.

adminWhat Are the Rights and Guidelines for Surrogacy in Georgia?

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