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What is IVF in India?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the option present to an infertile couple for having a baby. The eggs and sperm of the couple inseminate to implant the embryo into the uterus. It accomplishes outside the body, in a laboratory under the guidance of the latest technologies. IVF treatment can assist various infertility conditions and can provide higher success rates with the approaches. In it, egg production enhances fertility medicines. The couple can choose donor sperm or eggs if they have a problem with one. IVF with donor assistance can produce better results. 

The Donor egg IVF in India is remarkably successful and conducted by the best fertility specialists. The donor egg IVF cost in India is lower than in other nations.

What is the donor egg in India?

Many times, various infertility issues in the female partner affect the eggs production that causes sterility. They also fail to conceive in the IVF treatment cycle due to poor eggs quality. These couples advise IVF with donor eggs that have high possibilities.

You can select the egg donor from the agencies or your family or, a friend can donate her egg to help. For conception, the donor eggs will fertilize with the male partner’s sperm and implant into the female partner’s uterus. Your egg donor has to clear the donation criteria before donating. Various testing will be performed in the lab by the expert to locate the status of the donor before donation.

Why have donor eggs?

Due to various conditions, the couple cannot conceive in infertility or regular IVF treatment. If the female partner cannot produce enough high-quality eggs, a donor egg can help in conception. Women with the following conditions can have donor eggs with IVF:

*    Age: It detects that younger women can generate healthy eggs, which reduces after a certain age, resulting in infertility. Women at an older age produce poor count and quality eggs that never be successful in the IVF or natural conception. With donor eggs, the couple can conceive in IVF.

*      Ovaries issue: Many females are born without ovaries that mean they do not produce eggs or, due to any problem, the doctors have removed them. For the pregnancy through IVF with a donor egg, a healthy uterus is required.

*    Previous IVF cycles: It works with hormonal medications, but the couple cannot conceive for unknown reasons.

*    Inherited disorder: In several cases, the female partner has inherited or genetic disorders that will transmit into the child. It can be controlled by using donor eggs as they will retrieve after the intact screening of the donor.

*  Premature menopause: Due to their current lifestyle, some women face early menopause that affects the quality of their eggs or can cause no menstruation cycle. Still, the female can conceive with the donor eggs.

*   Treatment: Some women have poor or unusable egg quality because of contact with radiation waves. It performs cancer treatment that affects the egg count and quality. Using donor eggs can assist the problem.

What is the donor egg IVF procedure in India?

The donor egg IVF procedure includes various stages that perform under the fertility specialists observation. IVF requires the latest technologies that assist the entire method in the laboratory. 

What to expect before the IVF treatment procedure?

The donor and couple will screen by the fertility expert to evaluate the fertility condition and health for conceiving the child. 

The mental, physical, genetic disorder and fertility condition of the donor identify will affect the child. While at some places, the egg donor selection is anonymous but a couple can select themselves. It will base on their matching criteria like skin, eye or hair colour. It is because the child

The hormonal medicines prescribe to the donor to increase the quality and maturity of the eggs. It stimulates egg production in the ovaries by triggering its function.

On the other hand, the expert prescribes fertility medicines to the intended mother to prepare the uterus wall before the egg transfer.

The steps of Donor egg IVF in India are following:

1.RETRIEVAL: With the help of a thin tube device catheter, the expert will collect eggs from the donor uterus. In this, no invasion or cut will require to assemble them as the device will insert through the vagina to the uterus. The sperm of the male partner will collect by the expert that he has produced through ejaculation. 
INSEMINATION:Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) will use in the fertilization process. The sperm will prepare in the lab and, healthy sperm will incubate in an injection to inject in each egg. After five days, the multi-celled Blastocyst will form that is known as embryos.   
 3.IMPLANTATION:Embryos growth will observe in the lab for a few days to select the highly developed from them. After this, the same long thin tube will insert inside the female partner uterus and, embryos will place along with it. It carries them inside and places them on the uterus lining.

The donor egg pregnancy symptoms are similar to the natural pregnancy as the embryo will adhere to the uterus wall and grow.

How does donor egg IVF cost India?

The donor egg IVF cost in India is more sensible than in other developed countries like the USA. IVF cost includes the medications and per treatment cycle.

The female egg donor price in India or the donor egg is starting from (approx.) INR. 1,00,000 to 1,25, 000.

The donor egg IVF cost in India is approximately INR. 2,50,000 to 3,00,000. Your treatment expenditure will depend on various factors such as infertility condition, age of the couple and methods used during the treatment.

Where to have the donor egg IVF in India?

In WOLRD FERTILITY SERVICES can have the donor egg IVF in India and at other places also. It is a well-known destination for IVF and other infertility treatments. They have various best infertility centres and hospitals in different countries.

It can provide high donor egg IVF success rates in India. For the treatment costs, they have packages also. The donor egg IVF cost in India is moderate in the centre.

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