Surrogacy with donor gametes in India is not allowed!

Surrogacy with Donor Gametes in India Is Not Allowed!

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Till now, surrogacy in India has been legal for Indian couples. As they could easily access the donor gametes. It helped them in having healthy gametes. And they continued to receive the best process. But now, it is not legal anymore as per the new Surrogacy (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2023.

It has been mentioned that the couple cannot have donor gametes in surrogacy. It means your surrogacy will be performed without donor eggs or sperm. And the couple can only use their eggs and sperm for the process. Further, it has a clause for a single woman (divorcee or widow). A single woman undergoing surrogacy can only have the donor’s sperm. Since it requires in the surrogacy process. And she must have her eggs.

For more information, you can go through: The Surrogacy (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2023

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adminSurrogacy with Donor Gametes in India Is Not Allowed!

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