Who Breastfeed after Surrogacy?

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For many women who use the surrogate to get their baby, the breastfeeding is a very important part to know that they haven’t given the birth to the baby- can they still breastfeed a baby?

Yes, it is possible nowadays that a woman who didn’t give the birth to a baby can breastfeed their baby born through surrogacy procedure. It will take some time and dedication also there are hormones, medications, and supplements which can allow the intended mother to breastfeed a baby born through surrogacy procedure.

Months before the pregnancy the fertility expert will prescribe the hormones medications to the intended mother which will be a birth controlling pills that help to trick the intended mother’s body and pretend that she is pregnant in order to stimulate the production of the breast milk. Once the baby born, your fertility expert will give the supplements and medication to the intended mother to promote that product.

In case, the intended mother is able to trick her body into making the breast milk, it’s likely that she is not able to produce enough milk to sustain the baby. In such cases, many women use a supplemental nursing system like surrogate’s milk or pumped milk. This allows the intended mother to have the benefits of breastfeeding, even if only for some of the time as for many women it is big for which breastfeeding is extremely important.

How to induce lactation?

There are three different medications which induce the lactation and these are:

  • Domperidone: A drug for stomach problems.
  • Progesterone Contraceptive Pill: This drug can be used in conjunction with domperidone to speed up the lactation process.
  • Metoclopramide: It is an anti-sickness drug and has a side-effect of activating the prolactin hormone. It has some nasty side-effects and can cause depression so it is not the preferred choice given by the fertility expert to take this medicine.

How to stimulate the nipples?

Some mother can do it after taking the medications or some can do it naturally. Your fertility expert will advise you to take an electric breast pump during the surrogate’s pregnancy and stimulate your nipples with it, several times daily. This method will help you in releasing the hormone, oxytocin, which is the love hormone. It is released during sex to trigger orgasm, during pregnancy to start labor and regulate contractions and reflex in which milk to flows down from the mammary glands.

This procedure will help you at the time when your baby is born and at that time you will be able to breastfeed them, at least partially. In some cases, women choose to wait until after the baby birth and then they stimulate their nipples by putting their baby to their breast, but this process might not produce a good supply of the milk and the women need to use formula or donated breast milk initially until they start to lactate.

Food and Herbs

In case a woman does not want to take the medication then she can try the herbal remedies or foods that have been shown to induce lactation. According to study, the coconut milk is the best food to have a good breast milk inducer and woman can also take the herbal teas which have been traditionally used to encourage lactation after surrogacy.

adminWho Breastfeed after Surrogacy?

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