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 W elcome to Surrogacy in India for Canadians! We have come with information and support to Canadians involved with third party reproduction. Though Indian Surrogacy for people of Canada is a legal, successful and wonderful alternative for those who have had difficulty creating a family on their own, we believe that every person has a right to become a parent via third party reproduction despite to their ethnic origin, religion, age, marital status, gender or sexual orientation.

Yes, a great experience relies on trust, understanding, good communication and respect for all the parties that can be involved. Intimate and emotional, this journey truly should be well-researched and prepared for. Also it can be a very rewarding experience for Surrogate Mothers and is often the only option for an infertile couple to have their own genetically related child.

Owned and operated by us-one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the field of third party reproduction in Canada, we have been involved with surrogacy for Canadians for a long time and have stood concrete in delivering successful results of surrogacy.  With no doubt to say that we are originally created as a journal for the intended parents and their families to keep in touch.

Steps to Canadian for having Indian Surrogacy

The Government of India requires that individuals from Canada coming to India for surrogacy obtain a medical visa to enter in. So we strongly advise Canadians who are considering surrogacy to:

  • Discuss with the nearest Indian diplomatic mission for the most modern information relevant to surrogacy, including information on who is eligible for a medical visa and the consequences of coming in India without the proper visa.
  • Do request a letter from the High Commission of Canada, which must be put forward with your medical visa application.
  • Make known yourself with the new rules limiting citizenship by descent to one generation born outside of Canada earlier to entering into a surrogacy arrangement.

Why Surrogacy in India for Canadians?

Canadian couples in India, intending to changes their status from barren to parents could hope to obtain surrogate babies, with the services of us. We are the most dependable surrogacy clinic in this respect and particularly when India is known as the largest hub in this respect all over the world.

Mainly as the legal aspects in India are in favor of couples who wish to be parents through surrogacy, and that the costs on obtaining in the process involved is 25% of what the cost is in America, India is become a preferred destination. In addition, the technological advancements in IVF assist India higher and formulate it as the best place for couples from all over the world to come and have a baby through surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy is the process whereby a woman bears a child for intended parents, with the intention of giving the child to the intended parents upon the child’s birth. The relevant legislation occurring out of surrogacy agreements are difficult and the penalties for failing to abide by the laws regarding assisted human reproduction in Canada can be very severe so take care! Once you are seriously considering involving a third party in building your family, do consult with a qualified fertility lawyer.

Principles to Surrogacy for Canadians

    • In the use of AHR technologies, children’s health and well-being must come first;
    • Making use of appropriate measures will facilitate in protecting the health, safety and rights of people affected by the use of AHR technologies;
    • Because women are more significantly affected by AHR technologies, so their health must be protected;
    • Free and informed consent must forever be given before these technologies could be used;
    • People who use AHR technologies must not be differentiated against;
    • Commercial trade and abuse of the reproductive capabilities of children, women and men is a crime;
    • Protection of human individuality and diversity must be upheld.

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