Is Surrogacy Covered by Insurance?

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Surrogacy cost in India is highly lower than in developed countries still many infertile couples cannot have the process for a healthy and successful child. It is much higher than any person expects as partners opt for another woman’s womb for pregnancy and childbirth. The surrogate woman has to face the pregnancy and delivery difficulties for nine months. In India, surrogacy prefers only for heterosexual couples with severe infertility issues. It involves advanced procedures and provides the best results for other infertility treatments. 

Surrogacy cost in India 2022 insurance can cover by some medical companies. They can provide full coverage or a few stages. It has a highly complicated process that involves a roller coaster journey with legal formalities. It is the main reason that people most insurance companies do not offer surrogacy insurance in India.

Surrogacy cost is much higher than infertility treatments, and mostly rich high-class people can afford it. The insurance policies do not cover the entire surrogacy process as can have the surrogate maternity insurance or the partners’ eggs and sperm fertilization procedure. Still, you have different charges for the successful process and results. Surrogate compensation is illegal in India, but the intended parents will pay for various essentials needs of the surrogate, and clinic fees will increase the overall cost.

The surrogacy price in India approximately is INR 10,00,000 to INR 15,00,000. Surrogate mother cost in India is affordable as the only altruistic form is present. The intended parents have to provide basic needs and insurance to the surrogate. The surrogacy process involves the following stages in India:

  • You will select the best surrogate match for the process through the centre or yourself. The centre provides top matches but has a high cost. If you find the surrogate mother yourself will need more time and may not select the perfect match.  
  • Formalities involve the legal work between the surrogate mother and intended parents. It regulates the functions and involvements of the surrogate mother. Various checkups and screening will help to know surrogate health and fertility conditions.
  • Some counselling sessions will include the process manage the psychological conditions of the couple and surrogate mother. The fertility medicines will help in increasing the eggs’ health produced through the female partner’s ovaries and prepare the surrogate mother’s uterus.
  • Collect eggs and sperm from the intended parents and fertilize them outside the body. It will include the invasive procedure and retrieving the gametes. It will fertilize the eggs and sperm in the lab and develop into embryos to implant inside the surrogate uterus.
  • After two weeks, the surrogate blood test will confirm the pregnancy results and follow the routine checkups. The intended parents will provide special care and attention to the surrogate mother till childbirth. It will take nine months for delivery that can perform in two forms vaginal or cesarean.

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adminIs Surrogacy Covered by Insurance?