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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai for Infertile Couples?

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Mumbai city of dreams is all set to fulfil your dream of having a biological child at an economical surrogacy cost in Mumbai. The infertility rate is increasing day by day in Mumbai because of the new lifestyle. People are more focused on becoming financially strong and achieving their desired career goals. Having a baby has shifted as a secondary thing for couples. The time they realize to have a family, it gets late.

Lately, surrogacy is the most popular process that accomplishes between the intended parents and surrogate mother. She conceives for them and delivers their child. Do you know? Surrogacy in India is much legal that allows only married and Indian couples. No other person can have that as it is prohibited. People from different nations are illegal to select the process. Here are extensive criteria for intended parents to select surrogacy in Mumbai. Though, surrogacy charges are much more affordable than in developed countries. You can become a parent successfully at suitable charges in Mumbai. With it, only the Altruistic form is available which means the surrogate mother will not have At that point,


Surrogacy in India covers under the Indian surrogacy laws (2022). And it only allows altruistic surrogacy. 

surrogacy cost in Mumbai
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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai?

IVF and surrogacy centre come to the rescue. But the price or cost of surrogacy can make a hole in the pocket. And if does not give the wanted result it could hurt even more. But you do not have to worry about it as we are here to guide you in selecting the right surrogacy clinic that has all the required qualities to be an ideal surrogacy centre. First, let us learn a few things about surrogacy and the surrogacy centre. And then we will move forward to the surrogacy cost in Mumbai.

Surrogacy proceduresCharges in INR
SurrogacyINR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
Surrogacy with Donor eggsINR 16,50,000 to INR 26,00,000
Surrogacy with Donor spermINR 15,50,000 to INR 25,70,000
Surrogacy in three attemptsINR 18,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
Donor eggsINR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000
Donor spermINR 50,000 to INR 70,000

Who can opt for surrogacy?

It cannot be denied that even if a woman is independent and successful if she does not have kids, society considers her life a failure. But is it? The answer is no, to have kids or not is a choice of people. For some, to have biological kids is important, and for some, it’s not. Some couples or single parents prefer child adoption over a biological child. Some desire to have a biological kid. Surrogacy helps those couples who want to have a biological child but couldn’t have one because of infertility or other health issues.

Surrogacy in Mumbai is highly legal with various laws. As only married Indian couples can have the process if they have no option or chance of becoming parents. No other person is allowed to have surrogacy in Mumbai. Do you know that only the altruistic method is available? It means the surrogate mother is from family or friends and willing to help the couple. You will not compensate the surrogate which will also help in your budget. We prefer you to check the exact laws and regulations before going for them.

Surrogacy is the only process that allows married couples who do not have any chance.

Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai

What do we do?

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is the best surrogacy centre in India. We have top-notch facilities and advanced care for every patient. Moreover, our highly experienced experts perform the procedures. With it, you can have various infertility treatments in one place. Patients can have their process as per conditions. We have the topmost approaches with world-class assistance. It helps patients achieve better outcomes. 

With it, you can have affordable surrogacy cost in India. Because we have various assistances and facilities. These help in saving the couple’s budget and provide suitable charges. Also, our experts provide every process as per the country’s laws. So, your procedure will function with the surrogacy laws in India. 

Can you opt for surrogacy?

If you have experienced any of the below-mentioned issues, you can opt for surrogacy.

  • A married couple with proven infertility has failed many Assisted Reproductive Techniques. For instance, you have faced many pregnancy failures and cannot become pregnant with them. 
  • The intended parents have a higher age of more than 40 which means their fertility status will deprive. They have fewer chances of becoming parents and thus face multiple miscarriages. 
  • A couple does not have any surviving kids which also includes an adopted kid. But if the child is mentally or physically challenged, couples can opt for surrogacy. 

The Surrogacy Success Rate in India:

Surrogacy success rates in WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES are higher. Your successful outcomes have a high chance to provide a healthy child. Well, the process outcome and chances depend on various factors. You can achieve successful outcomes with various advanced methods as well.

Surrogacy with self-eggs and sperm
Surrogacy with donor eggs
Surrogacy with donor sperm
Surrogacy with advanced approaches

The standard Surrogacy Cost in India is INR 10 to 12 lakhs (the expense may vary from one surrogacy fertility clinic to another).

The legal method of surrogacy in Mumbai

The gestational method of surrogacy is legal in India. In the gestational method, the embryo formed with the father’s sperm and the mother’s egg implanted in the surrogate uterus through surgery. In this method, the birth mother does not have a genetic connection to the child whereas, in the traditional method, the birth mother has a genetic connection to the child.

A legal agreement is signed between the intended parents and the birth mother. The agreement is a contract between the surrogate mother and the couple benefiting from the treatment. It confirms your rights over the child. For it, you will need to hire a surrogacy lawyer with high experience. They have high charges that can increase your entire budget. Your total surrogacy charges in Mumbai will impact the attorney fees. 

The process involves advanced stages with assisted reproductive technologies. As your expert will collect health gametes through both partners. Then, it will provide healthy eggs and sperm and as result biological baby. You will select a surrogate mother (according to Indian surrogacy laws) for pregnancy and childbirth. The following stages may include in your surrogacy cost in India Mumbai: 

  1. Surrogate screening: The surrogate mother will undergo different medical checkups. It will include various testing to know the surrogate mother’s health and fertility conditions before starting the pregnancy process. Your expert will check the intended partners’ eggs and sperm health. 
  2. Producing eggs: The expert will provide some fertility medications to the intended mother. It helps in producing healthy eggs from the female ovaries. The eggs will have high maturity and health for successful pregnancy results. As IVF process needs healthy eggs and sperm for insemination and outcomes. Then, it will release into the female uterus with the hormonal injection. 
  3. Collecting gametes: Next, your expert will gather your healthy eggs and sperm. Egg retrieval involves a surgical process as a catheter with transvaginal ultrasound will insert inside the female uterus through the vagina. And a thin needle with it will aspirate the eggs-containing follicles into the uterus. Simultaneously, the male partner will ask for ejaculating to produce a healthy semen sample. Then, they will prepare it for collecting healthy sperm from the sample. 
  4. Insemination: The specialist will fertilize the eggs and sperm by placing them on a Petri plate. It will inseminate the gametes, and the egg cell starts dividing. It means your eggs and sperm will begin to fertilize. Your expert will prepare the surrogate uterus for pregnancy results before implanting the fertilized eggs. 
  5. Transfer: The healthy embryo will select by your expert after observation for several days. They will monitor them and choose the highly developed fertilized eggs. Then, they set healthy gametes on the catheter and insert into the surrogate mother’s womb through the vagina. And, the pregnancy will confirm after two weeks of the implantation. As the surrogate mother’s blood sample will check by your expert. 

Surrogacy is highly successful and also a highly legal process. You will need to check the laws and consult the expert before choosing. They will determine your status to have a surrogacy process for becoming parents. You will need to pick the best centre for the process that provides affordable surrogacy costs in Mumbai. Before selecting a fertility centre, a client should keep these points in check:

  1. Experience– how long the centre has been in the field of surrogacy? As experiences can provide you highly successful and comfortable process. The centre with high knowledge of the procedure knows their patients’ needs. And, the best one always works on it to provide better approaches and results.
  2. Success rate– what is the success rate of surrogacy? The surrogacy success rates are mostly high as another woman carries the intended parent’s child. Your centre success rate will have their success rate that helps in your process. As higher success rates means better process and results. 
  3. Treatments – what are the other treatments available at the centre? The surrogacy centre always has various infertility treatments. They can help in different conditions and provide pregnancy results. These are Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) that are better and provide pregnancy results as the reproductive process performs outside. 
  4. Fertility specialist experience– since when have the doctors been in this field? Experts’ experiences and knowledge will provide better results. You can know your specialist treatments and processes. It will also offer previous information for your expert expertise. 
  5. Cost of surrogacy – how much do they charge for surrogacy? What are the processes included in the surrogacy package in Mumbai? Your surrogacy charges will depend on different aspects. For it, you can confirm through the centre their estimated price. The centre with several packages and financial assistance helps the patient budget. 

These are questions one needs to ask the centre. If they succeed in answering the questions, then you should go ahead and if not, then do not waste your time with the centre.

How much does surrogacy Cost in Mumbai?

The surrogacy cost in Mumbai is much more affordable than in other cities in India. You can have reasonable charges through the best centre. The surrogacy cost in Mumbai 2023 will also depend on the clinic you choose. Many have suitable charges that do not impact the intended parents’ budget. Also, according to Indian surrogacy laws, surrogacy mother cost in Mumbai not includes compensation. Because only the Altruistic form is legal and available as you will have the surrogate from your home or friends. 

You can have an affordable price that will help in achieving top results. Low-cost surrogacy in Mumbai will be available if you have healthy eggs and sperm. You will need to select the best centre, and they will suggest the top process according to your conditions.

Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai Areas

Surrogacy areas in Mumbai Costs (in INR) 
The surrogacy cost in Andheri    INR 15,09,000 to INR 24,90,000
Surrogacy cost in Bandra    INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
The surrogacy cost in Borivali    INR 15,00,500 to INR 25,00,500
Surrogacy cost in Dahisar    INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000
Surrogacy cost in Goregaon    INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
The surrogacy cost in JogeshwariINR 15,00,500 to INR 25,00,500
Surrogacy cost in Juhu    INR 15,30,000 to INR 24,75,000
Surrogacy cost in Kandivali westINR 15,02,000 to INR 24,98,000
The surrogacy cost in Khar    INR 15,08,000 to INR 25,00,000
The surrogacy cost in Malad    INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000
Surrogacy cost in Mira-BhayandarINR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
Surrogacy cost in Santacruz EastINR 15,00,400 to INR 25,00,400
The surrogacy cost in Santacruz WestINR 15,12,000 to INR 24,85,000
Surrogacy cost in Vile Parle    INR 15,11,000 to INR 24,89,500
The surrogacy cost in Bhandup    INR 15,00,700 to INR 25,00,300
Surrogacy cost in Kanjurmarg    INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
Surrogacy cost in Kurla    INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
The surrogacy cost in Mulund    INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000
The surrogacy cost in Nahur    INR 15,12,000 to INR 24,85,000
Surrogacy cost in Powai    INR 15,30,000 to INR 24,75,000
Surrogacy cost in Vidyavihar    INR 15,00,700 to INR 25,98,500
The surrogacy cost in Vikhroli    INR 15,02,000 to INR 24,98,000
Surrogacy cost in Chembur    INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
Surrogacy cost in Govandi    INR 15,00,400 to INR 25,00,400
The surrogacy cost in MankhurdINR 15,10,000 to INR 24,93,000
The surrogacy cost in Trombay    INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000
Surrogacy cost in Antop Hill    INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
Surrogacy cost in Colaba    INR 15,12,000 to INR 24,85,000
The surrogacy cost in Kalbadevi    INR 15,30,000 to INR 24,75,000
Surrogacy cost in Kamathipura    INR 15,02,000 to INR 24,98,000
The surrogacy cost in Matunga    INR 15,00,300 to INR 25,00,300
Surrogacy cost in Parel    INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
Surrogacy cost in TardeoINR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000

The surrogacy price in Mumbai ranges from INR 12,00,000 to INR 16,00,000. If you compare the surrogacy charges in Mumbai with other countries, the price is highly lower. Your cost of surrogacy depends on the given factors.

  • Your gametes’ health is in poor condition, you will need the donor’s sperm or donor’s egg. It will increase your pregnancy chances and provide top results. The charges will be lower through the best centre. 
  • You will need to select the best centre for affordable prices. Some centres have hidden processes or charges that impact the couple’s budget. 
  • The legal agreement between the surrogate mother and Intended parents requires an experienced lawyer. They have high charges and increased surrogacy charges in Mumbai. 
  • You will need to for the surrogate mother’s essential needs which can include housing, food, proper monitoring and regular doctor checkups. It affects the surrogacy price in Mumbai.
  • If you do not have healthy eggs or sperm, the conception will become a failure. And it will need advanced approaches that increase your process charges. 
Which is the affordable surrogacy centre in Mumbai?

World fertility services- best surrogacy treatment at the affordable surrogacy cost in Mumbai :

We at World fertility services verify all the above-mentioned details. We have been in this field for more than ten years. Our specialists are well-known in the field of fertility. Once the surrogate conceives through surrogacy, the success rate of the centre is up to 95%. Apart from surrogacy, we offer other fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, IMSI, IUI, Egg Freezing, etc., according to the need of the patients. As we believe in transparency, we give depth knowledge about the surrogacy procedure to the clients and surrogates through counselling.  

We have assisted many couples with proper Indian Laws for surrogacy in becoming parents. Our VIP services help in the high comfort and satisfaction of partners during their processes. You can become a parent successfully with our advanced approaches and methods in surrogacy. We have various cost assistances for affordable charges. You can have different packages for budget-friendly processes in Mumbai. With high transparency in the surrogacy cost in Mumbai 2023, we have a highly affordable budget. Our highly experienced surrogacy experts perform with advanced technologies and assistance that help in successful results.

Why Do People Choose World Fertility Services for Surrogacy in Mumbai?

The following are some reasons that attract the attention of many couples to visit our clinic. These are:

surrogacy cost in Mumbai
Surrogacy cost in Mumbai
  • Economical and reasonable surrogacy cost in Mumbai.
  • First free consultation for people below the poverty line.
  • The advanced and latest use of technologies.
  • High-end quality equipment used for treatment.
  • Highest rates of success
  • Easy payment options.
  • Highly qualified and trained professionals
  • Best counsellors
  • 24×7 full medical and personal support
  • The pleasant and comfortable stay during the treatment.
  • Best travel advisers
Faqs of Surrogacy Cost in Mumbai

Why is surrogacy needed?

Surrogacy is the most successful process for achieving parenthood. You can achieve the best outcome than any other procedure. It involves the topmost approach that helps the surrogate mother. The intended parents’ gametes fertilize by the expert. And your process will have the surrogate mother’s help. Because the surrogate mother becomes pregnant and delivers the intended parents’ child. It can function with various advanced approaches and methods. Also, the legal framework works in the entire procedure. It is the only assistant to have your genetically related child with severe infertility conditions. Other methods help couples in their pregnancy.  

How to have affordable surrogacy?

Surrogacy is not a cheap or lower-charged process. Because it involves top assistance and various advanced stages. But by focusing on some points, you can achieve top outcomes and save money also. Surrogacy functions with partners’ eggs and sperm that provide the surrogate conception. And if you have healthy gametes so the pregnancy chances are higher and your process charges will not increase. Also, choosing the best centre can help you in achieving better results. They have different assistances to provide for the intended parents. Moreover, you can have help with top-notch approaches and procedures to increase the chances and save the high charges. 

Who can have surrogacy in India?

Couples with severe infertility conditions can choose surrogacy in Mumbai. Firstly, they should have Indian citizenship and marry heterosexual partners. And the intended parents’ age must have as per the regulations. Foreign couples are not permitted to use surrogacy due to Indian surrogacy legislation. However, if you are an Overseas Indian Citizen (OCI) or Person of Indian Origin (POI) (Person of India). As a result, individuals can easily use a surrogate despite having significant infertility issues. It aids them in developing the ideal procedure for dealing with their problems and becoming successful parents.

How is the surrogate mother of assistance?

By getting pregnant to carry the couple’s child, the surrogate mother supports the couple. When a couple is unable to conceive naturally, it is necessary. Due to the surrogate mother’s assistance, the couple decides to use surrogacy in cases of severe infertility. It places the couple’s genetically linked child in their hands. Because the partner’s sperm and eggs are used to become pregnant by the surrogate. It uses cutting-edge technology to fertilize while being observed by experts. The highly fertilized egg is inserted into the surrogate womb. Additionally, several excellent techniques can be used during IVF to produce better results. And the surrogate mother chooses the procedure solely for the benefit of the couple, with no other considerations.

Note: we suggest you confirm with the Indian surrogacy legal panel to select the function. Also, we do not provide surrogacy-related processes without legal consent or beyond Indian laws. 

For more details fill up the below form and our representative will contact you within 2 to 3 hours:

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