How the Modern Lifestyle Affects Fertility

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In modern times, 1 out of 10 couples in the reproductive age group tend to encounter difficulties while trying to conceive a baby. This ratio is set to increase notably in metro cities, more so in couples wherein both the partners are working professionals. The two main reasons for this phenomenon are:

Women trying to conceive when they are older

These days, women tend to be career-oriented and decide to get married only once they have established themselves in their field of interest. This causes a delay in their marriage and they are usually in their late 30s when they finally decide to tie the knot.

However, a woman’s ability to produce fertile eggs declines drastically after she reaches her 30s. This happens because every woman is born with a fixed bank of eggs. At the onset of her menstrual cycle, a woman has about 300,000 to 500,000 eggs, and by the time she reaches menopause she exhausts all of them. Unlike men who produce new eggs every month, women do not produce new eggs; one of their existing eggs matures and develops every month. After the age of 35, there is a sharp decline in the quality of eggs as well, making it even harder for women to conceive.

Couples living a stressful, unhealthy life

Couples in this category tend to have Type-A personalities, characterized by qualities like being workaholics, being extremely ambitious and having a tendency to get anxious and stressed easily. For successful conception, a couple needs to be relaxed and have intercourse regularly. Due to work commitments and overall high stress levels, this becomes difficult. Living a stressful lifestyle also makes many couples take up habits like smoking and alcohol, which hamper the quality of their sperms and eggs and further reduce their chances of conceiving.

With a skewed work-life balance, the food habits of modern couples are also erratic. They tend to snack a lot and consume a diet of mostly fast food. They also lead sedentary lives with zero or minimal exercise. This unhealthy lifestyle leads to obesity and diabetes, which reduces the chances of getting pregnant. Furthermore, if they do conceive, it is usually a high-risk pregnancy, with higher chances of a miscarriage or congenital malformations.

So how can modern couples conceive?

The solution to all this lies in following nature’s cues. A woman’s biological clock has to be considered and respected. Couples who wish to have children should start trying to do so in their 20s, or latest by their early 30s. Many women have had kids at this age and managed to strike a healthy balance between their career and family lives. Of course, the support of their husband and in-laws plays a crucial role in this endeavor.

For a quick and hassle-free conception, couples need to lead a relaxed and happy life. Relaxation therapy, yoga and meditation can prove to be very beneficial for couples, as they can help ease some of the stress that they are dealing with. Excessive alcohol and smoking should be avoided. They must strive to lead a disciplined life and consume a healthy diet with minimal sugar, salt and fat. Adequate amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, and 2 liters of water should be consumed every day. They should exercise regularly and be physically active.

Having an offspring and taking forward one’s progeny is a natural need for human beings. Unfortunately, this natural act is becoming more and more difficult these days. However, by following a relaxed and healthy lifestyle, a couple can easily fulfil their desire to be the parents of a healthy child

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adminHow the Modern Lifestyle Affects Fertility

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