Pregnant With Low Sperm Count

How to get pregnant with Low sperm count

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Know to become Pregnant with Low Sperm Count

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Get acquainted well with the art of medicine to have made possible style of living really. Here, it comes the very prospect for infertile couples get their families complete with a baby at their homes through modern medical science. So believe on the company to make closer with every infertility issue such as How to get pregnant with Low sperm count.

Low sperm count means that the number of sperm in a man’s semen is below the threshold of what is considered normal.  Sperm motility and morphology may also be lessened. Sperm count is resolute through a semen analysis.  A basic screen can be achieved through your local path lab with a form from your GP or a more in depth analysis could be carried out at a fertility clinic.

Low sperm count – How Low is too Low?

Sperm counts differ very much between individuals and we do not yet have enough acquaintance to utter for certain that an exacting sperm count will assure fertility or infertility. Yes, the quality of the sperm is often more important than the quantity. In worldfertilityservices, we have seen couples imagine naturally with a sperm count as low as 3 – 5 million per ml and research has illustrated that even in cases where sperm count is less than 2 million/ml, there is still a chance of natural conception.

Low Sperm Count – Increasing Your Chances of Pregnancy

There are many things you can accomplish to get better sperm quality and boost fertility such as:

1. Learn Fertility Awareness: 

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Learning fertility awareness to conclude the female partner’s most fertile day or days each cycle will facilitate you to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant. As the cervical fluid produced by the female is crucial in sperm transport and survival, timing intercourse for the day(s) of optimal cervical fluid will enhance your chances of conception. Timing intercourse for these most fertile days has also been shown to minimize the effect of lowered fertility due to male age.

Also keep in mind that it is not advisable for men with low sperm counts to have recurrent intercourse when attempting to imagine, as this could lower sperm numbers further.  Having intercourse every second or third day may be a better option. On the other hand, the research has shown that frequent ejaculation could be helpful in cases of low motility.  At, we will help you to turn into more strategic in your approach.

2. Make Lifestyle Changes: 

Fertility Consistency

Free radicals are recognized to be a major cause of male infertility.  Free radicals are produced by normal processes in the body and from side to side exposure to environmental factors.  These highly-reactive molecules damage cells and an excess of free radicals in semen is known to be accountable for damaging sperm, which can direct to infertility and miscarriage.  Excess free radicals could be caused by poor diet, smoking and exposure to pollutants and chemicals in the environment. There are more than a few things you could do to fight free radicals and assist in reducing sperm damage:

      a) Eat a diet high in antioxidants:  Antioxidants assist to ‘mop up’ free radicals, lessening the amount of damage to sperm.  Foods high in antioxidants take in berries, fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, cereals and dark chocolate.

     b) Don’t smoke: Smoking causes free radical damage to sperm DNA and lowers sperm quality.  Men who smoke are four times as expected to have children who increase childhood cancer.  Smoking marijuana is also considered to have an effect on sperm health.  Keep in mind, it takes about 72 days for sperm to completely form, so even after you stop smoking, it may get several months for the effects to be reversed.

     c) Reduce alcohol intake: Alcohol is a testicular toxin and affects sperm production and sexual function in men.  Current advice is to stay alcohol consumption to below 20 units per week.

     d) Avoid hot baths and spas: Heat is bad for sperm production. You may like to try wearing boxers in place of tight underpants.

     e) Continue a healthy BMI: Being overweight could decrease sperm count, chiefly if excess fat directs to an enlarged temperature around the testicles.  Keeping BMI within a normal range is worthwhile.

    f) Avoid environmental toxins: Organic solvents, pesticides, toxic fumes and other chemicals are supposed in lowering male fertility, so it is advisable to cut exposure to these toxins where possible and dress in protective clothing when necessary.

    g) Do not abstain from ejaculation for long periods of time:  There is some evidence to explain that abstaining from sex prior to trying to conceive is counter-productive, reducing sperm quality.

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