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Getting Pregnant over 40! How to avoid Risks?

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Pregnant over 40!!!

Maybe, you have delayed pregnancy to think on your career, or because it has taken you a while to find the right partner. Or perhaps you have been trying for a baby for a while, and your 40th has come and gone. The burning question for you now is, “Have I left it too late?”

The answer is “No”! Many 40-plus women conceive, although there is no denying that your odds to getting pregnant are a lot lower than just a few years ago. It depends how far into your 40s you are. At 40, your chance of conceiving seems about 20 per cent, falling to less than five per cent by the mid-40s.

After 40, you are far less likely to become pregnant logically. As early as 15 years before you endure menopause, the number of your eggs starts to turn down.

Your reduced fertility is not just about the number of eggs you have, though. It is also about their quality. By your 40s, the eggs that your ovaries free each month are more likely to have structural problems. Chromosomal irregularities in your eggs could raise the risk of miscarriage and the birth defects. So, both these complications are more common in older women.

Chances to become Pregnant with Fertility Treatment

It is never been a better time to get pregnant as an older mum, given the range of fertility treatments available. Treatments such as IVF and ICSI are being treated all the time.

In your early 40’s, you have about a one in five to one in 10 chance of a live birth per treatment cycle. From age 43 onwards, the success rates drop to around one to five live births for every 100 women. From 43 to 44 onwards, your chances of success using your own eggs really are minimal, because conception rates per cycle of IVF are so low.

You may wish to discover the idea of using donor eggs or frozen embryos to conceive, as it will boost your chances of having a baby. The risk of miscarriage and chromosomal problems is in agreement with the age of your egg donor, who will be in her 20s or 30s.

Pros and Cons to have a Baby in My 40s


  • Perhaps, the most advantage to have children in your 40s is that you are emotionally and financially ready for them. You have had time to see the world, and you are more likely to be safe financially and comfortable in your career.
  • If you have been with your partner for a while, you will have had the chance to know each other in all the sorts of circumstances, as this will provide a solid foundation for raising a family.
  • As an older mum, you will be in a good position to formulate wise parenting decisions. Your life experience signifies you will feel pretty confident about your approach to child-rearing. Also, you are more likely to breastfeed that is good for your health as well as your baby’s.
  • Being economically secure has its benefits. It is predictable to cost about £13,000 a year to look after a child between the ages of one and four.
  • By the time you reach your 40s, you may have a sense that you have been there, done that. You will be less concerned with your own needs, and will be happy instead to focus on your child.
  •  If you do get pregnant in your 40’s, you may get the family you want in one go. From your mid-40s, if you imagine naturally, you have a one in two chance of having twins.


  • If you develop health problems, your doctor will organize your pregnancy as high risk. This may sound frightening.
  • You are twice as likely as a younger woman to undergo:
    • gestational diabetes
    • pre-eclampsia
    • high blood pressure
    • placenta praevia
    • placental abruption, where the placenta detaches from the uterus wall
    • The birth experience for women over 40 may be harder too. You are more likely to have:
      • a caesarean section
      • your baby presenting in an embarrassed position at birth
      • your baby being born with a low birth weight
      • your baby being born too soon
      • The odds of chromosomal problems also leap as you get older. About one in 200 babies born to women aged 40 or over have Down’s syndrome. This resembles one in 700 babies born with mums aged 35 to 39, and one in 1,500 babies born to mums aged 20 to 24.

What to do if willing to be pregnant?

  • Age aside; there are steps you could take to give yourself the best chance for a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  • You could make changes to your lifestyle to assist your fertility. If you smoke, now is the time to stop. And staying fit, keeping a healthy weight and cutting back on alcohol are all advisable.

If you are in your 40s, and have been having unprotected sex two to three times a week for three months, without getting pregnant, then do contact to your doctor.

adminGetting Pregnant over 40! How to avoid Risks?

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