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How to Become a Surrogate Mother – Step by Step Process

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Surrogate Mother Process

What an idea Intended Couples of fertility, it is really been possible after the art of medicine shows its hands helpful on fueling to journey-of-parenthood. Though there are seen many practices intentional to make smile wider of its followers, the medical industry is become one of them considering itself none other than Ambrosia to wipe out every kind of medical disorder, disease and ailment.

The words that echo benefiting, and believe to drive one at his/her destination shapes itself all when it diagnoses well to what is expected about. Yes, the gamut of remedial solution leaves nothing to go discussed, but leaves away all the medical trepidations, as this materializes as a boon for infertile couples. Here, it speaks all of to have been offering wide series of fertility treatments surgeries that have their wings widespread too.

Meant to come with constant fertility solution, facilitation and the wide database of doctors and hospitals, this covers also to procedures liable to teach you on How to Become a Surrogate.

Step 1: The Surrogate Mother Application and Evaluation Process

  • Do start by completing the online surrogate mother application at This application inquires about your lifestyle, pregnancy, medical, and the work history. Yes, it stands as a crucial that you complete the application comprehensively and directly so that we may know you and match you with the appropriate intended parents.
  • If your application goes accepted, you are to get a call from our surrogacy coordinator who will collect more information about you and your family.

At this tip, we do ask for the applicable surrogacy information such as medical records from all earlier pregnancies. This can get a while to meet, so you could do a phone to your OB/GYN and ask that the records are sent to our office.

Surrogate Mother Program

Step 2: Going with Surrogate Mother with Intended Parents

Once you are believed into our Surrogate Mother Program, we are liable to offer you with information about the intended parents so that all parties could equally choose who they would like to use. Once everyone becomes comfortable with the profile selection, the surrogacy coordinator is liable to place a meeting between all parties to talk about the partnership and expectations. This is one of the most important, crucial, and re-affirming steps in the surrogacy journey- setting up a connection between the surrogate and hopeful intended parents.

Step 3: Tests for Being a Surrogate Mother

At, you will be meeting at the IVF Clinic with the intended parents’ physician, who will talk with you in detail and execute a surrogacy information assessment. The work up differs from clinic- to-clinic but will often take in:

  • Vaginal ultrasound (a search is put into the vagina facilitating the technician to observe your uterus for polyps, scar tissue, and lining thickness).
  • Physical and pap smear.
  • Hysteroscopy- A procedure where a small camera is put in the uterus to see the uterine cavity.
  • Medical instruction of the IVF cycle, injections, medication use, and embryo transfer.

Step 4: Surrogate Mother IVF Cycle

The IVF nurse is to provide you full instructions and details about the medications desired; the medical protocol, any restrictions, and expectations. In preparation for your uterus to get embryos created by the couple:

  • You will be likely to get asked in taking estrogen and progesterone in patch, pill, suppository, or injection form.  Also, you may be asked to take a birth control pill to order and synch your menstrual cycle with the intended mom or Egg Donor.
  • You will have your blood drawn and ultrasounds commonly to check the progress of the cycle.
  • You will have an embryo transfer where a small catheter is put in your vagina and through to your uterus. The embryos will be put through the catheter and into the uterus for anticipated implantation.

Step 5: Surrogate Mother Pregnancy and Delivery

At, the pregnancy may be different from your own pregnancies in that it is imagined by In Vitro Fertilization and does require of a little more early attention then your past pregnancies, such as:

  • You could be asked to have your blood drawn, ultrasounds, or other procedures far more commonly than with “natural” pregnancies.
  • There is an option of multiples that could need to the extra office visits, bed rest, or other monitoring.
  • This pregnancy is shared with the loving intended parents, and so there needs ongoing communication about the developing fetus, your health status, needs for support, or other substances.
  • You will be contributing in the support groups that are given in person and on-line so as to assure that all of your questions get answered and that you have support from other surrogate mothers.

Delivery renders itself as a very special time for all concerned. Our mental health professional is to comply with both the gestational carrier and the intended parents to produce a birth plan that will try to meet with everyone’s needs.

Thereupon, it is believed to stand concrete by to have acquainted us with Steps to become A Surrogate Mother, and has made sure that derivations into the medical arena is none other than treatment to rigid as well as impossible medical condition, including infertility. So, it has nothing to discuss, but to have all consideration to rely infertile one indulge with Surrogacy Treatments available at Speechless, I have been at to have accessed me have the best-in-class infertility solutions, thereby consider it one-stop destination to make you aware with fertility procedures and to introduce you well with the word-Family.

adminHow to Become a Surrogate Mother – Step by Step Process

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