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Do I need to rest after an IVF embryo transfer?

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So, finally here you are, at first Congrats! for the completion of the last step of IVF and salutation to all the females who have successfully accomplished IVF steps. IVF treatment is not at all a quick and simple procedure, so many women becomes afraid after embryo transfer whether embryo will successfully attached with the uterine wall or not. If not wrong then, you must be at that phase, where you would be thinking about- what to do and what to leave.

Since, you have completed the entire step of IVF medication carefully, now the time comes when you have to take care of yourself and your embryo after the step of embryo transfer.

Many of the women think that after embryo transfer, taking rest increases the chances of successful implantation, but it is not actually. The researchers proved that there is nothing linkage between rest and implantation undoubtedly, female need to do rest after embryo transfer but not excess.

There are several points, which show the adverse affect on those females who have been undergoing IVF treatment and is taking more than enough rest, which is required normally.

One thing that the readers need to be focus on- Guess What! Is there any special factor in IVF medication, if yes than what it is and is there any major difference found between IVF and normal pregnancy? Now you must be thinking about one factor and that is the procedure of fertilization. True! There is only answer of above two questions. Except fertilization, each procedure is same, especially when we look after embryo transfer.

What happens after embryo transfer in IVF and in normal pregnancy? Again, one answer and that is – Implantation. Those women, who have been undergone through a normal pregnancy, she neither knows when the fertilized egg came in the uterus nor she knows about when the implantation has occurred. She keeps herself in a nice and healthy routine, and never bothers about the fertilized egg (whether that egg may fall from uterus or not) and she smoothly get conceived.

On the other hand, a woman who is undergoing IVF cycle and is in the stage of post embryo transfer, she always gets nervous and stressed about her embryo and keeps thinking- the embryo will fall from the womb and thus she gets afraid of getting up (walking/ doing any kind of physical work) and even avoid going restroom.

NO NO NO! If you are thinking all these things to avoid any possibility of miscarriage or unsuccessful implantation, then you are completely wrong. By doing these all the activities, you are actually making y our embryo in danger. How? Let’s read some points, which proves women should have to do rest but not that too much.

Why Researchers say that complete bed rest is unnecessary?

Before going through these details, would like to again mention and clarify- Embryo does not fall out of your uterus as you get up, so be calm and be in your day to day activity.

Take a chill-pill and let your endometrium do its job

Endometrium has its own movement pattern; once the embryo reaches into the uterus, the work of endometrium starts. Main function of endometrium is to keep the embryo in the uterine cavity preventing implantation of the embryo in inappropriate region.

This is why, implantation does not depend on the activities done by a woman, the entire role of attaching the embryo with the uterine wall- this job is done by endometrium.

Blood Flow

This is also one of the significant reasons, why it is said to avoid unnecessary bed rest after embryo transfer . Since you all know that, blood circulation is must in each human regulatory  system, and what causes blood circulation? It is the activity that keeps the flow of blood in our body.

Those women, who prefer bed rest after embryo transfer they will get slow blood circulation, resultant less blood will be pumped to the uterus. This in return affects implantation procedure in the uterus. Therefore, it is harmful if you do extra rest during the days after embryo transfer.

More bed rest the more stress

True! If any person say us, spend our spare time on bed continuously, doing nothing- what does that sound? May be we think needless topics and at the end we got headache, Isn’t it?

Same goes for pregnant female as well, stress and anxiety revolves in  the mind of the female and as soon she gets on the bed doing nothing, just taking rest- that means she is actually creating trouble for herself only. Rest will definitely create tension at the end, so why doing trouble.

After the embryo transfer, what to do

  • Always be in pleasant situation
  • Focus on small activity (it happens that woman who keep herself busy doing small things, remains far away from distress and tension)
  • You need to follow the guidelines from your fertility expert
  • Do that thing, which makes you happy like watching funny or adventurous serials or movies etc)
  • Never let yourself alone during pregnancy days or even after embryo transfer ( talk with that person, which gives you pleasant time)

What not to do after embryo transfer

  • Vigorous exercise or work-out
  • Have sexual intercourse
  • Say bye for hot baths (and avoid that place where you get excess heat)
  • Intaking of extra caffeine
  • Stave off from any negative situation
  • Do not pick heavy material
adminDo I need to rest after an IVF embryo transfer?

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