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Can I Use My Own Surrogate Mother in India?

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Yes, you can bring your own surrogate mother who can be your friend or relative and willingly ready to carry your baby in her womb. While bringing your own surrogate other you should make sure that she is properly examined by skilled and trained professionals for her infectious diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis (if any) so that the disease will not be transferred to the baby born through surrogacy treatment and you should have your healthy and disease free baby.

In case, your surrogate mother is not properly examined for any kind of issues or disease which can impact your chances of the successful treatment than in such condition the fertility experts at the hospitals and clinics under World Fertility, the medical tourism company is not liable for any unsuccessful result as you bring your own surrogate mother who will be your responsibility to fulfill your dream of success which is your own baby. You need to provide all the medical and personal details of your surrogate mother to the fertility expert and after that accordingly; the fertility expert will begin your treatment.

You can use the surrogate mother option when all other reproductive treatments were failed to provide you with the successful outcome. You can opt for the surrogacy procedure in case you are unable to carry the pregnancy in your womb due to some medical issues with your uterus or when the quality of your eggs are not good enough to fertilize with the sperm of your husband or sperm donor in such case you can use the eggs of the surrogate mother which will be artificially fertilized with the sperms of your husband or sperm donor to facilitate the fertilization and once the fertilization occurs the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of your surrogate mother who can be your friend or relative and she will carry the pregnancy in her womb for 9 months and hand-over your baby to you after the baby birth.

What should I keep in mind while using my own surrogate mother?

There are several phases involved while searching the best and super-ovulated surrogate mother. The following are some of them:

  • The surrogate mother whom you hired should be between the age group of 21 to 35 years.
  • Your surrogate mother should be young, healthy and fertile who ensure the highest success rates of the pregnancy.
  • Your surrogate mother should be a married woman with kids as she established her ability to bear the children.
  • She should not have any previous history of miscarriages.
  • Your surrogate mother should be strong enough to bear the stress of the surrogacy treatment and will hand-over your baby after the baby birth without creating any issues.
  • Your surrogate mother should not be alcoholic or a chain smoker as this can impact your chances of successful outcome.

Note: Be sure that you have everything for this arrangement before you enter in the surrogacy treatment including the medical and physiological screening of your surrogate mother. Your surrogate mother is your responsibilities who will successfully give the birth to your baby.

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adminCan I Use My Own Surrogate Mother in India?

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