Affordable Surrogacy Package in Kenya

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Surrogacy Package in Kenya 
Surrogacy Cost and Services
Surrogacy Service in Kenya

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In Kenya?

The surrogacy cost in Kenya ranges from (Approx.) USD 40,000. It includes various charges like compensation, conception cycle, medicines, etc. You can have an affordable surrogate through the surrogacy agency in Kenya. It is an expensive procedure as you are renting the womb of another womb for nine months. You have to pay and bear all the expenses of surrogate and child also. In Kenya, it is free from all governing laws.

What is surrogacy and, why choose Kenya for it?

In severe infertility conditions, surrogacy is the best treatment that has the high possibility of providing the baby into the hands. A woman initiates to become a surrogate for helping the couple and getting compensation. In surrogacy, the woman will carry your child for nine months and hand it to you after birth. She has no right over the child as lawfully belongs to you. You will have to compensate the surrogate and fulfilled all her essentials. It is an enormously successful procedure for becoming parents.

Anyone can opt for surrogacy in Kenya as there are no measures of governing laws on it. The surrogacy cost in Kenya is sensible than the developed countries such as the US and the USA. Many people select Kenya for their surrogacy treatment because of laws. You can have the best surrogate through the top surrogacy agency in Kenya.

Is surrogacy legal in Kenya?

Yes, surrogacy is legal in Kenya. It does not have governing rules and regulations to restrict anyone. Your surrogacy will be successful and, it does not matter if you are a couple or single parent. Anyone with or without infertility issues can have surrogacy in Kenya.

Single males and females can become parents in Kenya through surrogacy. It is available to both heterosexual and homosexual couples. International couples can seek surrogacy treatment in Kenya. Surrogacy, both gestational and conventional, is permitted.

How to select a surrogate mother in Kenya?

For your surrogacy treatment, you will select a perfect surrogate mother. She will carry the baby with her eggs and sperm. Many agencies in Kenya offer surrogate moms to couples at reasonable fees. You will select one according to your preference and perfect match.

You should check her age, looks, behaviour, background details to have a healthy baby. She should have similar features and characteristics that will pass on to your child. Your expert will screen the surrogate mother to know her health, fertility organs, mental health, etc. Then you will hire a perfect surrogate match to carry your baby.

How will the surrogate mother conceive your child in Kenya?

In surrogacy, the surrogate mother can conceive through two methods. Both are available and allowed in Kenya. Traditional and Gestational are the two types that perform under the latest technologies and fertility experts guidance.

The traditional is highly considered in the single father and gay surrogacy as the surrogate mother will conceive with the sperm insertion into her uterus. In Traditional surrogacy, the child will not have genetic relation with the intended mother.

The gestational is the highly recommended type for homosexual couples or single mothers. In it, the eggs and sperm of the intended parents retrieve for their bodies and through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) fertilized. The child will share all bonds with the intended parents.

You will screen by the fertility expert of the clinic to understand the health and possibility of conception. If any problem reporting, your expert will suggest having a donor or alternative approach. Your surrogate will screen by the expert to evaluate her healthy, conception possibility, and diseases free.

It will help experts and you to suggest the surrogacy type and approaches.

Your Traditional surrogacy process will be following in Kenya:

1.   The medicine stimulates the surrogate mother to increase maturity and production, which improves the quality and number of eggs. It will prepare the uterus lining also.

2.   The expert will take a semen sample through the male partner or sperm donor. It will prepare by washing and select the high-quality ones to fill in the injection.

3.       With IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) treatment cycle, the sperm will insert into the surrogate mother uterus.

4.    The eggs will fertilize with the sperm inside the surrogate uterus and, after three to four weeks blood test will confirm the pregnancy.

Gestational surrogacy procedure in Kenya:

1.   The intended mother ovaries stimulate with the medicine to have high-quality eggs. It will monitor with ultrasound and blood tests. The surrogate mother uterus will prepare before the implantation.

2.  The eggs will extract from the uterus using a catheter and thin needle. Your expert will collect the semen sample through the male partner or the sperm donor.

3.   Both will place together for insemination and fertilization or, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) can use.

4.  The fertilized eggs will develop into an embryo that monitors in the lab for some days. Your expert will select highly developed ones.

5.     It will place on the catheter to insert into the surrogate mother uterus. It will stick to the surrogate uterus lining and grow.

6.       The surrogate pregnancy will confirm after two weeks of the transfer process.

You will provide all the essentials to the surrogate till childbirth, routine checkups and travelling, etc. After nine months, the surrogate will give birth to your child and hand it over to you.

What is the surrogacy package in Kenya?

The surrogacy cost in Kenya is sensible than in developed countries. The suitable surrogacy package in Kenya ranges from USD 40,000. It includes surrogate compensation, medicines, and conception. Your surrogacy cost in Kenya depends on various factors.

The low cost surrogate mother will help you save money on your surrogacy. The Single father surrogacy cost will be less than that of a pair surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is substantially less expensive than gestational surrogacy.


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