How To Get Cheap IVF Treatment

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Are you consider the IVF treatment with cheap treatment so we are going to represent  some of the alternative of the medical treatments of the IVF like the natural cycle or the low cost of the medication by which most of the couple who are planning to have the child is not only the dream but that is become the reality for the patient.

There are a few reasons why the rates are lower with this procedure and results show that it is a real alternative for couples struggling to have a family.

Minimal stimulation IVF uses less drugs and hormone treatments than the usual IVF procedure. The drugs which are used in traditional IVF are very expensive and require high levels of monitoring at the clinic, resulting in more costly lab tests and visits to the doctor. For minimal IVF, the drugs you will be required to take are in much lower doses and are often taken orally. The result is that there are less eggs to be harvested.

Apart from the number of eggs, minimal stimulation IVF works in a way very similar to traditional IVF. Rates of success are lower for women over 35, primarily due to the numbers of eggs. However, for those under 35 wanting to know how to get cheap IVF treatment, this is an option worth considering as even with three cycles, the average cost is still much lower and success rates are very good, with one recent study indicating around 33%.

Comparing costs, the average cost of a traditional cycle of IVF is around $12,500 whereas minimal stimulation IVF can work out at a $3,200-$4,700 depending on the drugs used. Looking at the “average” cost per live birth, with traditional IVF it comes in at around $35,000 but at $4500 with WFS.

For those wanting to lower costs, you can see that cheap IVF treatment is a real possibility. Of course, you will need to weigh up the pros and cons, such as your age, any specific reproductive issues and your fertility window before going ahead. However, if you are under 35 and in good health, then it could be a worthwhile option to consider.


adminHow To Get Cheap IVF Treatment

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