Fertility treatment India – Boon for an infertile couple

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Fertility is a very delicate word which enhances enormous joy in the life of the childless couple. Fertility is such a term which illustrates the ability of human being to reproduce new ones and fertility is achieved by the fusion of female and male gamete that is ovum and sperm respectively to evolve an embryo. Whereas it’s opposite is Infertility which represents the inability to reproduce and Infertility is such term which leads a couple in the world of darkness.

In ancient time there was no solution to infertility but nowadays medical science is growing very rapidly using latest technologies which are used in fertility treatment. Different types of alternative treatment have been taken in use to eliminate infertility issue.

Classification of an alternative method for fertility treatment:

IVF (in vitro fertility )


Here, In vitro fertility is defined as an alternative treatment for fertility which is proceeded by fertilization on the basis of the laboratory. In vitro fertility is further subdivided into the different mode of treatment such as:

ICSI treatment (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

IUI (intrauterine insemination)

ICSI is defined as the treatment which is done by injecting individual sperm into an egg and IUI is defined as the process of placing sperm directly within women uterus to increase the number of sperm and pregnancy can be attained.

Surrogacy is also achieving the same concept.Surrogacy is classified into 2 classes:

Traditional surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy

Here tradition surrogacy is defined as the auxiliary process of achieving pregnancy by hiring a woman for nine-month and placing the sperm of intended father into her womb later fertilization is achieved and an embryo is evolved and finally it has been observed that the child carry the genetic character of hired women.

Gestational surrogacy is another artificial procedure to attain pregnancy by placing the fertilized embryo in the womb of hired women. This procedure is also known as the womb for rent. And in this surrogacy, there is no genetic link between surrogate mother and child so most of the people prefer this method.

Most of the countries have banned this alternative process of achieving pregnancy. But there are still some countries who are thinking about the issues of the infertile couple. Escorting new life in this earth is one of the difficult tasks means women have got such a power but literally she have to suffer from the very painful condition which is very miserable.

Main Motto of fertility treatment: The overall motto of fertility treatment is to bless the childless couple with the child. Fully eradication program should be organized so that people would be aware regarding the solution of infertility problem and the cost of treatment should be minimized so that people can afford it and can achieve success result.

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adminFertility treatment India – Boon for an infertile couple

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