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Comparison of IVF Cost in India with Global Health Destinations

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Getting a cost chart of the IVF treatment of offered worldwide is probably a difficult task. This requires making a lot of efforts from your side to get the cost of different destinations across the globe. In this write-up we are summarizing the IVF cost in India as well as IVF cost of different health destinations across the globe.

  • The basic IVF cost differs from a country to another as doctor’s fee for collecting the eggs and embryo will differ.
  • The cost will also differ pertaining to the cost of embryologist fee, anesthesia cost as well as ultrasound and hospital charge.
  • The cost of intracytoplasmic sperm injection i.e. ICSI may vary from 28% to 40% of the basic IVF cost
  • The charges for hormonal drugs will vary from 20-80% of the basic IVF treatment cost. Cost cutting can be done with the choice of the hormonal drugs.
  • In some countries, the IVF packages will include embryo freezing while in other destinations you will have to pay more for this facility to be included in your package.
  • IVF cost for storage of embryo may increase year after year that will also vary from clinic to clinic.

All these charge will seem affordable if you consider cost of IVF in India. Among all these costs, the effect of hormonal drugs will vary from person to person and thus a couple may require several cycles of hormone therapy for a successful IVF. This will automatically raise the cost of the IVF. The success of the hormone therapy will depend upon factors such as age of the intended couple, length of fertility and physical condition of a woman. Physical condition is the condition of intended mother’s uterus and uterine lining. These conditions will be responsible for increase and decrease of IVF treatment cost in India.

adminComparison of IVF Cost in India with Global Health Destinations

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