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Cheap IVF – Have You Heard About the Alternative Natural Cycle?

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Do you ever notice that what is the main reason of the high cost of IVF treatment? So the specific reason behind it is the high price of medication. The treatment and the advanced fertility treatment that take place for the successful IVF treatment. Most of the time when the fertility treatment has all the expensive medication still not able to handle or achieve the successful IVF treatment so to make it fail to successful it required both the investment and the same procedure again. But now the department of fertility is successfully able to implant a research and according to it with the Alternative natural cycle, the patient can easily achieve the target with the cheap IVF procedure.

How Natural Cycle IVF Works ?

Natural Cycle IVF or NC-IVF works with a woman’s body. Instead of trying to accelerate the process by which a woman’s body produces eggs every month, NC-IVF simply monitors the process. While most women will only produce one egg per cycle, sometimes there will be two or three eggs available in a natural cycle, which is why not all twins and triplets are born through fertility treatments.

Basically, doctors will measure the follicle where the egg is produced and keep tabs on the hormone levels in a woman’s body during her natural cycle. Instead of going to the doctor’s office all the time to take more drugs and monitor the eggs that are being produced because of them, a woman only makes three or four office visits during NC-IVF.

When the egg is mature, it is retrieved just like eggs are retrieved during conventional IVF cycles. From there on out, the whole process is just like conventional IVF, with the egg being fertilized in vitro, incubated for three to five days, and inserted into the uterus.

Advantages of Natural Cycle IVF

NC-IVF has several advantages over conventional IVF. For one thing, the process is much less costly since no medications are involved. A few clinics will prescribe basic oral fertility medications, which offer low doses of hormones and which may help the body develop two eggs rather than one, but these medications cost little compared to the injected medications used for conventional IVF. Plus, fewer office visits and less time is needed, so these costs and transportation costs are also less.

Another advantage of NC-IVF is that it is less stressful. Women undergoing this procedure will be cycling at their normal, natural pace, so they won’t have to deal with the effects of fertility drugs. Plus, since the process is less financially taxing, it takes this one extra worry off of a couple’s minds.

Finally, some practitioners who advocate for NC-IVF say that it is actually more effective than traditional IVF. Because the eggs used for this procedure are not forced into existence, they are often healthier and more robust. Plus, there is no risk of multiple pregnancies with this type of treatment.

The Overall Cost

The overall cost of NC-IVF could be much cheaper than conventional IVF. Each NC-IVF cycle costs about 25% of what a cycle of traditional IVF would cost, so four cycles of NC-IVF cost the same as one of traditional IVF, and after four cycles, some researchers have found about a 50% pregnancy rate. Plus, some clinics offer rebates for women who ovulate early and have no eggs to retrieve at the scheduled retrieval appointment.

All in all, the whole process of IVF may start shifting back toward NC-IVF, which seems to offer many benefits for patients and clinics alike. If this is something you’re interested in, chances are likely that there will be clinics in your area who will offer NC-IVF, so you can check around for these treatment options and their costs.

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adminCheap IVF – Have You Heard About the Alternative Natural Cycle?

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