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Can a Mediterranean diet boost female fertility?

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There are several things, which is crucial for each person’s life such as- cloth, shelter and food. Food is one of the supplements in our lives that give us energy and in return we do many activities like singing, dancing, cooking and if not wrong then it provides the ability to reproduce as well or the ability to conceive. Taking proper diet and avoiding unnecessary items like junk food etc. from our chart matters a lot in building a well and healthy body.

Why we are discussing all these things, it is because in this page we will gather some facts how a female can get high success in IVF treatment.

It is all about Mediterranean diet that helps the concern infertile female (whoever undergoing for IVF medication). Researchers have been reported that if younger women follow the Mediterranean diet before her six month of IVF treatment, then there is high possibility of a successful pregnancy.  So, Yes! A Mediterranean diet helps to increase IVF success rate.

To apply full stop from the days of infertility, one must need to follow some rules, especially if the couple is undergoing IVF treatment.

Now you must be thinking what Mediterranean diet is. Let’s read below points to know Mediterranean diet –


Why Mediterranean diet?


Some of the Mediterranean diet –


 Because of –

  • It supports blood sugar
  • It is rich in anti-oxidant
  • It contains good fats

(good fats, especially from fish oil- help in boosting the cell membranes)


  •   Fresh fruits
  •  Fresh vegetables
  •  Fish
  •  Olive oil
  • Legumes
  • Whole grain
  • Good fats, such as olive oil & fish
  • Slow releasing carbohydrates and protein
  • Intake minimal red meat

IVF with Mediterranean diet

IVF is a fertility treatment that enables a woman to reproduce if she is infertile. IVF is a medication, where eggs and sperms are collected and kept in a nutrient containing culture dish for fertilization. Active and motile sperm gets penetrated with the egg and fertilization occurs.

According to the researchers, those women who had their diet chart before undergoing IVF medication was like- eating more fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits, olive oil, less red meat are found that they had 65-70% high chances to attaining successful pregnancy by IVF. If we compare this rate to those females, who didn’t eat these Mediterranean diet before IVF treatment have been found in less success rate in achieving favourable result by IVF treatment.

The researchers did not get to the answer to say any linkage between the diet and the possibility of getting pregnant and birth rate among women, who are in the age of 35 or older. This may because of the increased age and declination of the egg quality. Age always plays a crucial role in the entire chapter of IVF and any fertility related issue. If age of the woman is above 35 or has touched the line of 40’s then it is hard to get success in any of the fertility treatments, obviously it is not impossible because there are certain techniques available in ART techniques that can end with a boon results like egg donor etc, embryo adoption etc.

At some cases of IVF, it has been established that those women who instead of crossing her 35 age, got success in their first or second try of IVF- proper diet is one of the reason of it.

Surprisingly, Mediterranean diet is recommended to the infertile males as well for the sperm counts and motility of the sperms. It is suggested for the males to eat Mediterranean diet because it helps to improve semen quality and sperms motility.

What you have concluded after reading the above information? It’s all about diet. Women, who are planning to undergo IVF or even simple (natural) pregnancy- for them lifestyle and diet are very important. Gathering all these information together, we are on one point and that is Diet quality and proper diet plan. Mediterranean diet, if started by a female before 6 month of her IVF medication, possibility of getting conceived by IVF is more.

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adminCan a Mediterranean diet boost female fertility?

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