What Role Does Sperm Play In The Success Of IVF?

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Obviously Yes! Sperm plays a major role to achieve success in IVF medication. Turning our focus into the facts which contributes the success rate in IVF fertility treatment are –

  • Age of the couple (wherein age of the woman always perform crucial role achieving success)
  • Egg quality
  • Sperm quality
  • Embryo quality
  • Last of-course! The clinic from where you have decided to go for IVF treatment

These are some factors, which hands out positive outcome in giving Yes result in IVF therapeutic. What is the role of sperm in IVF medication? If look into this question in deep, we will get to know that there are few important points, which has to be fulfilled by the male partner with respect to his sperm quality.

  1. Sperm count
  2. Sperm motility
  3. Morphology of the sperms

1 – Sperm count – The sperm count of the male partner must be over 10-15 million for getting success result in IVF medication. If the male is unleashing less number of count or below 15 million of the sperm count then during IVF medication, fertilization won’t happen. Men with low sperm count (less than 10 million) will likely have the hurdles getting success in IVF treatment.

2- Sperm Motility – This also contributes one of the major factors in getting the plus result in fertilization. Just think, if the sperm is not able to swim by own due to lack of motility, how insemination occur? In addition, if sperm won’t reach the eggs, how the fertilization will occur? So, this fact is important for the couples, who are going for IVF medication that sperms motility or mobility must be high to get favourable outcome through IVF.

3- Morphology –If talking about the structure of sperm, there is head, neck and tail. Sperms morphology affects any of these three parts of the sperm. A sperm is said morphologically normal only if the sperm contains a normal head, neck and tail. If any of the parts of the sperm is found to be abnormally shaped then there is less chances of fertilization.

Why do we need so many sperms for fertilization?

As it has been mentioned above that sperms contribute 50% success rate in bringing off successful result in IVF medication, it is mandatory to get large number of sperms. We used to hear at one time that Infertility means infertile females and rare males but now male contributes as much as 40% of infertility.  During IVF therapeutic, both matters that is – eggs quality and sperms quality. One of the first and significant things about semen is that it must contain many sperms approximately- 15 million for healthy insemination.

If in case, less sperms count is present then ICSI with IVF treatment is considered. Dynamic Fertility & IVF Center is one of the best and pre-eminent fertility clinics to untwist the issue of infertility disorder. It gives decent success rate in any of the fertility treatment as it has crackerjack and experienced fertility veterans.

So, by going through all these details, we came to a conclusion that for IVF success result, sperms motility, number of counts and sperm structure must be of good condition, if not then we need some other techniques to be combined with IVF for healthy and favorable pregnancy.

adminWhat Role Does Sperm Play In The Success Of IVF?

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