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Ten Signs to Spot Infertility – early!

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Even if you are not outlining the plan in the way to get pregnant, it’s not a bad idea to get info regarding- how to spot the signs of infertility or have fertility issue.

There are several factors, which detects early possible signs of infertility. Some couples don’t bother about future planning, but they should, as it’s always not sure that you are out of the clutch of infertility. It may possible that some symptoms, which you have been facing for the past few days or months but you are taking all that in a very light manner, that could be the symptom of infertility. So, these are some crucial points if knowing earlier, can easily treated.

What is Infertility? Infertility is defined as- couples, who have been trying to conceive naturally and unfortunately they are not able to achieve pregnancy – that means they are facing with infertility syndrome. If you have been trying for one year or more without getting favourable result or if you have crossed the age of 35 and unable to conceive- then the experts will say you as infertile.

That is why, it is better said – Precaution is better than cure, if you know the symptoms of infertility earlier, then there is chances to get pregnant or out of the blot of infertility issue.

Here are some ten signs to spot fertility issues earlier

  1. Irregular Menstrual cycle

This is the common sign that detects the female infertile. Irregular periods indicate that the woman is not ovulating properly and regularly and if the woman has issue in ovulation, then she is suffering from ovulation disorder and thus- she can’t get pregnant.

If we count the factors of infertility, 30 to 40% of all the infertile females are suffering from ovulation disorder and anovulaton.

  1. You are facing with No Menstruation at all

Regular cycle here referred as- menstruation, Yes! If the female is experiencing No menses at all then this could be the biggest sign to spot infertility.

It happens in some females that suddenly they are facing with no periods at all. If it is there, then the concern female must have to visit the clinic to monitor why your menstruation is stopped at a sudden.

  1. Light or heavy bleeding and severe menstrual cramps

During the days of your menstrual cycle, if you are bleeding heavy or very light then it is the matter of asking your fertility experts. If you are facing with extreme cramps in menstruation cycle, that can also lead the issue in fertility.

Pain during the days of menstruation not always indicate infertility disorder, but if you suffer from severe menses pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding or you have seen blood in your urine- these all the symptoms show that you might be suffering with undiagnosed endometriosis.

  1. Female experiencing hair loss

It could be of several factors if you are experiencing hair loss, but it has been researched that sometimes if the female is facing with hair loss or hair thinning then she could be in the circle of PCOD.

  1. Gaining weight and unwanted growth of hair

Unknown weight gain can also be one of the sign of Infertility. During the case of PCOS, a female gains unwanted weight. There are several symptoms of PCOD- like increase of the weight, excess of male hormone – androgen, because of it female experiences unwanted hair growth on body. If the female starts getting excess hair on face or on the chest area or may be back, recognize this as a possible sign that you could b e facing from undiagnosed PCOS.

  1. Age more than 35

Since you all know, for being pregnant, one must be younger enough to lay healthy eggs and sperms for fertilization. As the age increases, the capacity of being fertilized declines. Age always matters a lot. If the couple is in the age group of 35-40 then it is very hard that they are going to conceive by their own. At the end, they have to take the help of medication of fertility. Women over 35 have high chances to experience miscarriage.

  1. Past Cancer

It has been researched that at some cases of cancer, woman gets infertile after undergoing with treatment. If the female or her partner had ever undergone any kind of cancerous treatment like radiation therapy- one must have to confirm about their fertility status.

  1. If you are in the addiction of taking Alcohol or smoke

If you are trying to become pregnant but unable to get conceived- it could be of the result of your bad addiction, such as- smoking, drinking alcohol frequently. This goes for men as well, males who are in the addiction of smoking, chewing tobacco etc. – have less sperm counts, abnormal shape of the sperms, less motility of the sperms etc. and thus unable to impregnate his partner.

  1. History of STDs

STDs also lead Infertility. Inflammation and infection from chlamydia or gonorrhea may cause the blockage of the fallopian tube in females. This can make pregnancy hard to achieve or may be impossible.

  1. Miscarriage Rate

Miscarriage in females also leads to infertility disorder and if it is recurrent then it is high possibility to get infertile. It occurs in 10-20% of pregnancies. So, it is suggested that whoever facing from recurrent miscarriage, she must go to ask the matter with fertility clinic

So, here we are at the end of this page- these are all about the ten signs to spot Infertility. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, then consult with your fertility experts as soon as possible. Don’ waits for the time as time never waits for you. World Fertility Services welcomes you at any stage of infertility; Clinic fertility experts will guide you the best step or medication to get rid of the tag of Infertility.

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