Reducing The Costs Of IVF Treatment By Using Natural Cycle IVF

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Most of the couple think that IVF cycles is every expensive but nothing is like that because the IVF cycle is not expressive the medication that is provided in the procedure of IVF is very costly that is the only reason most of the patient avoid it so now we are going to represent the IVF cycle with the natural cycle of IVF.

The drugs normally stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs, but natural cycle IVF uses no drugs, relying instead on the normal ovulation process. This cheaper process produced the first IVF baby and the lower costs means it is accessible to more couples. The procedure is ideal for women who produce healthy eggs without intervention and it means that the usual side effects from traditional IVF meds are avoided.

Natural cycle IVF works alongside a woman’s body by monitoring hormone levels and measuring the follicle where the egg is produced. Although there is usually only one egg produced each month, some women will naturally produce more than one. On average, a woman will make three or four visits to the clinic each month whereas this can be multiplied several times for traditional IVF where drugs are given to stimulate egg production and this is the main reason why it helps in reducing the costs of IVF treatment.

When the egg is mature, it is retrieved and then the procedure is the same as conventional IVF. The egg is fertilized, incubated for 3-5 days and then placed into the uterus.

The main advantage to using this procedure is the cost saving element. However, there are other advantages. The whole IVF procedure is very stressful and high stress levels can have a negative effect on conception. Using natural cycle IVF means that the woman’s body will be functioning normally and not having to deal with the effects of fertility drugs is less stressful.

Some doctors also believe that because there is a natural element to the process, the eggs are generally more healthy and robust, possibly making the whole procedure more effective.

In terms of costs, each cycle works out at around a quarter of the price of a conventional round of treatment, so you could have 4 cycles for the same cost as just one round of IVF. Some researchers report a pregnancy rate of 50% after 4 cycles so it is easy to see why this is an option for couples looking at reducing the costs of IVF treatment.

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adminReducing The Costs Of IVF Treatment By Using Natural Cycle IVF

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